Wednesday, 29 June 2011

WOW i have reached 100 followers. When i started this blog i never thought anyone would read it and follow. Now shock shock i have 100. So a BIG THANK YOU to all my followers if it wasnt for you i dont think i would be still here in blogland :). I have tried to visit you all as often as i can but if i have missed anyone please let me know. I guess i will have to add a second prize to my giveaway. l Lol but for the moment it will have to be a surprise as i dont even know yet :-D.Here is a picture of my super minis my grandchildren. :) .

Sunday, 26 June 2011

This is a mirror i have made for my cottage and a little table. Its made from a pendent that my sister gave me. The mirror was wooden that i painted gold and i glued findings to it. Lol it looks a little better than the picture. :D  Everywhere i looked people were making birdhouses. so i thought hmmm i will give it a go lol and i did promise at the start to also show my bad hehe so . My Birdhouses. I did have fun making them though and will try making them again as i do think they are sweet. :D 

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

This is a picture of the gifts i received from Ruth (Biniki )They are fantastic. They took my breath away lol all i could say as i took each little item out was wow . She is very talented. These pictures do not do justice to how beautiful they are. I know have some wonderful treasures in my house Thanks to all the wonderful gifts i received. A big hug and kisses from Maria in Ireland xxxxxx
Great its back :). These are the promised pictures my win from Patrizia are'nt they wonderful. :0 Thank you again for the lovely gift. hugs xxxx  
Noooooooo :( i seem to be having a problem with putting pictures here and i have some beautiful ones :( . I have my beautiful win from Patrizia. And my fantastic swap with Biniki i so wanted to show them all off  :( . Is anyone else having this problem ? I dont know if its blogger or did i do something Lol i am such a nooby when it comes to things like this. I hope it doesnt last

Monday, 20 June 2011


Sorry i am late with my giveaway but i havent had any net for a few days. Yay its back now so here we go. I am sure all of you know the usual rules. :D Be a follower. Leave a comment to say you want to be in my giveaway. And only  if you want you can put a link in your blog.The draw will take place on the 10 of July. I hope you like. :)
This is the very beautiful swap i received from Yasmin. I loved them Thank you very much. :) The dress and hat are just so wonderful. The bed cover is perfect. Lol i havent put any of my swaps in my house yet as i keep bringing them with me to show them off to family and friends. Hugs to all xxx

Thursday, 16 June 2011

This is the swap i sent to Toni. She was kind enough to do a swap with a newbie  with the rest of the kind women that took the chance on me Thank you. :). No i havent forgotten my giveaway lol i will put it up Friday or Saturday. I have a question though. Its my Birthday on July 10 is that too long to wait for a first giveaway?.

Monday, 13 June 2011

More Swaps

Wow i feel so lucky today. Last night to my shock and delight i won my very first giveaway From Patrizia Thank you . :) i was so excited. Then this morning the postman handed me a wonderful parcel. Yay it was my second swap arrived. Thank you so very much Toni  :0 i am very happy. The minis are just so beautiful. I feel very special to receive such beautiful things. Thank you all again for the chance to have some special things just made for me. I will treasure them. Hugs and kisses to all xxxxx

Saturday, 11 June 2011

First swap

Now i can show what i sent for my first swap as they have arrived safe phew lol. That was exciting :) i have done 3 more so now the postman is being watched hehe. I also have 1 later in the month so i better get started ;) .  I have enjoyed doing my first swaps Thank you all for giving me the chance. :) I think it is something i would like to do again. Now i am going to have to think about a giveaway :D to say thank you to all my followers your visits and your encouragement means so much to me. So i will have a post during the week about  a giveaway lol gives me a few days to panic. hehe.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Sob Sob i didnt have the internet for a week. lol I didnt think i would miss it as much as i did it was like a part of me was missing hehe. But now phew i have it back thanks to my son. :) Not only did i get my net back i also got a package in the post. YAY it was my first ever swap and it was from Pilar ( Segmentito ). Wow it was sooo beautiful words can not describe how happy i was. Pilar Thank you so much i havent stopped looking at them all day . They are two of the most beautiful hats i have ever seen and the little flowers fantastic. The photos do not do them justice.I will show you what i sent when all my swaps have arrived. Hugs and kisses from a very happy lady xxxxx :) 

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


I made these little side tables. I am rather pleased with them. they are made with jewelry findings and a button. :)  the vases are beads and the little flowers are a pair of earrings . Phew i am busy at the moment  as i am doing my very first swap. Some very beautiful ladies on  the forum have agreed to do a swap with me. I dont know anyone at home that is into dolls houses. So i am really happy to have a chance to have something in my house made for me.So though i am scared that they wont be happy i am really excited too.  I wont show what i have made yet as i want them to be a surprise. I will be sending them off very soon.  I would also like to say a big HELLO and a Thank You to all my followers i cant believe how many i have. :) Please keep your comments coming as i love them and it keeps me trying to do better. :)