Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Hello everyone :) I am sorry I have not been on lately but it has not been the best few months my Dad has been diagnosed with dementia and though he still knows us all it is very hard to see him getting so feeble my Mother seems to have lost her sparkle too so I am spending as much time as I can with them. My own neck is also giving me trouble so I cant go on the computer for very long my fingers go a little numb my spine is pinching a nerve in my arms my arms are ok I just can't do things with them for to long so my mini making is on hold for the moment. I do miss you all and I try and see all your wonderful makes on your blogs I just cant make very many comments at the moment.
Now for something good :))) I got a wonderful Birthday gift from one of my most treasured friends here in blogland the so lovely generous Drora we have been friends and sending each other gifts for many years now and I hope it lasts many more Thank You Drora.
My favorite flower I love pansies :)  

Tiny animals beautiful.

I love these plant holders they are gorgeous.

 So many wonderful items and though they were a little late they were a very welcome surprise and came at a very good time who could not feel cheered up with these treasures. I will have to make a flower shop or stall to show off these wonders I am hoping soon :)
Thank you again Drora and thank you all for always being here no matter how long it takes me to get back.
Warm Hugs to you All I hope you are all enjoying the Summer.