Friday, 21 February 2014

Hello everyone :) As promised here is a picture of my new Grandson I know you will all agree that he is beautiful :)))
At just 3 weeks old  <3

I have done a little to my house.

Some pictures of the room so far.
 I have added the sofa which is part of a set. The rest of the set will also go into this room plus a coffee table that I want to fill.
I love the TV set : )

I painted the fireplace cream and the red brick is scrapbook paper that I made "sooty".
The tiny swans are beads. I still need a coal shuttle and maybe a fire screen for this.

The lamp is battery operated. The plate cakes and cushion  are gifts.

I am very pleased with this room and hope to finish it soon. I hope you like it.
Thank you for all your visits and comments I appreciate every one.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs to all My Friends

Friday, 7 February 2014

Two reasons : D

Hello everyone :) its been a while since I posted I have 2 reasons one bad and one good lol. The bad being that I had a very bad case of the flue that has taken me longer than expected to recover from. Thank God I feel more like my old self now : D I am sorry if I missed visiting your blogs but my eyes were very painful and I could not look at my computer screen. I am trying now to catch up :)
The other wonderful reason  is that my beautiful daughter gave birth to my newest grandson on the 29th of January he is totally gorgeous his name is Jake I don't have a good photo of him yet but as soon as I do I will show him off ;) Babies are so precious and babyhood last so short a time.
I found it hard to get back into doing anything with miniature after the Christmas but the other day feeling a  lot better I gave myself a good shake and filled the cabinet for the sitting room in my dollshouse which I have now given a name " Maple Lodge" Lol that's about all I have done as spending time with my new Grandson has taken priority.
I had a lot of fun deciding what to put in the cabinet I have filled it with gifts from friends and other tiny items I hope you like.

Here it is in the room. The fireplace is not quite finished yet. I have the rest of the furniture for this room I just have to finish a few things and decide where I will place them.

Thank you all very much for your visits and very much appreciated comments.
Welcome to all my new followers. I hope to be back to regular blogging soon. 
Big Hugs to All my Friends.