Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Hello everyone :) My postman has taken a liking to me again : D  I got a wonderful gift all the way from Singapore. I am sure you can all guess who sent me this gift :)))) Yes it is Sans.
These gorgeous sunflowers I love them  and some beautiful roses.

Also one of her special cards :) But not only did she send these amazing flowers she also sent me this.
Isn't it beautiful. I love elephants they are one of my favorite animals. Thank you so very much Sans I love my gifts and they will find a place in one of my houses very soon. The elephant will sit by my computer a reminder that blog friends are real friends no matter how far away :) I am sure everyone knows her blog but if you have somehow missed it go and visit it you will love her.
I have also received a few birthday gifts and though its not my birthday just yet I have been very naughty and opened them : DD But I am going to be bad again and not show any till my next post hehe. 
I hope you are all having some nice weather and have the time to enjoy it.
Have a wonderful rest of week.
 Big Hugs to all my Friends and a Big welcome to new followers.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hello everyone :)  First I would like to thank you all for your wonderful comments on my last post. My daughters were thrilled with the response from you all .  I would also like to give all my new followers a big welcome. I hope you enjoy your visit.
 In my last post I told you that I was also doing a baby boy roombox and at last I have finished it. Lol I will probably add a little to it maybe fill the draws and I noticed in my pictures that the edges need tidying up :D
The little dresser is from the Sylvanian family that I found in a charity shop.

I knitted the little romper and hats.

I also made the little shelf and the beautiful crib I bought in Amsterdam a couple of years ago.
The paper is scrapbooking paper and the floor is a piece of foam.

I hope you like it I really enjoyed making these two boxes. The only problem is that now my head is bursting with even more ideas lol and I really need to do something with my houses : D
I hope you are all enjoying some nice sunshine now. We had some rain for a few days and usually when it rains here it forgets to stop but wow we have had a few nice days again.
A Big Hug to all my Friends and for those that are ill wishing you a speedy recovery.
Have a wonderful rest of week.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Hello everyone :) It is wonderful to be back at least for now :) I have missed you all a lot though I have tried to keep up with all your fantastic posts.  To get me started again two of my daughters decides that if I done a room box then they would do one each also. I think they have done a fantastic job and believe me I learned from them. This is my middle girls roombox a bar mostly made from cardboard and beads.

Hasn't she done wonderful. Well done Laura I love it. I am so proud of her.
My youngest girl decided on a witchy shop and here is her pictures.

She found the shelves in a charity shop lol I never find stuff like this :D
She made the dreamcatchers herself and the cat and owl from fimo. She had never used fimo before I think she has a talent for it :))  Fantastic work Jessica . 
I think  they are getting the bug ;) hehe. 
Thank you girls for your encouragement I love you both.
It took me a while to get into it with a few stops and starts. But I finally got a roombox done. I had two kits that I bought last year but didn't do so I decided to use the boxes but do something else in them other than the kit they were for. They are smaller than 1/12 not sure how smaller though.  I have  always wanted to do a baby roombox so I did a girl's one and boy's one. The boy's one is not finished yet so I will just show you the girl's  for now. I hope you like :))

This lovely little carousel was on a bracelet the tiny horses even turn.  

This is my first fimo baby lol. 

I made some of the items myself  including the baby basket. I loved making this room and hope to finish my boy's room soon.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support that I got from you. Things are not back to normal for me yet but I am getting there :)  I am so grateful to you all.
Wishing you all a wonderful week and a very Big Hug to All My Friends.