Friday, 25 March 2016

Elfvera's Bedroom and living room

Hello Everyone :)  This month I have not been a great blogger it has been a very busy month not only did we have Mothers day St. Patrick's day and now Easter I also have 4 Birthdays and the unexpected thing was that my oldest grandchild ( he is 10 on Monday ) had a very bad asthma attack and ended up in Hospital for nearly a week. He is fine and well now but it was very worrying at the time. I hope next month is a bit quieter lol. My mini's have been neglected a bit : D I will finish showing my witchy  house and hopefully I will have something new to show next time.
First Elfvera's bedroom.

Her bat sofa in her living space. 

I hope you enjoy my tour Birgit I would love to do more witchy or fairy stuff and I do have plans :-O it will just have to wait for a bit ;-)
 It is also my blog's 5th birthday in a few days time yes wow I am blogging 5 years but at the moment I just don't have the time or energy to have a giveaway to celebrate but I will as soon as I can . I do want to thank you all for the last 5 years of friendship and support it has given me so much joy. I feel like I know you all and that you are a special part of my life.
Wishing you all a Very HAPPY EASTER and a Wonderful spring.
                                    Warm Hugs to All my Friends

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Witches shop and Wizards Lab

Hello everyone :) we are having some nice spring weather here at the moment we have seen some SUN though it's still cold. Here are some pictures of the witch's shop and the wizards lab :-D

And this is the Wizards lab

I have added this little guy after all wizards need wise old owls on their side :)))

I also added these to the table.

this little fellow is hoping that the young dragon Leon doesn't   spot him. Do you think he is safe ? :-)

I hope you have enjoyed the return  tour of my trip to fantasy land lol. Next time I will show the last 2 rooms Elfvera's bedroom and the living room.
Have a wonderful weekend I hope you are all well and getting some nice spring weather.
Warm Hugs to all my Friends.