Saturday, 29 September 2012

Thanks for all my gifts.

 Hello everyone :) I would like to welcome all my new followers thank you for your visit.  I joined Caterina's summer swap but was away on holiday before my gift came. But what a lovely surprise was waiting for me when I got back yes it was my swap gift from Caterina herself :) What beautiful gifts they were too. Perfect for a wonderful sunny day.

A beautiful summer dress with matching hat and bag a towel and this fantastic little bikini.
Wow Caterina your gifts are gorgeous I love them. Thank you so much and also a Big Thank you for organizing this wonderful fun swap. My partner was Monika and this is what I sent to her.
I hope she enjoyed her gifts as much as I did making them :)
I also want to show you all the wonderful gifts that Jennifer so generously gave me when I had the wonderful luck to meet her in person.
This wonderful cabinet that will be perfect in my ladies shop so I can hopefully finish it :D

Beautiful tea towels look at those tiny perfect cakes and a slice of rainbow cake as San Francisco is known as the rainbow city :)

Yay a Michael's hutch that I have heard so much about lol Jennifer knew I would love one :D

Lots and lots of beautiful Czech glass beads.

and lots of little flowers on net ribbon.
A wonderful little bear that I have fallen in love with.

Wow  didn't she spoil me so many gifts I cant name them all lol I was very lucky to get them all into my suitcase :D  Jennifer Thank You so much for ALL these awesome gifts I can not put into words how much I love these gifts and how grateful I am for your friendship.
I want to Thank You all for your friendships and for making blogging such a wonderful loving experience.
Next post I will show you what I bought on holiday hehe I love making you wait ; DDD I also have to show you gifts I received from another special person in Blogland.
Have a wonderful Sunday.
Hugs To All My Friends

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A wonderful meeting between friends

Hello everyone :) I am back lol. I guess by now you know that I went to San Francisco  for my holidays :)))) and that the special person I met was the wonderful Jennifer from plushpussycats  Wow what a meeting . Jennifer was as wonderful as I thought she would be. I confess I was a little nervous but I need not have been  We got on so well from the moment we met and had so much in common. It was so fantastic to meet a blog friend. Jennifer doesn't live in San Francisco so to fly on an almost 2 hour flight just to meet ME was awesome and I am so grateful to her for making my holiday so very extra special. We had a wonderful ( though too short ) a time together. Jennifer is a warm bubbly lovely person my daughter and sister also fell in love with her. We were all sad at parting with her but I have some fantastic memories to keep :)
THANK YOU JENNIFER. It was such a lovely experience and I hope that some day we can meet again and that I get to meet other blog Friends Hmm where is my piggy bank hehe.  Now for some (lots) of pictures  :))))

Beautiful memories of a very special day.
Some more pictures of this very beautiful city.
A working cablecar  wow what a ride.

a beautiful fountain. 

Look at the wonderful merbaby :)

Twin peaks.

One of many ponds in Golden Gate Park.

Sooo many flowers ( these are for you Jennifer :) )

Yay yes thats me on a carousel it was fantastic lol I had never been on one.
Now some of the wonderful buildings.

How about this idea for your dolls house hehe

Me having a real bad hair day lol 

Yes I did eat All that huge icecream : DDDD
I Hope you enjoyed my pictures and that I haven't bored you. There was so much to see and do in this wonderful city. I will make a post another day and show you the wonderful gifts I got from Jennifer and the items that I bought.
I will now try and catch up with your blogs :) at least untill the jet lag knocks me out lol.
I hope you are all having a great week.
Hugs to all my Friends

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Hello everyone :) A few days ago I received my surprise win from Ninni if you don't know her blog its worth a visit she makes so many fantastic items. Look how beautiful my prize is.
Beautiful backpack pencils and a school book. The school book has lines for writing just like a real one. 

Her backpack is amazing its so fine and the details is wonderful.
I could hardly believe someone had made this themselves. 

A closer look 0-0 The  crochet is so fine wow Ninni I love it.
Thank you very much for these wonderful little treasures.
 Now to tell you that I wont be blogging for about 3  weeks because YAY I am going on HOLIDAY.
But not only am I going on holiday I mentioned to a very special blog friend where I was going and Wow she wanted to meet me. Wow I can not believe my luck . I will have the pleasure of meeting this wonderful person next week. But I am going to be sooooo cruel and not tell you where I am going or who I am meeting hehe I will leave you all guessing. After we have met this wonderful blog friend will let you know all about it :D hmm so it is someone a LOT of us know :DDD
Isnt  the miniature blog world the best ever. I have met!! so many fantastic people and now I even get to meet one for real. I even hope that maybe one day I will get to meet more of you :)
I am not going for a few more days so I will still visit your blogs I just don't have time for minis at the moment. See you all  in about 3 weeks with lots to tell you  :)
Have a wonderful weekend and Hugs to ALL my Friends

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Hello everyone :) Happy September to you all I hope you all have a great one. Gosh I now have 390 followers I remember when I got my first 100 I was so excited as I never thought I would have so many now nearly 400 and I am still excited and still cant believe I have so many. I will again have to think about a give-away but not yet. I have my holiday coming up soon but more about that later :D
Now I will show you the first knitted baby dress I have made.

I also made the lacy blanket as you can see the dress is a little big but I am happy with it for a first try :)
I have also started on my toy shop. I have papered it. The teddy bear paper is wrapping paper my sister gave me knowing that I would love it. The other paper is scrap booking paper. The floor is sticky paper that looks like floor boards. Its so easy to use and if you are lucky you can get some great patterns in it.

I also found this little wooden castle its a slot together. It was a bit fiddly but I thought it would look great in the toy shop. I can use it to display some small toys.
What do you think ?

I would also like to give a big welcome to all my new followers I hope you enjoy your visits :)
Wishing you all a great weekend.
Hugs to all my Friends