Friday, 30 September 2011

These are the gifts that i sent to my swap partners :)

First of all i would like to say Hello :) and Welcome to all my new followers. lol i still cant believe how many i have. Some of my swaps have arrived. I am always happy when i know my packages have arrived safe lol.
I can now show you pictures of the ones that have arrived. The first one i sent to Amalia ( ferlava ) 
The next one was received by Isabel.
This one i sent to Raquel ( lunitap ).She told me that one day she would love to visit Ireland so i sent her a tiny little pub lol. 
I enjoyed making these swaps ( i still have a few more :) ) I hope they have enjoyed receiving my gifts as much as i have theirs.
I now have so many beautiful things for my house and shops. I will try and get some shelves and things ready so i can display them properly.  Sorry it will take a while though because i still have soooo much to learn :D. I want to make sure i do justice to all the wonderful treasures that i have received.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs to all my friends.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Today again i feel very special. Yay My PIF gift from Rosamargarita has arrived all the way from Mexico. I am so lucky look at the beautiful crochet The pattern  is wonderful and the fantastic little basket that is so perfect. They are all gorgeous. My pictures are not so good and do not show just how beautiful they are.A little pot she sent sadly was broken. Thank you so much Rosamargarita i love your gifts.

I also received a gift from a wonderful person that i have gotten to know on the forum. She also has a blog go visit it and see her wonders.She asked if she could send me something and hoped i would like. Blanca i love them who could not. They are perfect. The hat and bag wow. the umbrella is beautiful. But look at the bra and panties. How can anything so tiny be so perfect lol even my daughter said she would love them in real size  ;) They are all made in a beautiful "silver " satin  gorgeous lace and tiny roses.Thank you so much Blanca ( kekuki ) I love your gifts.

What a lucky person i am to have gotten so many beautiful treasures and thats what they are to me i treasure each and everyone because they have been given from the heart. But the best treasure that i have found is all you wonderful people that i have met ! and the friendships that i have made. Lol am i getting soppy or what :D ( I still mean it though :) )
So a BIG Thank you to all and a Hug to all my friends across the miles.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Hello all :) The postman was my friend again today lol. He handed me a package from Spain. It was from another  swap on the forum ! Your Miniatures ! This time from Raquel ( Lunitap ) I am so happy with the wonderful gifts she sent. The little bags had  a lovely box in one and in the other two little filled bottles.Some Beautiful perfume bottles. A lovely fan a wooden picture and a fantastic selection of beads and stuff. Thank you so much Raquel I love your gift. I always feel so special when i receive a gift and you can see all the love and care that has gone into the making of them. I am also always so grateful for the lovely comments you all leave for me. I hope everyone is having a great week. Hugs to all my friends

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Mystery trip !!!!

Hello all I hope you are all having a great week :) The other day my very thoughtful sister told me she was bringing me on a mystery trip lol i said great ( I am very trusting ; ) hehe ) I was so happy when we got there my very kind sister had seen a notice of a display of childhood toys. Guess what was the main attraction Yep a wonderful huge dolls house. The display was in a beautiful house called Powerscourt in Wicklow so if anyone is ever visiting Dublin or Wicklow its well worth a visit.   I took as many pictures as i could but  i never realized how hard it was to get good pictures behind glass lol. Then the battery decided it had enough and died on me :( Next time i go i will try get more pictures. I will show you the best ones that i got :) The wooden pram in the picture is dated 1850 wow. The beautiful garden is a replica of the gardens in Powerscourt. They are wonderful. My photos really dont do this display  justice.  Thank you sis i owe you one xxx. Nearly the weekend again have a great one.
Hugs to all my friends.

Friday, 16 September 2011


Hello all its Friday again lol. Lucky Friday for me as the postman had 2 packages for me Yay ( dont you just love getting packages ;) ) In one was this beautiful gift from Ana  I guessed her daughters favorite colour. She sent me these wonderful gifts. The roses are so perfect and so tiny. The cakes are a wonder. I always enjoy visiting her blog.

In the other package was my swap from Amalia    ( feralva ) from the forum Your Miniatures. 
Wow look what she sent me the most beautiful knitted baby clothes. So tiny and so sweet. What a talent she has. They are so gorgeous and the little rattle awww. Thank you so much Amalia I love your beautiful gifts.    I am very happy with both my packages. I am sorry my pictures do not do them justice.
Wishing all my friends a great weekend. Hugs to all

Monday, 12 September 2011

Hello I hope everyone is having a great start to their week. I see its a week since my last post gosh where did that week go lol The older i get the faster time seems to go : D. At the moment i seem to be just making things and experimenting. I have lots of projects to do but cant seem to stay on one thing lol so i am getting nowhere fast. Hehe I think i will give myself a good shake this week and go through my stuff and see what i have and what i am going to do with them :D. Does anyone else get like this ?  Thank you all for the lovely comments that you leave. I really am grateful to you they mean a lot to me. I do try visit as many of you as i can as i love going through all your fantastic blogs sorry if i miss anyone but i dont always have the time to leave everyone a comment. So for anyone i have missed I LOVE YOUR BLOGS and the Minis that you make. Hugs to all my friends and have a great week. xxxx

Monday, 5 September 2011


Hello  :) I hope you are all having a great week. I am still trying out new things and this time i decided that a fashion shop needs jewelry so i have made some.My poor fingers are sore from bending wire lol But i am rather happy with these.

I have also made some little jewelry boxes for them. I love these little boxes you can put other things in them too.

I am at the moment busy trying to finish swaps and my pif so i cant yet show other things i have made but as soon as they have been received i can show :D Hugs to all my friends