Sunday, 30 December 2012

Hello everyone :) Just a  post to show you the wonderful swap treasures I got. I took part in Fabiola's Christmas swap My partners were Francesca  and Julia .
This is the gift from Francesca.
A wonderful welcome mat and a very beautiful cushion. The snowflake design is done in gold I love them both Thank you very much Francesca for these beautiful treasures.
Julia's gift.
Two wonderful baskets one with baby wool and the other wonderful bread. A gorgeous Christmas tray and cake and of course a picture of her beautiful angels :) all packed in a wonderful Christmas box. Julia Thank you very much for my wonderful treasures I love everything. Anyone that know's Julia knows that she herself is a treasured angel :) For anyone that doesn't know their blogs  I recommend a visit you wont be disappointed. 
Thank you both for my beautiful gifts. I also want to say a very Big Thank you to Fabiola for organising this very special fun swap.
I also took part in Caterina's but as she hasn't displayed them yet I will wait to show my gorgeous gift from Terry .
Wishing you all a Happy healthy 2013 filled with Love and lots of creativity :)))
Hugs to All my Friends.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Hello Everyone :) This is my last post before Christmas though I will hopefully have time to have a look at your posts. The last thing I expected today was another wonderful gift. They were from Karin she sent me some beautiful items  specially for my roombox. Look at these wonderful gifts.
It was very hard to take good pictures as it is raining here and this does not do these wonders justice. I did not have a space for the beautiful candle arch so I made a shelf to put it on  Karin I hope you like :))))

Thank you so much Karin I love your gifts. They finish off my roombox beautifully.
Speaking of finishing that's just what I have done :) I have made a scene for the top of the roombox. I used the lid off a shoe box that fit perfect on the top and filled it with snow. Here are some pictures I hope you like.
I got the lovely little wooden crib at the back in a charity shop for fifty cents.

Full view of my Christmas roombox.

With the lights on. The "lights" is a flashing Christmas necklace lol it was only 1 euro and was perfect for the tree pity they only had 1 left though :)))

This is it with both Christmas lights on. 
I really enjoyed making this roombox it was great filling it up with help from so many friends :)))
All my family are rather impressed with it even though they are not "into" minis :DDD
I would like to a BIG THANK YOU to all my followers.  I would also like to say a Very BIG THANK YOU to the so many friends who have enriched my life by your wonderful friendships. 

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Hello Everyone :) As you know blog friends are Real friend but now I also believe that they are also mind readers lol. I sent  some Christmas gifts as a surprise but the bigger surprise was that they also thought the same thing :)))) One of them was Drora I showed her wonderful gifts on my last post I think our packages past each other on the plane :D The other one was from Birgit and Flutterby and wow what a package it was. Everyone knows that Birgit is one of those extra special bloggers that you fall in love with :) so I was very happy to get such treasures from her.
So many beautiful items including some yummy chocolate. Sorry Birgit the chocolate santa didn't last long enough for the picture hehe.

Wonderful books.

I loved these tiny items since I saw them on a blog and now I have my own they are gorgeous.

Look at the wonderful details.

A box of mixed games tiny game pieces included wow
And this has to be from Fubby it has his picture all over it ;) he even parted with some of his strawberries wow how sweet is that :))))

Thank you so much Birgit and the gang I love all your beautiful gifts and will treasure them always. You have made me a very happy woman :))))
I knew  there was a reason that there was a space left in my Christmas room :))The tiny trees are on the fireplace but I could not get a good picture of them.

I have almost finished my roombox and roof scene. I will show you some pictures before Christmas.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday time and are not too stressed ( is that possible lol )
Hugs to All my Friends 

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Hello everyone :)  Sorry i am late showing the gift from Ninni we done an advent door swap for the 10th but like most of you I have been busy busy busy lol some of the time its been minding the little ones while Mommy and Daddy go talk to Santa hehe. Ninni sent me this wonderful bedding. I love it.
Isn't it so sweet. Thank you Ninni. I will soon find the right place for it :)
Now for an update on my Christmas room the inside is (maybe :D ) finished. I still have to do something on the roof of it. I have an idea what to do on it and I will show you as soon as its done :)))
The whole room and with the tree lit up.

With my lights off.

I made the Christmas pudding  :) the rest are wonderful gifts.

I am very happy with this room I have had so much fun with it and again it's made extra special by the gifts from friends.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs to all my Friends xxxxx

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Hello Everyone :)  I want to Thank you all very much for the lovely comments for my Mother.  When I read her them she had a big smile and said !! but they don't even know me !!! She was really pleased though and had a big smile all day ;)
I had a wonderful surprise in the post  a few days ago from one of the kindest thoughtful loveliest bloggers here I mean Drora of course :)  Drora makes so many fantastic original items. Look what she sent me :)
So many beautiful items. Wonderful carpet beater an adorable snowman teapot. He will go into my Christmas room. I love the little doll and after Christmas he will go into my toy shop. Isn't he adorable.

Wonderful plants I love the plant pots also. Lovely shoes for the fashion shop. Also a  beautiful card. Thank you so much Drora I love all your gifts they are gorgeous you are a wonderful sweet friend and a treasure :)
I have done a little more to the roombox and I hope to get it finished this weekend. Here is an update :)
A sofa to sit at the fire and warm your toes :)))
I still have to finish filling this hutch. ( yes Jennifer its the lovely hutch you gave me :) )
You might recognize other gifts I have received in this room. I love finding special places for my treasures :)

These are a few tiny little decorations that I have made at least one will go into this room. My daughter also suggested I put one on top of my Christmas cake hmmm not a bad idea lol.

So that's it for now I still have to make some gifts for under the tree finish the hutch and put a table with some food on it and a few more bits and pieces :DDD  
Again Thank you Drora for the wonderful Christmas present and to all of you for being here with your wonderful support encouragement and friendship.
Hugs to All my Friends.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Hello everyone :)  Christmas is well and truly here lol. On Saturday the 1st my Mother was 83 years young. My Mother is a wonderful person I will tell you just a little bit about her. She has so much energy and so full of life she puts me to shame haha. She loves to sing and still get up to sing when asked :) She goes every week to an "old folks home" to entertain the people there and sings for them. If anyone asks her to sing a particular (old) song and she doesn't know it she will find it and practice it to sing the next week. The funny thing is that my Mother is older than most of these folks lol I hope she is singing for many more years :)))
I have a few more pictures of my room box still lots to do but I thought you might like to see how I have got on.
I made the bunting and the wall hangings.

The fireplace is a Christmas ornament i have a few years.

I made a skirt for the tree and some more decorations on it.

The little red and green ornaments hanging on the fireplace were made from a tutorial on Monikas blog I didn't have any moss so I used pom-poms but I think they look pretty :)))

I also made this little snow scene in the bottle. I made the tiny snowman from fimo he did have a hat but it fell off :D and the tree is a tiny piece of pipe cleaner. The hardest part was trying to stick the little stars to the inside of the bottle lol. I hope you like my room so far I am having a lot of fun with it and plan on putting lots more into it including the bottle.
Wishing everyone a wonderful week and for all those of you that are not feeling the best I wish you a speedy recovery. Big Hugs to you All.
A big welcome to all my new followers I hope you enjoy your visit.
Hugs to All my Friends.