Friday, 26 July 2013

Hello everyone :) I am still celebrating my birthday lol I have never celebrated a birthday as long as this one hehe As  I showed you in a previous post I won Jane's giveaway well after I got my wonderful gifts she emailed me to say that she was sorry but she had forgotten to post the lantern that went with it and that she would send it. But was I ever so glad that she forgot to send it because not only did she send the lamp Jane who had already been so very generous  also sent me a birthday gift :)))

Wonderful lantern.

Beautiful Birthday cake and a basket full of wonderful bath items.
Look at this amazing cake with my name on it wow.

The beautiful basket with tiny soap perfumes even a candle everything for a relaxing bath :))

Thank you so much Jane  I love these gifts. You are a very talented  generous lovely girl.
I feel very very lucky to have so many blog friends from around the world I appreciate you all very much. 
I have been busy lately and trying to make the most of the summer but I have taken part in both Jazzi's christmas in July swap and Cockerina's summer swap. I can't show any pictures yet though :) I also received another  surprise Bday gift that I will show soon.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
Hugs to All my Friends

Saturday, 20 July 2013

From Russia with love

Hello everyone : ) Phew for the first time in what seems like many years we are having a Summer :D  It is sunshine all the way Yay .
 My next gift was a surprise package all the way from Russia from a very talented generous thoughtful lady . As soon as I saw Tatianas name on the parcel I held my breath and gently but very quickly opened it ;) Wow what beautiful gifts were inside.
A beautiful card wonderful potted plants glass bowls and glass cat.

Luxury cushions very beautifully  made.

Look at these wonderful roses.

So cute teddy.

Wonderful basket with tiny balls of wool.

Charms necklaces and a beautiful lace table runner.

Thank you so very much Tatiana you have made me a very happy lady :) Hasn't she spoiled me :)))
I love everything and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am sure that you all know her blog but if by some chance you have missed it go and visit I can guarantee that you will visit often. 
I Thank you all for the wonderful gifts and the heartfelt birthday wishes you have all made my days brighter.
Enjoy your summer. Big Hugs to All My wonderful Friends.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Hello everyone : ) This time I will show you  the other prize that I won. This I won from little time wasters.
Isn't it amazing.
A closer look at some of the fantastic details.

Slices of banana and the chocolate flakes :)))

These lovely pots were also included.
Thank you so much  Anne-Marie Your prize is stunning I am very happy to have this treasure.
She has a wonderful blog that you should visit.
Next post more Birthday gifts :))) I hope you are enjoying seeing all these wonderful treasures. I know that they are giving me a lot of pleasure :)
Thank you all for being here and a big welcome to my new followers.
Hugs to all my Friends.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Hello everyone :)  Today I will show you one of my wonderful wins my birthday brought me some luck and this prize is one of two wins. I won these fantastic items from Jane .
I love this fountain. 

This tiny fairy is so beautiful.

Do you see the snail on this birdbath :)

Beautiful leaf design on this bench.

These are even more wonderful in the hand. But not only did she send my prize Jane very generously sent me these wonderful teapots. One for each season.



The detail on the teapots is amazing I love them all.
Jane Thank you so much I love everything. I feel very lucky to have won your wonderful gifts.
If you don't know her blog it is well worth  visiting this charming multi talented lady.
I will show you my other win on my next post. I have also received another amazing surprise birthday package so stay tuned :)))
Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week.
Hugs to All My Friends

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Hello everyone :) well today is the day I become another year older : D  I found out the other day that I share my birthday with the very talented lovely Tatiana  Happy Birthday to you my friend :)
I also received Birthday gifts from one of the most loved lady in Blogland. Drora  is one of the sweetest dearest friends you could have and I am very lucky to have her as one :)
All these wonderful treasures are mine :)))

Yummy chocolates my dolls will be very happy with these ;)

Wow look at these wonderful flowers and I love the vase.

Beautiful jewelry I love the blue.

One of her gorgeous shell boxes.

Mmmmm cake with a cover to keep tiny fingers away :P

Last but not least these fantastic sandals and bag.
Dear Drora  You spoiled me I love everything thank you so very much especially for your wonderful friendship. 
My Birthday has been made extra special thanks to you all. It has also been a lucky one as I have also won 2 giveaways :))) one has arrived and I will show you the treasures in my next post.
Have a wonderful rest of week Hugs to All My Friends

Monday, 8 July 2013

Hello everyone :) Today I will show you the gifts from a very lovely friend. It was this blog friend that proved blog friends are real friends when she took the trouble to fly to San Francisco  to meet me in person when I was there last year on holiday. It was a fantastic meeting and though I am not much of a talker there was no stopping us it was only for a few hours but did we fill every second of it :DDD It was like we had known each other for years.  I am of course talking about Jennifer from Plushpussycat I bet you all guessed ;P
Wow she really spoiled me with all these wonderful items.
Beautiful cushions tea towels and one of her famous cards. 

Fantastic foods

this wonderful little lady and hangers I am delighted with these as I have started to do a little knitting ( I will share that in another post) and these are perfect for them.
 Look at the tiny tealight candle holders .

A wonderful teddy with a so cute backpack.

Plus so many other items. Wonderful lace a beautiful plate that I have plans for :) blue flowers a cookie cutter and cookies and this very beautiful tiny fan.
Thank you very much Jennifer for all these wonderful treasures and of course the best treasure of all your beautiful friendship.
Have a wonderful week and on my next post I will show you some other birthday gifts that I got.
Big Hugs to all My Friends

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Birthday gifts

Hello everyone :)  Well my birthday is almost here  so now I can show all the  wonderful gifts that I received.
First gift to arrive to my great joy was a surprise gift from Faby  and even though it was a little early for my birthday I could not wait to open it :D  Look at the beautiful items that she sent.
A cheeky little kite and a sweet windmill.

The little folder has a flower fairy song inside.

And look inside the baby book  I will have to fill this up :)

Thank you very much Faby  Your gift touched my heart and I am very happy to have your beautiful friendship.  Sorry my picture taking is not so great and does not do these gifts justice.
I will show you the rest of my gifts over the next few days as I think each gift deserves its own post :) plus I love prolonging the suspense hehehaha ( evil laugh)
I hope the summer has arrived for you all and that you are all enjoying some nice sunshine.  To all my lovely blog friends that have or are unwell Get Well Soon.
Hugs to All My Friends