Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hello everyone :)  I haven't had much time for my mini's or for blogging lately and I still don't :))) But it is getting a little better and I hope that soon  life will return to being a bit more normal whatever "normal" is :D
 I won a wonderful painting from Liduina it looked beautiful on her blog buts its even more beautiful in real.
Thank you very much Liduina for this wonderful treasure I love it. I know where I will put it but I am waiting now to get the right frame for it.
Doing a little knitting was the only mini making that I got to do. I found it helped me relax a little. Here are a few items I made.
Two patchwork blankets they are both done in different wool. I can see from the picture I need to trim some threads lol.

I also knit these little dresses. I enjoyed making these and hope to try some more :)
Thank you all very much for your kind concern and lovely emails. 
Big Hugs to All My Wonderful Friends Have a great rest of week and the lovely (at last ) spring weather :)