Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Hello everyone :) I would like to apologize for my lack of visits to all your wonderful blogs. My computer was broke and I just got it fixed last night. Lol I know very very little about computers but my son had a look and I needed some new part and so here I am again :))) I missed you all and I will try and catch up with as many of your posts as I can. Forgive me if I miss any.
I can now show you the gifts I got from Lyssa  she was my swap partner in the Christmas in July swap
So many wonderful items.
I love this tiny village.

Look at these beautiful stockings I have just found out that they are made from scraps left over from her wedding dress how special is that :)

Wonderful cushions also from her wedding and a beautiful quilt. The signs are very cute.

Thank you very much Lyssa I love your wonderful special gifts.
This is what I sent to her also Christmas items :))
Mostly made by myself. I had a lot of fun making these gifts and I thank Jazzi for organizing this wonderful swap.
I also took part in Cockerina's summer swap. I received my gifts from  Manu  and boy did she spoil me :)
So many wonderful items beautiful summer hat and bag a basket of wonderful shells a picture of her city beautiful beach cushions and more.
A beautiful card ( for my birthday) with gorgeous flowers. Lucky me :)
Look at this fantastic boat  it is amazing with tiny shell fish the catch of the day.

Look at these oysters with tiny pearls inside wow such treasures.
Manu Thank you so much for my wonderful gifts I love them all.  I am very happy to have these treasures.
This is what I sent to Mariangeles the Bichillo.
I made all by hand except the flipflops and the frog. I hope she enjoyed them as much as I did making them .
Thank you Caterina for another wonderful summer swap and the chance to meet new friends and have a lot of fun. Caterina now has pictures of everyone's swaps so if you haven't seen them go feast your eyes.
Sorry for the long post but I could not wait to show you all my beautiful treasures.
I hope you are all having a lovely week. I will now go and visit and catch up with you all :)))
Hugs to All my Friends.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Hello everyone :) gosh Where did the time go it is a while since I blogged I guess a lot of people like myself are trying to get the most of the last of the summer. I haven't been doing a lot of mini's but I did manage to do a little knitting and crochet I am still very much in the learning stage and I can not follow a crochet pattern at all lol so most of the little dresses  I followed the picture of the top on the tutorials and then done the rest from sheer luck : DDD.

I am happy with them I have also made a few more but don't have pictures yet.
Enjoy the rest of your Summer have a wonderful week.
Hugs to All my Friends.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Hello everyone : ) It's August already and worse we seem to have lost our sunny weather :(  The last week has seen storms and rain on and off most of the day Please can we have some sunshine back : D
Sorry Anne I am late showing my last birthday gift I did mean to finish it in July :)))  This was also a surprise gift and a wonderful pleasure for me as anyone that has got anything made by Anne gets a little bit of magic with it :)
Wonderful plant in one of her beautiful pots.

A gorgeous cake stand with some yummy cookies that are made by some of her friends :))) Jennifer Karen and Mini they are beautiful. She left me some room to put more if I wanted :)

Some fantastic little books I love books and just like in RL you can't have too many books.

Sorry my pictures do not do these little treasures justice.
Thank you so much Anna I love your wonderful gifts. The best gift you have given me is your friendship thank you :)
Thanks to all of you that have given me so much friendship and pleasure. 
A warm welcome to my new followers :)
I have received my gifts from my summer swap but I can not show these yet though I will tell you that they are from Manu and she very kindly sent me extra for my birthday :)))
Big Hugs to All My Friends.
Have a wonderful August.