Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Kitchen 2

Hello everyone :) Is it just me or are the days getting shorter and shorter lol. Christmas is fast approaching so   it is a very busy time I am sure for everyone :) I did get some more of my kitchen done though and I hope to have it more or less finished very soon. This is the other part of the kitchen cupboards. I have placed some items in it but it is not filled yet.

Can you see how it has a corner unit Though I can see from the picture they need pushing together more :D I love this set it is just what I was looking for.

I have also been doing a bit more knitting. Here is what I have been doing.
A party dress.

I hope you like :)
Have a great week and don't get too stressed over Christmas :D
Big warm Hugs to all my Friends and a very warm welcome to my new followers.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Hello everyone :) We had a very special birthday yesterday my Dad was 88 years young the family celebrated with a meal out. He was so happy to see so many of us together. My Dad is one of those characters  that almost everyone in the town knows lol. He still walks  to the shops in the town most days. He is hardly ever sick he puts my health to shame :D  He has always been there for us kids his grandchildren and great grandchildren. I am very lucky and grateful to still have this wonderful man in my life.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD we all love you.
I have been trying to finish my kitchen. I found it hard to get it like I had in my head lol. First I found it difficult to find top cupboards I really wanted this kitchen to have them. I did find one but after I bought it it was to tall and didnt leave enough space between it and the worktops also because the back wall has sticky back paper on it was difficult to stick the cupboard to it "sigh". Just when I was going to give up ( I don't feel brave enough to make my own) and put shelves up If I could get them to stick I found a great kitchen. It has top and bottom cupboards combined yay and this is the start of my kitchen.

Here is the kitchen unit. I have filled the top cupboards.

Here it is in the kitchen. I still have to put something in the oven :))

 It comes with the sink unit also and fits into the corner perfect. I hope to have that in soon. I hope you like how my kitchen is looking. I am very happy with it. I still have more to do to this kitchen and I hope I can finish it soon as I need to think about Christmas phew it seems to get here faster and faster every year lol.
Big warm Hugs to all my Friends and a very warm welcome to my new followers. Have a wonderful week.