Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Hello everyone :)  I want to show you my Christmas room-box. Gosh how do you get such wonderful  mini trees decorated mine had me pulling my hair out lol I am happy with it in the end even though its no were near perfect :DDD

With the lights on.

This morning I received another package that I just had to open and look what was in it a tiny wonderful Christmas tree and a beautiful candle arrangement just perfect for my room-box. Thank you so very much Tatiana I love your beautiful gifts. She also sent me lots more but those I will show another time :)

Here they are on the table so you can see how tiny and perfect the tree and candle is.

This Christmas roombox is full off wonderful gifts from friends over the last few years. There is to many to name you all but I am sure you will recognize your own ;) It makes scenes like this so very special to me.
Wishing you all a very Happy Peaceful Christmas and may 2015 bring you all you wish for.
Thank you all for being here Big Warm Hugs My Friends.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Hello everyone :) Like most of you I have been receiving some wonderful Christmas gifts from fantastic blogfriends. Some I haven't opened yet I am being good and keeping them till closer to Christmas. But of course I have opened some lol way too hard not to.
I received these gorgeous gifts from Fabiola. A beautiful apron napkins spoon and book.
Look at the pocket she embroidered the letter of my name wow so tiny and awesome.  

Thank you so much Fabiola I love your gifts. You are a very kind thoughtful friend and I treasure your friendship.
 I am sure you all know who my next gifts are from. Yes Santa Birgit she has no net yet but she is flitting around blogland like santa himself and leaving gifts here and there lol.
Yummy marzipan chocolates I love these so no need to ask if there is any left :D
Wonderful Christmas cookies on a plate two beautiful angels and tiny animals and two of the tiny wooden scenes these are amazing.

The angel went straight onto my Christmas tree. Doesn't it look wonderful.

Thank you dear Birgit for sharing a little of your magic with me.
I hope you are back soon we all miss you so much.

I also got a very unexpected welcome gift from another lovely blog friend.
Three stunning tiny doilies.
I have put a 1 cent coin beside them so you can see how tiny and perfect they are. 

Thank you so much RosaMaria your thoughtfulness made my day :) and your friendship is treasured.
I feel very lucky to have so many wonderful blog friends.
I am busy trying to finish a Christmas room-box at the moment I hope to have it finished very very soon. I will show you then :)))
Wishing everyone a wonderful week .
Warm Hugs

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas gifts

Hello everyone :) Gosh I am so late but not all my own fault lol First I was away for a few days I went to Krakaw Poland to the wonderful Christmas market. It was magical and I had a fantastic time.
 Then I got the dreaded flue when I really needed to catch up on so many things. Still have the flue but am on the mend :)))
I received some fantastic Christmas gifts from Piikko It was so wonderful to open a little package everyday for 5 days.
Day One.
This gorgeous stocking and a beautiful dove. I loved the package it came in also :)
Day 2
Wow this cutlery and tray will be perfect in the kitchen of my house.
Lovely Christmas bells bird seed and feeder for the garden. The package came with a picture of these two sweet girls who always entertains ;)
What a stunning flower display I love the gorgeous flowers and the little bird houses.
Here's another better view of the little bird houses.
Christmas pegs and a tiny house that looks like gingerbread.

Here they are all together have I been spoiled :)))
Thank you Piikko from the bottom of my heart I love all your wonderful gifts and am very lucky to have you as a friend.
I have also received other gifts from friends that I "cant" open till Christmas though I confess I opened one :D I am looking forward to opening them and will show you then.
Have a wonderful rest of week.
Big Warm Hugs ( I have covered my mouth so hoping you wont catch my flue lol )