Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Hello everyone :) Sorry I am so late showing my 3rd advent gifts but I am unwell at the moment. I have arthritis in both my knees and a few days after I returned from Madrid I had very severe pain in my left knee it is very swelled and so painful that I find it difficult to even get out of bed. I am on medication now that leaves me tired with very little energy so please forgive me if I don't make many comments I am trying to read them all but just don't have the energy to comment. I have had blood test and have to go for x-rays in a few days time. Lucky I have my family close by so Christmas wont be a complete disaster lol. I opened some beautiful gifts on Sunday and they cheered me up a lot :)
From Leena the books are beautiful Thank you Leena.
From Drora cute slippers and one of her wonderful baskets. Thank you very much Drora I love your baskets.

From Kikka my initials how cool and thoughtful and a fantastic chopping board with kitchen knife. Thank you Kikka beautiful gifts.

From Fabiola fantastic gifts. I love the chicken sign as I have a chicken themed kitchen in mind. Thank you Faby

These were all taken while I was propped up in bed lol Not to bad yea :-D
I was also very lucky to get a wonderful package from a wonderful generous friend all the way from the Ukraine. Here is what Tatiana sent me.
A fantastic cooler and stuffed inside lots of beautiful beads.

The basket and try are gorgeous .

  Look at this beautiful beautiful doll. I love dolls and this little lady is so cute her name is Tatty :)))
Thank you Tatiana for these wonderful gifts I am afraid I didn't wait till Christmas but they came at the perfect time to cheer me up.
I know I haven't showed the items I bought at the show yet but I promise that I will as soon as I can.
Thank you all dear friends for being here and for making my blog mean so much to me. Have a wonderful rest of week.
Warm Hugs to all my Friends

Sunday, 6 December 2015

2nd advent gifts

Hello everyone :) The 2nd Sunday of advent is here and I got to open 4 more packages yay.
From Kikka a fantastic fishing rod fishing book and a bucket with fish that looks so real that I had a sniff to be sure they weren't lol. Thank you Kikka I love your gifts.
From Leena these wonderful wire candle sticks. These will be great in a future project that I have in mind. Thank you Leena your gifts are beautiful.

From Fabiola Some wonderful shabby chic items. I love the clock I have a place in mind for these items also ;-D Thank you Faby for the wonderful gifts.

Drora sent me these lovely jewelled skulls Elfvera claimed them immediately lol. The flowers are gorgeous and are always a welcome addition to all houses. Thank you Drora for your beautiful thoughtful gifts.  

Thank you all for the wonderful comments on my last post. It was wonderful to meet so many of you in Madrid and sorry that I missed some. If I ever go again I will wear a banner with my name on it LOL. I received a lot of gift while there and I want to apologise  now that I am afraid I don't remember all your names so I will name non and not offend anyone. I will just show all your fantastic gifts and say a HUGE Thank you to all you. You made my visit extra special.
Wasn't I spoiled :))

In my next post I will show you the items that I bought mostly what I fell in love with than needed :-D Wishing you all a wonderful week.
Hugs to all my Friends

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Hello everyone :-)  I took part in an advent swap and would like to show you the beautiful gifts I received from my swap partners.
I was a little late opening mine as I was away for a few days but now I cant wait to open the rest lol.
Wonderful potion bottles and ghost decorations from KIKKA  Thank you Kikka they are perfect gifts for my witchy house.
Look at these amazing items from dear Drora The egg with the baby hatching is wonderful. Elfvera will be very pleased with the great plant. Thank you Drora.

From Faby a wonderful mat and a basket of flowers. I have a great fondness for baskets so am delighted to receive this beauty. Thank you Faby I love it.

From Leena I fell in love with the bag as soon as I seen it and when I looked inside it was filled with these beautiful books. Thank you Leena a child in one of my  houses will be very happy :)
Now about my trip to Madrid WOW what a fantastic time I had I met sooo many people and got sooo many hugs lol everyone made me feel so welcome and though I have not a word of Spanish I enjoyed my time with everyone. I want to say a special  thanks to  Paky  and her husband and Susi whom I bumped into many times over the two days and were always ready with a smile and words of encouragement :) It was an honour to meet you all. Sadly I did not get to meet all the blog friends at the fair it was so much Bigger than I imagined and I don't have any Spanish Who knows maybe next time ;-D  I did get a few pictures I would have loved more but I was truth to tell a little overwhelmed and took non the first day.
Lovely to meet you Paky

Susi's wonderful display.

 These dolls moved they were wonderful I fell in love with the two old folk giving each other a goodnight kiss :-)

 Amazing displays.

I had an amazing time and would LOVE to repeat it sometime. Madrid is a very beautiful city. I got a lot of fantastic gifts Thank you all so much and I of course bought lots yay :))) but they are for another day.
Warm Hugs to all my Friends