Saturday, 23 January 2016

Treasures from Madrid

Hello everyone :) I almost forgot that I still had not shown all the items that I bought  at the fair in Madrid. Lol I have a lot to show you as it was my very first fair I went a bit mad :-D I am sorry but I am not sure who I bought some of the items from as I had to pack them all in my suitcase they got mixed a bit.

The food is amazing.

I love these little guys.

Isn't she beautiful

Lots of wonderful wool and a tiny basket.

I also got a few bits of jewellery findings from Bindels they had a wonderful selection.
If I had had LOTS more money I would have needed another suitcase lol. It was wonderful to see so many fantastic miniaturists and even though I couldn't buy from them all it was such a pleasure to see all their amazing work. I hope you enjoyed seeing all my treasures.
Have a wonderful weekend. Warm Hugs to all my Friends 

Saturday, 9 January 2016

I am still here :-)

Hello everyone :) No I haven't deserted you all : D I know it's been a while. I am at last feeling a little more myself it has been a tough month or so between pain and meds that have made me soooo sleepy or sick.I have been told that I am going to need knee replacement surgery when!!! I have no idea as our health care has long lists and until then I will have good and bad days. Thanks to the family I got over the Christmas and new Year and enjoyed it. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a belated though heartfelt Happy New Year to you all.
I received a lot of gifts over the Christmas and they were never so welcome and appreciated each little gift made me smile and cheered me up Thank you all so much and for all your lovely warm comments and emails.
These are my last advent calender gifts (very late)
From Kikka wonderful colouring pencils and book sweets and candles. I love the pencils they look so real. Kikka also sent me some chocolate that didn't make it into the picture :D  Thank you Kikka.

From Drora gorgeous tiny furniture. I have admired her tiny furniture so much and am now so proud to own some of them. Thank you my dear friend.

From Leena beautiful glass birds they even came in a wonderful little box and a fantastic little mirror on it's own stand that will suit any house. Thank you Leena for your beautiful gifts. 

Fabiola sent me some of her wonderful items I love the lady in the frame Faby is so very talented with the needle and it is always a pleasure to receive one of her treasures. The little tile got broke but I have since glued it back. Thank you Faby for these treasures. It was a lot of fun doing this advent swap and I got so many new treasures.
These are more gifts that I received for Christmas.

 Birgit though I had to wait to open your gifts :-D  it was worth the wait. I was so jealous when Fluby and Rosey got their wonderful advent candle holder but I am not jealous any more because yay I now have my own lol it is beautiful and when I saw the gorgeous calender my eyes got very blurry. I now have a smile every time I look at it how could I not with Fluby and Rosey smiling at me from the pages.. Thank you Birgit for your wonderful thoughtful gifts.
I also received these beautiful items from Faby a cute ladybird and Christmas hanging and a calender that says so much about this blogworld.
Thank you all for the wonderful friendship you have all given me though we are far apart I feel very close to you.
Have a great weekend and that this 2016 brings you all Happiness Health Love and Peace.
Warm Hugs to all my Friends