Thursday, 18 October 2018

Here again :)

Hello everyone gosh it has been a while sorry about that RL has been difficult. We have had  the warmest summer here for a very long time and we are still getting some sunshine though today you can feel the cold it is not raining yet though :))
I am trying to get back into mini mode and I have started with a toy shop I did do this shop a few years ago but since then I have learned some ;) and I have lots of beautiful new toys given to me by friends and that I bought at the fair I went to in Madrid a few years ago. so I striped off the paper and re papered it I really like this paper I hope you do too.

I left the flooring on as I think it suits a toy shop (easy to keep clean)  ;)
I have made this display case. I used a spool I got from L idles with Christmas ribbon on it.

I still have work to do on this display but I thought you might like to see my idea.
I hope to be here more often from now on  and that I have my mogo back lol.
Big Warm Hugs to All My Friends.