Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Hello everyone : )  Haha guess what my postman called again : D This time it was my win from Gill from Teeny Tiny Things I won the Fantastic highchair.
My pictures do not do this wonderful chair justice. In real its so perfect. I love it Gill Thank you so much for my beautiful prize. If you dont know her blog go and visit you will be amazed at her talent she makes amazing lifelike prams and buggies.
I have also been busy making a few little things.  I made this little lamp for a child's room. 
The shade is a toy my Grandson gave me for my house lol  though when he saw that I had taken the bottom off he wasn't very impressed : D I just used a lolly stick and some beads for a stand. 
I also made some nail polish bottles that I seen on another blog. I made these for my ladies shop I also made some perfume bottles. I hope you like.

I made this bench for a garden maybe :) I am rather pleased with it. I made it from balsa wood.

I made a few other items also but the pictures were baaad lol so I will try taking better pics before I show them : D.
I also want to thank Cris  for this lovely award. Thank you Cris I am very grateful to you for thinking of me. 

Cris has a beautiful blog and it reflects her beautiful self go visit it.
This award is for you all because I would not have a blog if not for all of YOU :)
Thank you all for being here and a big welcome to new followers. I hope you are all still enjoying the lovely weather. Have a great rest of week.
Hugs to all my friends

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

More Wins.

Hello everyone.  The weather is at last showing signs of summer lol. It has been beautiful and sunny the last few days : ) I have been keeping my postman very busy lately as my wins have arrived : D I received two more yesterday. Don't you just love getting this kind of post lol.  First was my beautiful win from Jennifer She sent me these wonderful half scale kits. I have never made kits before but These will be perfect for a  future project I have in mind.

She was very generous and also sent me extra kits. They are fantastic and am looking forward to trying them out. Also look at the wonderful paper they were wrapped in very useful :)
Thank you so much Jennifer I am super happy with my prize. If you don't already know her blog please go and visit she has a wonderful blog.
My other win is from Marisa  from Steinworks. She makes the most fantastic food and I was lucky enough to win some of it.

Her food looks so real. The bread is wonderful she even made the knife. Thank you Marisa I have admired your work since I found your wonderful blog. Pay her a visit and see what an artist she is :)
Thank you both for my wonderful gifts. I am always so thrilled and super happy to receive such treasures from so many fantastic people. I have been very lucky and I love each and every piece of art that I have received from wins swaps and gifts. I know that every beautiful item has been made with love and that makes them so special. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I hope you are all having a wonderful week and for all of you that are not so well a Big Hug and I hope you will be better soon.
Hugs to all my friends

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Hello everyone : ) I have a few things for you this post. First a Big Welcome to all my new followers : )
Last week my youngest daughter ( my baby ;)haha ) had her baby Christened we had a wonderful family day and even the weather smiled on us it was yay sunny lol.
 Here is my beautiful Grandson Kaiden.
The proud parents  my daughter and her boyfriend with their son :)
Here with 2 of his Great Grandmothers :)  Who could resist that beautiful smile.
He is a beautiful happy baby. 
On Friday my win from Tatiana  arrived and look at the wonderful prize I got :)
They were very well packed and are all so beautifully made.
The wonderful candle even has drips :) The pictures are wonderful and look at this.
A beautiful key holder. Thank you very much Tatiana I am so happy to have some of your treasures for my own. My pictures do not do them justice. 
There was another Birthday this month in the birthday swap organised by Kaisa  this time it was Patty's from the blog Mini babies. This is what I sent.
Happy Birthday Patty I hope you had a wonderful one :)
I hope everyone is well. Have a wonderful week.
Hugs to all my friends

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Hello everyone : ) I am at last getting over the flue There is a lot of it around and it seems to be taking a long time to get over it. Either I am getting old : D or these flue's are getting stronger. Anyway enough about me hehe today I want to show you the wonderful gift I received from Marlies from Marlies and minies This wonderful lady sent me this gift just because she wanted too how lovely is that. Marlies I am touched by your generosity.
They are so beautiful tiny  and perfect.Pretty fabric and so tiny pink roses.  Look at the bra so detailed it even opens at the back.
How fantastic is that. Marlies I love your beautiful gift  made and sent with love Thank you so much I treasure it. I am so lucky  : )
I took part in Kaisa 's Birthday swap. This time it was Kaisa's birthday and these are the gifts I sent to her.
Happy Birthday Kaisa I hope you had a wonderful one.
I am at the moment getting my next swap ready to send. Sorry I am running a little late with everything but it will be on its way tomorrow :)
I hope everyone is having a great week and if you have the flue KEEP IT TO YOURSELF HAHA.
Hugs to all my friends

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Award gift

Maria Blanca  Ayamontinomaria  Was so kind as to give me this wonderful Award  I am  always amazed  when  great artist like Maria  give my humble blog  an award . Thank you very much Maria :)
The rule is that I have to say 5  funny habits lol I made the mistake of asking my children what mine are and they can not be repeated : D so I picked these out hehe.
I sometimes hide things ( on myself ) and then cant find them 
I rarely finish a joke as I start laughing too much.
I always start my mornings with tea and toast.
I love reading horror books but hate watching horror movies.
I cry at a Lot of movie's even children's ones I even cry when reading a sad part in a book.
Phew who thinks up these questions haha.
The other rule is to give to 15 blogs  but there are so many fantastic blogs out there and so I give it to all my friends. You are all very welcome to take it to your blogs :) but dont forget you have to answer the 5 questions. 
I hope you are all having a wonderful week lol not like me as I have the flu : (
Hugs to all my friends

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Draw Winners

Hello everyone Happy Sunday to you all. Yesterday my beautiful "baby" turned 21 Its hard to believe so much time has gone by it seems like yesterday that she was born : ) Doesnt time fly when your busy lol. Happy Birthday sweetheart you will always be my baby : )
Now my Draw Thank you all for participating. So many in the end there are 88 as there were a few double comments. I done it the old fashioned way and wrote out all the names lol. So here are the winners.

I decided to also have one more gift and the winner of that is.

And Birgit  from get a surprise gift.
Please send me your addresses to my Email 
 I wish I could give you all a gift because you all deserve one but thats not possible but I do give you my heartfelt thanks.
Have a wonderful week and a great bank holiday tomorrow for those who have one.
Hugs to all my friends

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hello everyone :) I would like to thank you all for your beautiful comments They made me cry but also made me feel so much better because I could feel all the love and the hugs you all sent so a BIG THANK YOU to you all I really appreciated each and every comment.
I would also like to say welcome to all my new followers. Lol it amazes me each time I see a new one :) Hello and Welcome.
Now to minis : D  I have tried a few things with fimo again some did not work lol and some I need to paint so you will have to wait for those hehe.  A basket for holding my first try at vegetables  lol.

I need to practise a lot more with this : D
I also made a goblet with jewellery findings. It looks better in real.
I also made my first foot stool. I am really pleased with this.
Dont forget my giveaway there is still a few days left. Have a great rest of week. 
Hugs to all my friends