Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Hello everyone. Lol i have received another PIF swap yesterday. This time from The bichillo She has a wonderful blog and is a lovely person. Thank you so much for my gifts i love them all. Some lovely fabric even some canvas ( now i will have to try some cross stitching :D )beads a beautiful cross stitch bag it has tiny little flowers on it. A wonderful tree ornament which will go on my tree.

 She also sent this beautiful tile which she painted herself and wow put my name on it. Is'nt it so beautiful. Thank you so much Maria Angeles. I am super happy with all my treasures.

I was also very lucky to win  a gift from Klara i didnt expect so many beautiful  gifts . Some bottles packets and jars. Wow so tiny and so perfect. Thank you so much Klara i am so pleased to have some treasures from you. 
I have been very lucky to have been given so many beautiful gifts. I havent even been blogging a year yet. But the best gifts of all is the friendships the wonderful comments and the encouragement i have received. So a Big Thank you to you all.
I hope you are all having a great week. Hugs to all my friends.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Hello all and again a big welcome for my new followers 234 now WOW i can hardly believe it. My post this week is again another swap this time its a PIF swap all the way from Finland. Its from Nina PrettyMade's Fancy.
She sent me  beautiful gifts. I am so happy with these wonders. Thank you so very much. They were worth the wait  : D. I love the patchwork quilt with pillows to match. The little dog and the angel is so cute. The rug is super soft.And lots more. I love all the treasures. The pictures dont do them justice but this is the best i can do :).

I am still busy at the moment with completing some Christmas swaps so i cant show pictures of them lol.
I have done a few boxes for my shop though i need to do lots more. Here is a picture of them.
They are for shoes now i need to learn how to make shoes haha.
I hope everyone is having a good week and Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate it.
Kisses and big hugs to all my friends.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Hello all. Welcome all my new followers. I want to show you all what charuki  from the forum "your miniatures" sent me. Such beautiful gifts. Wonderful bags that will go in my shop Look how tiny these teddy are and the beautiful knitting basket  and so many other beautiful things. I am so happy to receive such treasures. Thank you charuki  i  love them all.

 I have'nt  done very much to my shop this week because i am trying to get some Christmas swaps done . Lol  I love swaps its only after i have agreed that i suddenly start to panic have i enough time what will i make and will they like them. Hopefully it will all turn out ok  : D I hope everyone is having a great week.
 Kisses and hugs to all my friends

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Draw time

Hello everyone.  A big welcome to all my new and old followers.  First off i am sorry but i did not get pictures of my son pulling some of the names. Lol  I was lucky to get any he was so fast  :D . Yes i said some because i decided that as a big thank you to all my wonderful followers and to show you how happy i am to have you all visit me  i have awarded 3 gifts. I hope the winners like them. I wish i could give you all one but i cant. So now i will reveal the winners :)
First pulled was Clare from Congratulations Clare please send me your address so i can send your prize.

Next pulled was Eva Tatalamaru  Congratulations Eva please send me your address. This is what you won.

I hope you like. 
The last name pulled was *fiore*   This is what you has won. Congratulations please send me your address.

Again i am sorry i cant give to you all. But what i do give is my Respect  Thankfullness and love.
Enjoy the weekend thats on its way :) Hugs to all my friends

Sunday, 6 November 2011


Hello all on this beautiful sunny ( yep SUNNY ) November day lol. Welcome all my new followers. I hope you enjoy your visit :) Dont forget my giveaway ends at midnight on Wednesday the 9th.
Today i want to show you what i have made for my fashion shop. If you buy nice clothes you want some jewelry to match right ? :D. I bought the shop counter and have made some jewelry to put in it. I still have a little more to make but i thought you might like to see what i have done. The little stands they are on are cardboard covered in black velvet ( an unwanted top ) . I still have lots to do for the shop but at last i feel like i have made a start :D

I hope you all had a nice weekend and wishing you all a happy week. Hugs to all my friends.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Hello all I would like to say a big Welcome to all my new followers wow so many in October. Its wonderful to
" see " you all here. I hope you find something to interest you here lol. Also a Big Thank You for all the beautiful comments that you all leave.
This morning i got some post. I was so happy to see it was from Rachel from We agreed to do a swap a little while ago. This is what she sent me.

They are beautiful. The cakes have tiny fruit on them. Just look at the detail.The corset is wonderful so well made. The beautiful hat has hand made flowers. The rug well words cant describe how beautiful it is.

Thank you so much Rachel. I love your beautiful gifts. I am very happy with them.
 Lol sorry i cant find the picture of my swap that i sent to Rachel. Though she did tell me that she was happy with it so i am happy with that :D.
I hope you all had a wonderful ( scary ) Halloween yesterday hehe.
Thank you all for the visits and the comments on my blog i love to read them all.
Have a wonderful week and a Big Hug to you my friends.