Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Hello everyone : ) It has been a while since I posted longer than I meant too but RL got in the way. I have arthritis in my neck and lately it has been bothering me and I had to go see a physiotherapist. The bad news is that I have been told to spend less time doing my minis as bending over is not doing me a lot of good :( There is no way I can give it up but I will have to spend less time on them. So if my posts are a little less you will know why but I am not going away I love this blog and blogland to much to give it up :-D  I do have some pictures for you :-) My daughter got me a little roombox kit for Christmas and I really enjoyed making it. I also learned from it and it was fun.
It even comes with a glass dust cover.

I know that you all know and admire Birgits work and I always keep an eye on her Etsy shop :) and that's how I saw her new items and had to have them.

Can you blame me for falling in love with these item :) They are gorgeous.
But we all know what a generous lady our Birgit is and she also sent me some stunning gifts.

This little chap is for Elfvera who has wisely decided to wait awhile before she kisses him ;)

Extra mushrooms always come in handy.
But this gift stole my heart and believe me my eyes leaked when I seen this treasure.

I love love this Birgit  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful treasure and for your precious friendship. I already have something in mind for these wonders.
I hope you are all enjoying some nice spring weather here it is very mixed with spring and winter fighting most days lol.
Thank you all for being here Warm Hugs to all my Friends.