Thursday, 29 March 2012

MY Giveaway

Hello everyone :) Wow over 300 followers. I am so surprised that so many people follow my blog lol  Thank you all very much. To thank you all I am having a giveaway also as I said in a previous post I am a year blogging this month. So to celebrate I have a first and second prize.  Rules are the same as is usual.
1 Be a follower. 2 leave a comment on this post if you wish to be included. If you want to put the link on your blog I would be happy but it is not required. Here are the prizes.
FIRST prize is this. It includes the bed.
This is the Second prize.  The Draw will take place on the 5 of May My daughters 21st birthday.
 I hope you like.
Thank you all for being here. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs to all my friends.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hello everyone and a big welcome to all my new followers. Today's  post is to say Thank You to you all. I was so moved and happy with all the beautiful comments my cottage received. If it wasn't for all of you with your wonderful tutorials ideas advise and encouragement  I would never in a million years have even tried doing much of these things. Also all the wonderful treasures I have been sent from swaps wins and just because they wanted too. I treasure all these gifts and it makes me very happy to know that I have beautiful pieces from so many places and so many wonderful people. Over the last few days I have received more wonderful treasures.
These from a wonderful friend who sent me these  because she knows how much I adore her flowers.

Her flowers are gorgeous you can almost smell them they look so real and perfect. The jug is also wonderful I love your gifts. Thank you Blanca  for these treasures and more important for your friendship. If you dont know her blog go and be amazed.
The next treasures are from a swap I did with a lady from the forum " TUS Miniatures" Almudena 
( Almuhada ) These are the beauties that she sent me.
The lovely tablecloth  went perfect in my kitchen and if you look you can see it on the table :) 

Also these wonderful slippers and beautiful baby dress. The beautiful bag and a wonderful tree. bath lotion and a wonderful ball that is not a bead but feels like a real ball. Thank you very much Almudena I love these gifts.
Also on the forum I was very lucky to win the draw of  Carmen ( Pekevasion)  It took a long time 18 days for these gifts to arrive and we had both given them up for lost. Carmen very kindly offered to replace them but luckily they arrived late but safe. I have always admired her wonderful blog and the things she makes so I was very happy to win these treasures.

Her dishes are wonderful and the tin box really looks like tin. She also sent me a wonderful cake with a pretty flower some lovely flowers and a fantastic bucket and jug. Thank you Carmen I feel very lucky to have some treasures from you.
Then this morning another package arrived I was very surprised when I seen this one as I was not expecting it. It was from Karin  from This wonderful friend sent me these  as a gift for Easter.
A beautiful card even the wrapping paper was cute. My daughter wanted to eat this wonderful cake lol.

A beautiful  Easter egg with a sweet chocolate bunny in it.

Tiny little Easter eggs with a tiny little bunny. Thank you so much Karin I love my Easter surprise treasures.
I believe the biggest treasure that I have got since I started this blog a year ago is all the wonderful friendships.
To Thank you all I will be posting a giveaway Wednesday or Thursday I just have to finish something. 
Enjoy the rest of your week. Hugs to all my friends

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Hello everyone on what was a beautiful spring day. I hope its was  just as nice where ever you are :)  Now I will show you the last room in my cottage its the kitchen. There is a porch on the front of the house that I want to do something with but because this house is not very strong I can not move it too much so I will do it when inside is finished. Again Most things have been made by me and again some of my many treasured gifts are here :) I have very little left to do here though I think I will change the chair cushions. I am hoping to get battery lights for this house but it will have to wait for a while.

 I made the TV can anyone guess from what lol.
Bridget is very pleased with her TV as it was a gift from the staff when she retired.

Bridget has been busy baking as her 2 nieces are coming for a visit.
The 2 striped canisters are beads with thumb tacks for lids. The bottle of milk is from a pen and so are the "glass" jars.

Her dog Tia that she adopted  from the rescue centre loves fetching her paper : )

The bird cage was a necklace. I made the shelves and sofa. I also made the sink .  The cooker and corner unit where brown that I painted a cream. The flooring is sticky paper. Most of my wallpapers are prints from the net. The TV is made from a mans blade holder if anyone didnt guess :-D I hope you like my kitchen and that you enjoyed my little tour. A BIG THANK YOU for all the wonderful comments on this cottage. I loved reading them all you have all been so kind. 
On my next post I will be showing some gifts that I have received. It will also be time for my giveaway news. So watch for my next post  :-D 
Thank you all for being here Have a wonderful week. Hugs to all my friends.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Hello everyone : ) I will continue with the tour of my cottage.  First  i have named this cottage " Fáilte Teachín " which means Welcome cottage in Irish : ) so welcome to my tour. This time its the sitting room. This is where Bridget ( yes i named her though still dont have a her lol ) sits  if she wants to read quietly or has guests which she often has. This is an overall picture of the room.
I made most of the things in this room. I also have some gifts from friends here.
I made the fireplace shelves books and cushions. The fender is made from an earring one of those big loopy ones. I still need to do more books and a few other little things  for this room.

The clock is made from an earring and a button and i love it though i now see its not straight lol.

The door gave me trouble : D it does not open and only showed on the outside except for the window I felt it needed a door even if it didnt open so I made a frame.  I tried painting the door but the white didnt show so I used a piece of white leatherette that I had I also put some acetate between to make the windows. I am pretty pleased with it.

I also made the sofa my first :) The cameo is an old brooch and the little coffee table is from a necklace.

I do hope you like. I had a lot of fun with this house and I loved putting some of my many treasures in it.
Have a great rest of week. 
Hugs to all my wonderful friends.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Hello everyone Wow 290 followers welcome all : )  I had a lovely weekend  it was Saint Patrick's Day on Saturday I believe its a day when nearly everyone is a little Irish lol. We had a parade in the town and a lot of drinking getting done : D not by me i hasten to add hehe. Sunday was Mothers Day here and i spent a lovely day with my children we ALL went out for a meal when i say all i mean 4 generations of us lol There was my Mom and Dad ( 82 and 85 ) My sisters and I and all our children and grandchildren a great day was had by all :)
Now for the promised pictures.  This time the bathroom again a lot of the things were made or changed by me also gifts i received.

The clothes basket is half a hair curler. I made the little table for holding towels. I even made the slippers lol  The little soap holder is made with a button and a flower bead. I still have a little more to do to it. I need a small mirror for over the sink and maybe a few pictures and stuff  but i am happy with it. This room was difficult to do as I found it too big for a bathroom untill i got the idea to divide it and put a small storage room.
These are pictures of the storage room again there is room for a few more bits and pieces. I am sure that like in my RL it wont take long to fill it lol.

Its still rather clean and tidy but give it a bit of time and i am sure it will be nice and dusty hehe. Though maybe my lady that lives here likes to keep her whole house tidy : D. I dont have a doll to live here yet but i do know that she is a retired school teacher who was left this cottage by an aunt. She has only moved into it since she retired less than a year ago so she has some new things and some old pieces that came with the cottage. She really loves her new home and is making it as comfortable as she can. She has lots of  nieces and nephews that come visit but she herself never married. Doesnt mean she wasnt asked ; ) but that's another story :)
Gosh i hope i have not rambled on too long : D
Have a great week everyone Hugs to all my friends.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Hello everyone : ) Welcome to my new followers.  I have at last almost got my little cottage finished YAY : D  I found This little cottage in a market for the fantastic price of 15 euro Though when i got it home i opened the box looked inside seen ALL these tiny pieces screamed  and closed it back up again haha. A couple of months later i decided to have a go at putting it together and believe it or not it was rather easy and very pretty though not very strong so its well out of reach of the grandchildren lol. I decided with this cottage to make as much as i could for it and as i had never made many miniatures before it was a challenge. Of course along the way i have had so much help support encouragement  and gifts. This cottage ( I must give it a name lol ) is far from being perfect and i know it could do with a lot of improvements but I love it because from this i have learned sooo much. I still have some more things to do in it but they are finishing touches. For this post i will show the house overall and the bedroom. I will show other rooms in future posts.
The bedroom.

The bed dressing table and drawers i bought. My daughter gave me the storage seat. You can just see a spare warm blanket that i made peeking out  :) The wardrobe is one of the first pieces of furniture i made lol no doors something i need to learn to do yet : D A lot of the items in this room are gifts from friend here in blogland and  the forum " Tus Miniatures"  to many to mention Thank you all. The rest i made. I had a lot of fun making this cottage a home. I hope you like :) 
Have a great weekend. Hugs to all my friends.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

March 8

Hello everyone :)  Happy Women's Day a hug to you all. Also a big welcome to all my new followers wow 283.
In February  I admired some beautiful masks on a blog and this very kind lady asked me if i would like one and to choose which i would like and she would send it to me. Like one i said wow i would Love one. The wonderful generous woman is Maria  "Ayamontinomaria"  This is the amazing tiny mask that i picked.  Didnt I choose  well :)
But that was not all she also sent me lots more treasures. Look at these wonders.
Wonderful matching boxes.

The fantastic box of chocolates and the books wow that you can read. Dishes a cake perfumes and a lovely card. So many beautiful things. If you havent seen her blog yet then go now its full of wonders. Thank you  very much Maria I love your wonderful gifts and your beautiful friendship.

Today is my blogs first birthday though i didnt put another post till another two weeks and it was almost a month later that i got my first comment  : D and now to my surprise and delight i have 283 followers. I guess that means a giveaway lol. I will make a post about it within the next week as I need to think about what to give ideas are welcome  ;-)
I hope everyone is well have a great weekend. Hugs to all my friends.