Friday, 23 January 2015


Hello everyone :) Thank you all for the lovely comments on my kitchen :) I will as promised show you the house finished I will show you the bathroom on this post. I have shown it before but its been a while and maybe you would enjoy seeing it again. (these are new picture :D) First a few people asked about the little person in the highchair in the kitchen her name is Lauren she is just a little doll that I got in a dollshouse shop but I liked her and she fits in the chair nicely :)
Welcome to my home :))))
Here is the little lady.

The Bathroom !!!

I love this shower.

This room again makes me happy because it has so many gifts from so many wonderful blog friends. I hope you have enjoyed looking around my bathroom. My grandson asked me the other day if the toilet flushed and I had to tell him no his response was Oooo so its not a real one then lol
Have a wonderful weekend and those who are not feeling so healthy then here is an extra BIG HUG.
Warm hugs to all my friends

Monday, 12 January 2015

Kitchen finished at last LOL

Hello everyone :) At last I have my kitchen "finished" It didn't even need a lot done to it the last few weeks but I just couldn't seem to get round to tidying up and taking pictures. Well I have now and with My New camera lol ( still trying to figure it out;) This also means that this HOUSE is "finished" I know I will add little things to it for quite some time lol  I hope you don't mind all the pictures :D and over the next few posts if you would like ? I will show you the whole house .

I hope you liked the tour of my kitchen I am very happy with it :)
Thank you to all the friends that have helped me fill this kitchen and the rest of the house with so many treasures.
Wishing you all a wonderful week despite the bad weather :D
Big Warm Hugs to all my Friends

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Wonderful Gifts

Hello everyone :)  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I had a great but very busy Christmas :D  I got a lot of wonderful gifts for Christmas from so many talented generous friends some I have already shown as I opened them before Christmas :D But I did wait till Christmas eve to open the rest. Tatiana's I opened the day before just in time to put the beautiful tree and candle decoration on the table in my Christmas roombox. I will show you the other wonderful goodies that she also sent.

A closer look at my new treasures :))) 

Cute glass dog.
Thank you so much Tatiana your gifts are all wonderful I love everything.

I think you will all recognize who these wonderful gifts are from.Yes the very talented Drora :)

Look at this beautiful shelf perfect for a child's room

Gorgeous half scale table and chairs I love them.

Thank you so much Drora your  treasures are all beautiful.

I also took part in Fabiola's  Christmas swap and this is what I received from Shelly

The mat is gorgeous. 

Beautiful tree ornaments. I am always amazed at the ideas people have for these tiny wonderful decorations.

Thank you Shelly your gifts are fantastic I enjoyed doing this fun swap with you. Thank you for taking part and putting so much thought into your wonderful gifts.
My other partner was Tiina She  sent me a beautiful card. A lovely little shelf kit. The chocolate went very fast :D 

Look what was in the lovely packages. The patchwork cushion is beautiful. 

Wow look at these treasures Some tiny glass bowls and these fantastic patterned dishes and tiny house my pictures don't do them justice.

Thank you Tiina It was a  pleasure doing this fun swap with you.
A big Thank you to Fabiola for organizing this wonderful swap.
This is the gifts that I sent to Tiina.

This  is what I sent to Shelly. 

I hope they were both happy :)
I received gifts this year from so many country's Finland Germany Israel Ukraine USA Italy and Spain. I am sure there is not many other interests that can say they have bits of love from  so many countries in their houses :))))
I send you all my heartfelt Thanks you have made Christmas extra special and I will always treasure your wonderful gifts and your wonderful friendships.
Wishing you all a Wonderful 2015.
Big Hugs To All My Friends.