Sunday, 28 June 2015


Hello everyone :) gosh another month gone by so fast half a year gone in a flash :D  I have made some progress with my witchy house. Here are some pictures to show you.
Some potion bottles.
Dragons tears These are very rare so I had to put them in a special container ( a glass bead ;)

Wishes. I painted the glass bottle silver and the wishbone is a charm.

 The graveyard dust is old eye-shadow and the other bottle is a gift from Birgit.

This one was a necklace that I found in a sale I just added the label.

Shelves for the wizard. These were plain pine when my daughter gave them to me ( she found them in a charity shop) I have painted them dark grey and rubbed some metallic paint on the edges. The skull was a plastic Halloween ring that I put red paint on :D

I put some jewellery findings on this one.

I am really pleased how these turned out and are great for the wizards lab.

I now just have to fill them lol.
I wont have as much time for my project now so It will be a lot slower as the grandchildren are finished school for the summer and I will probably see a lot more of them :)))
Next post I will show you the beautiful early birthday gifts that I have received and was a bad girl and opened hehe.
I hope you are all having some lovely sunny weather and are enjoying your summer.
Big Hugs to all my Friends

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Hello everyone :) We are getting some sunshine here at last lol so I am making the most of it.
I told you in my last post that Elfvera's grandfather came back with gifts for her. These were very special gifts he travelled all the way to  Germany to see a magic lady called Birgit and she led him to Dragon Rock where something very special was waiting for him it was 4 dragon eggs and as soon as he touched them they all hatched. Wow he said  I heard them call me from afar but I did not expect 4  but I can not separate these babies and  I know my granddaughter will be very happy to see these she gets lonely sometimes as I travel so much. Cats are great but these little fellows will be perfect. And let me tell you she was so happy that she flew around the house Whoooping and yelling with joy. The poor cats all hid and I was getting a headache so I had to get my magic butterfly net and catch her before she done any damage :D So let me show you these so cute new pets.
This one is very curios about the camera and liked having her picture taken.

I think this one was looking for food.

This one is a little shy.

And this little lady is very loving and likes to cuddle.

Don't they look like they all belong together. I believe that it was love at first sight for all 5 of them :)   (6 counting me) 

Now we all know that this lady is not only magical she is also one of the most thoughtful generous ladies in blogland and so she sent Elfvera these wonderful fairy gardens all for herself.

Look at this fantastic tiny haunted house I love it.

All these were gifts also. Birgit Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Everything is just perfect for my witchy house.

While Grandfather was visiting he spotted a truly amazing item a Dragon  Mirror he had seen one many many years before in a high Wizards house and has yearned for one ever since and here was his chance to buy his very own. These mirrors are very special and it has to agree to go with you but thankfully Grandfather passed the test and now he is the very proud owner of this amazing Dragon mirror. 

Isn't it fantastic :) don't get to close though as this dragon breathes fire if he is displeased :0
My house is coming along slowly so much glueing and painting lol. I will show you a few items I have made for it in my next post. You might have noticed that the baby dragons still have no names something that can't be rushed but if anyone has any ideas I would Love to hear them :))) 
Thank you again Birgit you have helped make this house extra special I have always had a big love for dragons and now I have four very special ones.
Thank you all for being here and for all the wonderful comments.
Big Hugs to all my Friends.

Friday, 5 June 2015

More of Elfvera

Hello everyone :) I have painted Elfvera's " Herb and Spell" shop and also made a few bits and pieces. It is a deep purple not blue witches need purple in their lives anyone know why ? :D I made the floor from stir sticks painted white and then dirtied with watered down black. My first time doing this kind of flooring. It takes a lot of stir sticks lol
The witch on the window is again stickers.

This is a dressing table for Elfvera for her bedroom.

I made this table from beads and a piece of wood. I painted it dark grey then brushed acrylic black paint on top I am really pleased with it it looks like a marble top.

I have also started to make a few books.

I am enjoying this project so much I am getting to try so many new things. It was fun trying to make old books and making things look dirty and used :D Thank you to all the people who share their ideas and tutorials I don't know if I would have even tried this project without them.
Elfvera's Grandfather was back for a while and brought her some fantastic gifts that I will show you soon :D He of course has left again muttering something about a unicorn :)))
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.
Big Hugs to all my Friends