Saturday, 28 January 2012

Hello all :) A Big WELCOME to all my new followers. It still surprises me when i have new followers :) The biggest surprise was when i saw that a wonderful artist and someone i admire has given me an award wow.
Thank you so much Mely for thinking of me.

The rules are to tell 7 things about yourself. ooops hehe
1. I love all animals and nature.
2.I love reading horrors but hate watching them.
3. I am rather untidy ( hangs head in shame )
4. I have a hearing problem since i was a child.
5. I used to love playing computer games like " Final Fantasy" and "Legend of Lagoon" : D
6. I love the colours blue and red.  
7. I love chocolate  Yummy .
The other rule was to give this award to 15 other people. This I have found too hard to do as i admire all your wonderful blogs. So this award is for all you friends that have helped me and encouraged me and made me so welcome on blogland and a part of a wonderful community. So this award is for YOU.
Have a wonderful weekend Hugs to all my friends

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Hello everyone I hope you are all having a good week. I today received the prize i won on Christmas eve. I was the very lucky winner of Olgas prize from and what treasures i received. This wonderful trunk wow its perfect the details on it are amazing.

Inside is wonderful. I will think about what treasures to put inside it.
But not only was I  lucky enough to win this i also received two fantastic books. These are gorgeous with beautiful leather covers. One has wonderful pictures and the other is a Harry Potter book. If you havent seen Olgas blog it is well worth a visit she makes so many fantastic  beautiful books.

 Thank you so much Olga for this fantastic prize I love it.
I would also like to show you a picture of a scene i did for my sister for Christmas. Its a Christmas stall its far from perfect but its the first scene that I have ever done and my sister loved it.

The little dog is because she has a dog very like this one :D I enjoyed making this scene and in the future I would like to try some more. Not yet though lol I have to many other projects still unfinished.
Thank you all for visiting and reading my posts and for all the beautiful comment that you have taken the time to write I love them all. Thank you again Olga for my treasures. I would also like to thank all you lovely people that have such wonderful giveaways and even if I dont win its always so exciting waiting to see who won. 
Have a great weekend. Hugs to all my friends.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Giveaway Prize

Hello everyone :) and a Big Welcome to my new followers. I want to show you the fantastic prize i won on the 1 January from Amy *Crafter's Delights* It arrived last week but i was away for a few days so couldnt show them off. But here they are now sorry for the quality of some of the pictures. My picture taking skills are not great lol and do not do these minis justice.

The candlesticks are beautiful but my pictures were too blurred  to show. Amy was very generous and also sent me some extra gifts. Again sorry for the bad picture.

Wonderful cans of food and the sauce and jar of peanut butter are fantastic. Thank you so much Amy. I love my prizes and gifts.Go and visit her wonderful blog she is also having a 100 follower giveaway so hurry up and enter it ends 14 of Febuary.
 I also want to thank you all for the lovely comment on my Daughter and Grandson both are better and doing very well.Wishing you all a wonderful week Hugs to all my friends

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful New Year. I would like to say a big welcome to all my new followers. I hope you enjoy your visits and that you visit again. If i have missed visiting your blogs please let me know :).  I am rather slow getting back into minis at the moment as my daughter and my grandson are still here with me. Both have been unwell. My daughter got an infection and was in a lot of pain and the poor baby got a chest infection. Both are now doing a lot better. So i have a little bit of my time back lol. Hopefully soon i will have some things done. I would like to show you the beautiful gifts that Lola ( lolavala ) from the forum "Tus Miniatures" sent me. She was my invisible friend. Just look at these wonders.
The beautiful snowman stocking and angel went on my tree and will go on my tree every year. Look at this cute snowman and the lovely crochet brooch.
The beautiful crochet wreath and the lovely cross stitch. 

Thank you very much Lola i love all your gifts. I have also been very lucky to have won some draws already. Lol i can hardly believe how lucky i have been me who always said (it was true at the time ) that i never win anything : D As soon as they arrive i will be showing them off  ;)
I would also like to say a Big Thank You to all the wonderful people that sent me well wishes for Christmas and the New Year. I read them all and was very touched you made me feel special.
A Big Hug for you all and may our friendships grow ever stronger.