Monday, 24 March 2014


Hello everyone :) Sigh spring with its promise of warmth seems to have deserted us here in Ireland  it has turned very cold with lots of very cold wet rain :(  lol less than two weeks ago young people were out in tee-shirts I bet winter coats have been taken back out of cupboards : D.
I was very lucky and won some beautiful fabric and lace on Connie's giveaway. I Know I will find a use for these :) Conny has a wonderful blog with more giveaways and lots of great tutorials.

The fabric is so soft and pretty. I love the blue lace. 
Thank you very much Conny I am very happy with my wonderful prize.
I have been doing some more knitting lately it is something I am enjoying and I believe that I am getting better at it : D here is a few samples of my knitting.

Here it is on one of my dolls.

My first tiny booties.

This last one is crochet this I done from looking at pictures as for some reason I can not follow a crochet pattern lol believe me I have tried many times.

I hope you like :)
Progress on my house is going very slowly. I am doing the children's bedroom. Twins will own this room a boy and girl. I hope to have some pictures soon.
Thank you all for being here and for all the much appreciated comments.
Have a wonderful week.
Warm Hugs to all my Friends.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Sitting room pt 2

Hello everyone :) Spring has arrived here in Ireland. It has been lovely and sunny for a few days. Still cool in the evening but I don't mind that :) I just hope it gets rid of this flu and colds that everyone seems to have gotten. I wonder can these bugs travel through the internet ? as so many here in blogland seems to have been unwell lol.
I have just about finished my sitting room I guess like most of you we are never truly finished a room and will always find some little item that just has to go in there : D
I put books and records (prints from the internet) in the TV cabinet.
My coffee table all ready to receive a guest who the family is expecting :)))

I knitted the throw on the armchair.

The cushions are gifts.

This is the window sill. Some room for a little something here don't you thing lol.

I hope you like my little tour I do still have to get a ceiling light (battery) for it and a few little touch ups here and there but I am very happy with this room and I have had a lot of fun with it. It gave me a lift when this very long lasting cold had me feeling low.
Thank you all very much for your visits and always beautiful comments I appreciate them very much.
Have a wonderful weekend and Monday a  Happy St. Patrick's Day whether you celebrate it or not : D 
Hugs to all my Friends

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Piikko's prize.

Hello everyone :) I want to show you the beautiful gifts that I was lucky enough to win on Piikko's giveaway. I was very happy to have won as I admire Piikko's work a lot.
These are all the wonderful items she sent. A beautiful card yummy chocolate ( did I tell you I looove chocolate) :D and my other fav sweet is licorice lucky me ;)
This is the prize that I won. 

These are extra all will be perfect for my kitchen.

She also sent me this beautiful little purse isn't it gorgeous.

Here it is in the drawer of the master bedroom. 
Thank you so very much Piikko your beautiful gifts have made me very happy.
I am so honored to yet again have treasures in my houses from treasured friends. 
I recommend a visit to her blog her posts are always fun and she is very talented.  
I hope you are all recovering as I know there is a lot of sickness around ( I myself has yet again got another dreadful cold) so Hurry up spring and summer and hopefully better health.
Thank you all for your wonderful visits and comments they brighten my days.
Big Hugs to All My Friends.