Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Hello everyone :) a very big welcome to all my new followers. Also a big Thank You to all my wonderful visitors. Here we are back to our usual October weather guess what that is lol yep rain rain and !!!more rain !!! Though its not very cold yet.
I have again !! played !! with the fimo  I don't get a lot of chances to use fimo as I don't have a craft room and just use the kitchen table so I have to make sure I wont be disturbed for a few hours lol. Well this is what I made.
Some pumpkins which I think turned out rather well :)

Some bread.

Yes these are supposed to be grapefruit's lol a lot to learn here :D

A few not to bad apples and hmmm apple pies lol but the !!apple!! is a bit too green. Though I think the pie cases are not to bad :)
For the next week I am grandson minding so I don't think I will get much done :D
Have a wonderful week.
Hugs to all my Friends.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Hello everyone :)  I hope you are all well and having a great week. My first topic is a challenge from Ninni I will do my best to answer all your Questions lol
1. How and when did you start your miniature hobby? A 11. I started less than 2 years ago when I at last bought my first dollshouse. Something that I had wanted for a long time :)
2. What would you want to do in miniature size? A  2. So many things that I could not list them all. 
3. What kind of miniatures interest you the most? A 3 I enjoy trying lots of different things.
4. Mention five things you like. A 4 My family and friends of course :D Miniatures. I love reading. Travelling I love seeing other places and wish I could travel more to meet so many wonderful people that I have met here :) and I love nature. 
5. Mention five thing that you don't like.A 5. People being cruel. bullying of any kind. Too much rain :D I hate waiting for a bus lol also that because of some health issues I cant always do what I want.
6. What is your biggest dream? A 6. That all my family will be happy. 
7. Tell about some tradition you have in your home place/country. A 7. I live in a seaside town and every year On new years day people swim in the sea for charity and believe me its coooold. Though I have to confess I have never done it lol 
8. If you could choose any place you wanted in the world, where would you want to live? A 8. I love Ireland but our weather is pretty bad lol so anywhere that is nice and warm and not too hot. ( anyone want a guest ) :DDD
9. In which countries have you been? And which did you like the most? A 9. I have been to a few countries America Germany Greece France Spain Hungary Italy Poland which I have been to at least 3 times :) Some  of them when I was young and single Haha and others mostly for long weekends. I can't say which I love most as I have had a wonderful time in all.
10.Tell something interesting about Finland? OR What do you know about Finland?A 10. Sorry I don't know much about Finland except that from here in blogland  I found them to be wonderful people and also that in winter they have a lot of snow. Phew thats it lol. I think I am supposed to name others for  the challenge but I will leave it for whoever would like to do it please feel free to do it ( That means YOU ;) )

I got another surprise package a few days ago this one was from Monika from Puno's Minis. Some wonderful things for my shop. Thanks to Manika and Jennifer I now am getting my fashion shop almost finished :D
All these wonderful gifts.

A fantastic jewellery display.

Beautiful matching hat and bag .

Doesn't it look gorgeous on the counter.

The lovely try of perfumes.
This is the wonderful cabinet that Jennifer so kindly gave me and is just perfect to display things for the shop and this is what I have decided to fill it with. Cushions and blouses thanks to Monika's  beautiful blouse. I have made a few myself and still need to make a few more but at last now I know how to finish it :D
If you don't know Monika's blog then you should go and visit it. Its always a pleasure to read her posts and see the wonders that she makes. THANK YOU very much Monika for my beautiful treasures I love them.
Thank you all for being here :)  Sorry for the writing I have no idea why some of it is so small.
Hugs to all my Friends.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Gifts and Buys

Hello Everyone :) WOW 400 followers   It is always such a joy to me that so many people follow me and a shock each time I reach another 00  Thank you all so much. As promised I want to show you the items that I bought while on holiday. But first I will share my delight with you. A couple of days after I arrived home the postman called and handed me a big package. Hmmm from who was this I asked myself .  From Greece but I wasn't expecting anything from Greece even more important it was from Anne  "littlethings "Well believe me I did not wait to take a picture of Unopened  large package sorry lol . Anna had sent me a surprise package just because wow. When I opened the package these magical beautiful gifts were inside.
One of her very special " Anna Style "cribs. Its even more beautiful in real.
It even has 2 tiny drawers under it and look what I found inside :)

Also more lovely books.

She also sent me one of her very much admired prams.

Thank you Anna from the bottom of my heart. I love your gifts and will treasure them. Anna's husband had a stroke recently but Thank God is doing well. If you don't know Anna's blog then please go and visit you wont be disappointed. 
These are the items that I bought in San Francisco  I tried to buy only what I couldn't get at home really I did try lol.

Trims I love lace and ribbons :)
Glass bottles and fimo cutters and yes transparent push pins I can not find these at home at all. 

Mirrors and even some lovely frames. Who could resist these wonderful silver shoes :D

Yes I did fit them all in my suitcase lol after leaving a pair of slippers and a nightdress behind but it was soo worth it hehe. Now all I need is to find some energy to use all this stuff :D
Thank you all for reading my posts and all the always wonderful comments.
Hugs to All My Friends