Sunday, 22 March 2015

Gifts and a giveaway.

Hello everyone :)  Spring seems to have arrived at least for a lot of us. Here the weather is gorgeous sunny and fresh. I hope you all experience it soon. Thank you all for the wonderful comments on my last post they are very much appreciated <3 A few weeks ago I won Meli's  giveaway  sorry Meli that it has taken me so long to show your wonderful prize.
The card is wonderful bright and cheerful I love it.
A beautiful hat and tea cosy  and the snail is perfect for my new project ;)))

I love the jug with the beautiful dried flowers. These will be gorgeous in any room.

Thank you so much Melli your gifts arrived at a sad time and they helped cheer me up so much. If you don't know Melli's blog please go see this very talented lady and all the fantastic things that she makes
Believe it or not I am 4 years blogging this month WOW I can hardly believe it myself. I have made so many fantastic friends in the last 4 years and though I have never met you (except Jennifer :) ) You all mean so much to me. I feel sad if things are not going well for you I feel your joy on being new Mums or Grandmothers I miss you when for some reason you are not here and so glad when you come back and all the other things that you get to know about friends. I know blog friends are real friends so to thank you all I am having a Giveaway. Except for knitting I haven't been doing a lot of miniature making so I hope you will be happy to have some of my knitting as a prize :)

The 1st  winner can choose which set they would like.
The rules are the same as usual :D
1/ Be a follower of this blog
2/ leave a comment on this post.
Thats it lol
Oooo I forgot to put a date on it LOL
The draw will take place 9th of April.
Have a wonderful week Big Hugs to all my Friends.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Hello everyone :) I am later with this post than I meant to be but we had another death in the family this is the second one in 2 months. Its hard to think about making anything though I hope I can get back into it soon. I am sure doing this post will help :)
Here is the last room in my house the twins room. The twins are a boy and a girl 7 years old lol I even have a boy and girl doll but as yet except for baby's I haven't put dolls in my house yet ?

I guess they will need to tidy their room to get into bed lol.
I hope you have enjoyed my little tour. As always this room is made extra special with the treasures  from so many wonderful friends. I want to thank you all so much I don't just have a dolls house but a house full of treasures and though I know its far from being perfect I look at it and can see all those hands of friendship from so many different Country's so not only have I found a fantastic hobby I have gained so much more. Thank you All my dear friends for all the love and friendship.
Big Warm Hugs to all my Friends