Friday, 29 March 2013

Give-away winners

Its Draw time :) I would like to thank you all for participating it is heart warming to see how many people joined in :) The only thing I am sorry about is that I could not give you all a prize. I wrote all the names down on paper cut them up( my printer is not working )  and pulled names out.  You will have to trust me :)))
First name up is DRUM ROLL
Xan Congratulations please send me your address thank you.
I then pulled out 2 more and they are.
Isabel and Tatiana Please send me your addresses and I will send you both a surprise.
But that's not all I then decided to pull 3 more names to say thank you. To these 3 I will also send a little surprise gift.
Ascension Piikko and Malu 2 please send me your addresses and I will send off your gifts.
I Will show you the prizes as soon as they have arrived to the winners :)
Again Thank you all for your wonderful friendships.
I would also like to thank you to Monika for her wonderful Easter gift that I received a few days ago.
A beautiful book and a perfect bar of chocolate. I am very touched by your lovely surprise gift and thankful for your friendship.
I hope to hear from the winners soon and again Thank You all for taking part. 
Wishing you all a very Happy Easter Weekend.
Hugs to All My Friends

Monday, 25 March 2013

Hello Everyone :) Thank you all for being here.

 I again received 2 awards this time from Mafalda200 Thank you very much for thinking of me :) If you don't know her blog it is beautiful She is a very sweet lady and it is always a pleasure to visit so go and see for yourself.
The other award is from Carmen  Thank you so much. I am sure that you all know her blog but if you don't then please go and visit her blog is always fun and warmly welcoming. Carmen these are for you to say Thank you I know how much you love Camellias. These are from my Mothers garden.

They are a very pale yellow and very beautiful I hope you like :) 
Now an apology I am supposed to do my draw on the 27th but I have to be away unexpectedly so can not do the draw till the 29th sorry about that.  Thank you all for taking part good luck to all. I promise at least one more prize :)))
I hope you are all getting some taste of spring at long last. Here we had a bright day with a little sun but still very cold so much better than rain and rain though :D
Wishing you all a wonderful week.
Hugs to all my Friends

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I love post :)

 Hello everyone :) it has been a busy few days as it was St. Patrick's day on Sunday I had a great day. We had relatives over from England so we ALL went out to the local pub to eat and of course sample the Guinness hehe. There was a parade in the town the let down of course was the weather it rained all day :( All the more reason to stay in the pub of course ;)  Lol Believe it or not it is rare for me to have a drink : DD
My postman delivered a wonderful gift today. I won Hannah's  give-away my beautiful prize was a gorgeous little sheep. I fell in love with it as soon as I seen it. My picture does not do it justice. She also very generously sent me an extra prize wonderful cane slices.
Isn't it adorable.

Thank you so very much Hannah I love my prize.
I have also been given these lovely awards.


The  award comes from  Dreamer on board  Thank you very much for thinking of me.
I have also received this lovely prize from another wonderful blogger Rachel Thank you both for thinking of me. I am very sorry but I don't have the time or the energy to answer the questions. I hope no one is offended. If you don't know these blogs go and visit them you will not be disappointed. I give this award to all my wonderful visitors you are welcome to take it to your blog :)
Does anyone know what happened to Spring ???? lol we got a taste of it and are now back to winter :(((
Have a great rest of week even if the winter is back  : D
Hugs to all my wonderful friends.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Hello Everyone  :)   I have been trying to finish my toy shop and I am at last getting there :))) Most of the items in the shop have been bought or given to me as gifts.  I have made a few things but I would like to make a few more so I have left a little room for items that I hope to make if and when I get the time lol.  A few of the toys that I received as gifts will also go into the nursery of my house.
My back shelves.

Another shelf made by me.

The right side. I still have to finish the counter for this side.

With shelves in place.

I found this little bike in 2euro shop its in scale and  the pedals even turn the wheels. It also had another set of handlebars. A bargain don't you think ;)   Here it is in the shop sorry about the bad picture.

I still have some more to do to this shop but its getting there don't you think :)
I have also been doing some knitting. Two jumpers for an adult doll and one for a child. They are not perfect but I am rather pleased with them.

Thank you all for your visits and comments.  A Big Welcome to all my new followers thank you for your visits.  Don't forget my Give-Away you still have a little time to participate and thank you to all the people that have entered your lovely comments warm my heart.
Hugs to All My Friends