Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas Room Box

Hell everyone :)  I hope you are all well. Everywhere you look now its Christmas . How did it happen so fast lol I do love Christmas its such a magical time and the shops always look so bright and cheerful. This year I have decided to do a Christmas room box and when I was visiting Ikea I found the perfect box. Its a nice size and can even be hung on a wall. Here it is after I put it together.
I still have a lot to do to it but I decided to show you what I have done so far.

I put the paper on light cardboard so that if I ever want to change it I only have to remove the card and not have to scrape any walls lol.
I have started to decorate a little tree for it and couldn't wait to see what it looked like in the room.

I have put lights on it too :) I am excited about this room box as I have never done one before. I have a lot more work to do on it as you can see :D I am not getting a lot done on it as at the moment I am finishing off Christmas swaps and gifts I should be posting them off very soon :) I hope you like my project and if you have any suggestions please let me know :)  When I have more done I will show you my progress.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Dont panic but tomorrow is the 1st of December :DDD
Hugs to all my Friends

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hello everyone :) I would like to say a Big Welcome to all my new followers I hope you enjoyed your visit and will visit again :)
Last week I received a surprise prize from Anne of " Little heart " sorry I am a bit late showing it but I just didn't seem to have a spare minute also sorry for the bad pictures I just could not seem to get a good one no matter how many I took.
A wonderful sheepskin rug a beautiful basket 2 fantastic signs and a pot of wonderful geraniums.  Thank you very much Anne I love your gifts. If you don't know Anne blog  go see the wonderful items that she makes you will be happy that you did.
Last words for now on my shop. Its as finished as most projects ever are lol I found these little vases and I thought if I am selling !!! lamps then why not vases hehe.
So here is a few pictures of my "finished" fashion shop. I hope you wont be bored lol

As you can see I still have some room left for a few special items when and if I get any lol ;)

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my project as much as I have creating it. Its Thanks to you all that this is such a special shop it means a lot to me. I would never have got it finished if it wasn't for all your encouragement interest and the Many fantastic gifts. They are all very precious to me. 
My next project will be on the toy store but I probably wont get much done at the moment as I have some Christmas swaps on and I am hoping  to get time to do a Christmas room.
Thank you all for your wonderful comments your interest and your friendship.
Have a great rest of week. 
Hugs to all my Friends

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Hello everyone :) Its been a busy week for me lol It was my sisters Birthday on Wednesday I wont say how old she is ;) but she is a little younger than me :DD  Then on Friday it was my fathers Birthday and he was a young 86 and still walks to the shops everyday or as he says" I am going for a ramble  " and off he goes :)
I went for lunch with my sister on the Wednesday and this is the view we saw as we got to the restaurant.

Isn't it very beautiful :)
I have only done a little to my shop as I had to prepare some swaps :)
I made some lamps.

As you can see I keep moving stuff lol to see where they look best.

I still have shelf space for a few more items but once these are filled I think!!! my shop is finished !!!! :D
Please forgive the pictures quality I just could not get good pictures. ( I could just blame the camera ;) hehe )

Thank you all for the wonderful support and encouragement on this project. I also want to thank you all for the many beautiful gifts that has made this shop so special. 
Have a wonderful week.
Hugs to all  MY  FRIENDS.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hello everyone :) I hope you all had a lovely Halloween. I had a fun filled though tiring week with my beautiful Grandson. He is a very happy little lad and has just started to crawl wow crawling babies sure are fast lol. I just got home in time to get my treats ready before the children called. I am sad to say not very many children called a lot less than last year. All the grandchildren called though to show me their cool costumes :D I remember mine had a witches hat and a black bag as a dress lol or old clothes as tramps or clowns. Well its over now for another year.
I can not say it enough how wonderful people are here in blogland I have made so many fantastic friends one of them is the wonderful Julia  I have admired her beautiful creations ever since I found her blog  especially her cushions so when she asked me if I would like some for my shop I am sure she heard me yell YES all the way to Spain lol. She also had made a wonderful plate holder and asked if I would like it I was over the moon :)  We decided to do a swap. These are the wonderful gifts that I received.
Wonderful shabby  plate holder isn't it so pretty.

All these wonderful items on top I love the little cakes. The candle and holder are beautiful and the little jar filled with cookies even a little key :)

And of course my precious cushions. Look how beautiful they are. They are perfect for my shop.

Even the wonderful box they arrived in is a treasure. the plates are a fantastic extra bonus I love the one with little cupcakes on it.

Anyone that Knows Julia knows that she has a heart of gold and I am very happy to have her friendship the best gift of all. Thank you so much Julia for these wonderful treasures I love each and every one. If you don't know her blog I suggest you get over there fast :) also if you want to see what I sent to Julia as I (again) forgot to take pictures :D  
I have a little more to do in my shop as I got another set of shelves for it and have to fill them. I hope to show the finished room soon. 
A big Thank You to all that leave me so many loving and encouraging comments and all that visit my blog. I am so very lucky to have met you all.
A Big Hug to all my Friends.