Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I would like to say a big hello and welcome to all my new followers. I hope you enjoy your visit :) If I have not followed you in return please leave a comment so that I can find you :)  I have at last started to get back into miniature making lol  it has taken me a while I just could not seem to get started but I gave myself a good talking too ( I do that a lot hehe) and so I started by making shelves for my rather neglected toy shop. I had to make them because its in the attic part of the house and it slopes down completely. I am rather pleased with it and it gives me lots of room for toys. Here is some pictures. I hope you like :)

Here with some toys on it though I haven't decided how to lay the toys out yet.

I have lots more work to do on it yet but I have at last made a start :D
I have also made a few toys for it.
Some pull along toys and 2 little dolls made from beads and pipe cleaners. these are my first dolls. I need to experiment with these :) 

Some stacking toys.

A closer look at the pull along's  the rhino is a bead and the other is a little wooden horse that I put a thread tail and mane on. .

I hope you like :)
Thank you all for your visits to my blog and thank you for all the wonderful comments that you leave.
Have a great rest of week. 
Hugs to all my Friends

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Hello Everyone :) In my last post I told you I would tell you a story about a Christmas gift I received so here I am lol I hope you wont be too bored :DDD It started a couple of weeks before Christmas when I received a phone call from my cousin telling me that while she was waiting for a bus home she had wondered around a  small market and had seen a dolls house for sale on one of the stalls. She said she didn't have any money on her and her daughter had her car. But sad to say I could not get to the market that day :(  My daughter arrived a few hours later and I told her about the house so on her way home she had a look but the house was gone :( My cousin again called me later and told me that she had asked the stall owner to hold it for an hour but when she went back later ( more than the hour later) the man told her that he was sorry but he had sold it thinking that she wasn't coming back. So that was the end of that. I forgot about it after that. Then on Christmas day my brother arrived with yes you guessed it THE HOUSE wow I was shocked. Neither of them knew that the other was trying to buy the house for me. When my brother had seen the house he knew I would love it but when he asked about it the stall owner said he was holding it for someone but when my brother passed again he sold it to him. Now I believe that this beautiful house was men't specially for me don't you think so ? :))) Its a wonderful hand made dolls house no idea who made it though. My brother fixed the roof and sanded it down and then varnished it. Here are some pictures of it.

Isn't it  gorgeous. It needs a lot of work but its a beautiful very solid house. You can take the front doors off as they are held with pins and the roof lifts off completely. It is also missing a stairs. I have not done anything with it yet as I am not sure what to have it as.  Any ideas ? :)
Thank you Patrick for this wonderful gift I love it and I love you brother :)))
I hope you are all well.  Have a wonderful rest of week.
Hugs to All my Friends

Monday, 7 January 2013

My first post of 2013  I hope it has been  a good start for you all. Lol mine has not been great so I am hoping it gets better and I know some of you had a worse start than me so no more said about that :)
I took part in Caterina's Christmas swap its always so much fun to take part in it. Thank you Caterina for organising this wonderful swap. I received my gift from a very talented lady Terry . This is her wonderful gift.
A beautiful book :))) but not just a book because when I opened it this wonder is what I found.

A fantastic Santa going down the chimney on one side  and an advent calendar with a magnetic pointer on the other. It is gorgeous and my Grandchildren loved it . Thank you very much Terry we all love it and will be part of our Christmas every year :)))
In my next post I have a little story to tell about a special Christmas gift that I received.
I would like to say a big welcome to all my new followers  and a very big Thank you to all my wonderful friends for being here you have made my life so much richer a Big Hug to you All xxxx