Thursday, 28 March 2019

Hello everyone :)
I am sorry I am so late showing the rest of my Christmas gifts. It was the 1st anniversary of my Fathers passing and it hit me harder than I expected I am still finding it difficult to concentrate on anything for long so forgive me for not keeping up with all your wonderful posts.
 These are the beautiful gifts that I received from Fabiola.

Her cross stitch is so tiny and beautiful.

I love the little ballerina .

Thank you so much Faby I love all my tiny treasures and I treasure your friendship.

I also won Droras giveaway  it arrived in the new year. I was especially pleased to win this one and you can see why :))) She also added extra as a Christmas present.
I love her tiny houses.
Look at these beautiful little dolls and pram.
So many wonderful toys all perfect for my toy shop.

Toys for the boys :))

Thank you dear friend I love your gifts and feel very blessed to have you as a friend.
I am sorry the lighting was not the best the day I took the pictures.
I have not done very much to my project but the little I have done I will show you next time I hope it wont be as long till then :)
Thank you all and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY on Sunday I know you all don't celebrate it this weekend But have a wonderful day anyway ;D
 Warm Hugs to all my Friends.


Giac said...

Hello Maria,
What lovely gifts you received. The ballerina and the red duck are my favorite pieces. I hope time will heel the pain and that each year will be much better.
Big hug

Sheila said...

Such gorgeous pieces! I think I like the dollhouse and those adorable plushy dolls the best. But the pull toy is wonderful too. Your toy shop will be overflowing with treasures for your little shoppers!

Marjorie Bailey said...

Hello, Maria - I'm so sorry for the difficulties you're having in getting through this painful time; I hope that each new day will bring some measure of comfort. I know that you have many friends who are thinking of you and wishing you well. You've received so many lovely gifts - such tiny, cheerful pieces! I love that red duck and the little skateboard. Your Toy Shop is being filled up fast!

Zulueta E said...

Cualquier momento es bueno para disfrutar de los regalos de los amigos; me han encantado los tuyos y me alegra volver a saludarte por aquí. Un abrazo!

Ilona said...

Hi Maria! 'Better late than never', is a saying we used to say here in The Netherlands, but we can also say that you're quite early for Christmas of this year ;O.
You've really got lovely miniatures of Fabiola, and Drora even spoiled you with nice extra miniatures. Yes, I agree with you that we, bloggers, have lots of kind friends in our mini world, united by our blogs. Your toy shop will be over filled by all of these nice toys, good for the mini kids, I bet that they won't know what to choose ;).
Cherish these wonderful gifts, dear Maria, especially now when you're having it difficult emtionally, which is quite naturally. Loosing a beloved one is always difficult, for everyone.....
Warm hugs, Ilona

Isabel Ruiz said...

Son unos regalos preciosos.

Marian said...

Esos regalos son preciosos.

Es una bonita colección de tesoros para tus minis.
Un saludo

PILAR6373 said...

Nunca es tarde para disfrutar de tan bonitos regalos!!!
Espero que día a día te vayas encontrando mejor,que las molestias y dolores vayan desapareciendo hasta que sólo sean un recuerdo.

Fabiola said...

Loosing a beloved one is always difficult, but good memories will always accompany you.
I'm glad you like my gifts for you and Drora's gifts are wonderful.

carmen said...

lindos regalos, disfrútalos

BiWuBär said...

It's amazing how these sad memorials and special days have an extra impact on your pain - I have a good feeling what you're going through. My best wishes for you… and fingers crossed that your miniature motivation is saying "Hi!" very soon. But don't you ever worry about being late with showing Christmas gifts - gifts from friends are always fun, no matter when they are shown. You've been spoiled by Faby and Drora and I bet these lovely items will be very inspirational.


Eloisa said...

Espero que ya estés mejor Maria.
Los regalos son todos preciosos !!!!

teresa buitrago ubeda said...

Siempre es tiempo para celebrar los regalos de los amigos , son cosas muy bonitas disfrutalas . Un abrazo

Drora's minimundo said...

Dear Maria
Memorial days are difficult but while we are here our beloved ones are with us, at least in our minds. Try to remember all the good times you had together and it will help to comfort you.
Faby's gifts are wonderful. I love all of them. Happy you liked mine, and hope you will soon be in the mood to work on your minis.
A warm hug,

Brandy Wilcoxen said...

I, of course, love the toys but I'd have to say the little red duck is my favorite piece!

PAKY said...

So beautiful gifts from Fabiola and Drora, enjoy a lot!! A big big hug and my best wishes.

Piikko said...

Dear Maria, I wish you a lovely spring days and happy easter!
You have recieved beautiful gifts, enjoy!
Hugs, piikko

Irene said...

You received a lovely selection of bits and no need to worry about being behind with posts - no-one is further behind than me!

Jodi Hippler said...

Hi Maria! You are finding and making the most delightful things for this adorably detailed project! Glad you're back at it and enjoying the process!