Friday, 25 April 2014

Childrens beds.

Hello everyone :) Thank you all for your kind comments I now feel much better. I at last felt like doing some work on my house :))) it has been rather neglected lol. I have started the children's bedroom. this bedroom is for twins a boy and girl.  I have their beds done. They were a set of bunk beds but because it is an attic room I had to separate them. It works out better as now I can give them their own side of the room :)
This is the girls bed. I made the bedding. The embroidered pillow tiny teddy and the clown doll are gifts.

I also knitted the patchwork blanket.

This is the boys bed. Bedding also made by me and the school bag hanging at the end of the bed.

This blanket was also knitted by me.

I have lots more to do to this room. I will show you more soon.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Welcome to my new followers.
Thank you all for being here.
Big warm Hugs to all my Friends.
P.S don't forget my giveaway on my last post.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

3rd blog birthday giveaway.

Hello everyone : )  I have not been very well lately I have had a very bad infection that has kept me in bed for over a week I am now on the mend. I am sorry that I have missed some of your blog posts I have tried to catch up but find that I still get tired quickly so please forgive my absence.  My health seems to be at a low ebb at the moment and I seem to be getting this and that. I guess I haven't really been feeling well for at least a month. Because of that I missed my 3rd blog birthday but never mind better late than never as they say :-D  I have not being doing a lot of items lately but while in bed the one thing I have managed to do is some knitting so I am having a 3rd birthday giveaway of some knitting to celebrate :) The usual rules apply.
1 be a follower of my blog.
2 leave a comment that you would like to be included.
The closing date is the 29th of April. I will have two prizes the 1st winner can choose which prize they would like. Here are both prizes.

I will also add a little surprise to each of the prizes.
I hope you like these prizes.
Thank you all for being here I have missed you all but hopefully I will be back posting soon.
Hugs to all my friends and a big welcome to my new followers.