Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Hello everyone sigh !! its almost September and i am still waiting for summer :D The good news is that with the winter coming more time for minis hehe. First I would like to welcome all my new followers and to say Thank You to all my followers. The words of encouragement and friendship that i have gotten since i started this blog has been fantastic. So from one grateful blogger a BIG THANK YOU.

These are a few trucks that i made. Also a little dolls house ( maybe even use it as a shelf in a childs room ? )They could be improved but for my first attempt i am pleased. I put a cardboard box on one and side bars on another. I am sure there are lots of ideas for these. I saw the tutorial on this site  There is some fantastic tutorials there.
I hope you are all having a good week. Hugs to all my friends.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Summer swap

I also took part in Caterinas wonderful summer swap. Thank you so much Caterina what a great lady you are to organize such a great event. I enjoyed a lot. I never done a themed swap before so i really had to use my imagination lol. It was great fun. I received my swap from Monika. This is what i received. I am so happy with my gifts. The deck chair even folds up. The cushions and the table are so pretty. The boat is fantastic and there is even a tiny pair of sun glasses. Thank you so much Monica I love my gifts.

My partner in the swap was Drora. I sent her a summer picnic basket with food ( made from fimo which i had never done before ) A summer dress and hat. Drora has told me she is happy with her swap so i am happy :) Thank you Drora. Here is a picture.
I hope you are all having a great weekend. Hugs to all my friends

Friday, 26 August 2011

Gift from afar

OO my goodness look what i got in the post. :) A little while ago i admired a beautiful mini book of Psalms on Droras  blog. This wonderful kind beautiful person  sent me an e mail very kindly asking for my address as she wanted to send me one. But Wow she also sent me all these other beautiful things. The box they came in was so pretty.

 Then i had the pleasure of opening it and just look at these treasures.

Two of her wonderful teapots that i have admired since i seen them on her blog.  Beautiful framed shells. The lovely piece of fabric. Other little trinkets to use. And of course the beautiful book.

Thank You so much Drora I love all my treasures. They will find a place in my house or shop. A big Hug to you.
Have a great weekend everyone. HUGS to all my Friends.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Saga of the Shop !!!

Hi all  :) I will continue now with the rest of the story lol. I had so many ideas for so many shops. I got a bit confused and bewildered hehe  so i decided to turn the whole house into different shops. That at least let me try lots of different things. It also gave me gray hair and sleepless nights hehe. So all of downstairs will be a Cafe with  cakes sandwiches and whatever else i cook up :D. Upstairs will be a ladies shop. I have also decided as i have been given through swaps and wins some beautiful baby clothes to have a small selection for children. The attic will be the toy shop. The other room in the attic i havent decided yet lol maybe an antique or china shop or maybe non of them hehe . I think i will decide that when i see what minis i have left over.  Just in case anyone is wondering ( if anyone is left reading this lol ) i found my cottage in a market. I decided that this would be great to learn with and that i would make nearly everything in it. So here i am still making things learning having fun and more important getting to know some fantastic wonderful people. Here are a few pictures of my shop. I hope you like. :) Hugs to all my Friends.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Toy shop

Hello all :).  I have here a picture of some toys i made. They are for my toy shop. I am not sure if i explained about my shop lol so here goes. :D I wanted a dollshouse for a long time but like a lot of you looking after a family left me little time or money. Late last year i finally  got one Yay. I was rather impatient and as i had already bought a few bits ( in the hopes of one day :D ) i wanted to furnish it  fast. So i bought a few more bits without really thinking about what i wanted. This was also before i met !!! all you fantastic people. Then i made my first piece of furniture and i was hooked. My children ( who listen to me sometimes lol ) decided as a gift for Christmas to get me a shop unpainted. Due to the bad weather and the Christmas rush it didnt arrive on time but it did arrive at last in middle of January. This time i wasnt going to rush it. Haha i have decided to finish this story in my next post.Or not lol i will let you decide ;) Is it way too boring ? or do you want to know ?. Soooo let me know continue or not :D  I hope you all had a nice Monday and have a great week. Hugs to all my friends. xxx

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Hello all. First i would like to welcome all my new followers. I am so happy to have you all. I am still amazed  and excited every time i come on and see a new follower or a new comment. The comments are always so nice and encouraging.  Thank you all so much.   Now to minis. I found these dishes in the store and my mind went cool mini bath lol.I thought it would be great in my cottage bathroom as its small. They were great value 3 for 2 euro. I have put gold feet " on it and some gold flowers. I hope you like.I still have to put taps on it somehow lol. I will try something else with the other 2 then decide which one i like best.Any ideas anyone ? : ). Well its almost the weekend again :). I hope you all had a great week and wish you all a great weekend. Hugs to all my friends

Monday, 15 August 2011


When i got home from my holiday there was a package waiting for me. I wasnt expecting one so was surprised. When i looked at who had sent it i was even more surprised. It was from Marver  a lovely lady who's work i had admired on the forum. Gosh i could only marvel at the beautiful minis she sent to me. A wonderful doll all dressed in blue. Packages of food. some charms and the most beautiful bag with matching shoes. I dont know why you choose to send these treasures to me but a BIG THANK YOU. I love them all. Hugs to all my friends

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Back :)

Lol I am back what a fun few days i had. We had fantastic weather lovely sun but not too hot perfect :D. Seven of us went. I thought you might like to see a picture of us all. On the first picture from left to right is my cousin  sister niece sister aunt and my mother. The second is my sister me niece sister aunt and my mother. I just had to show you the  3rd one of my Mother and her sister my Mom is 81 years young and has more energy than i have lol. She never seems to sit still and is always doing something. She tires me out just looking at her : D My mothers sister and my cousin came over from England to join us on this great break. I need a few days to get back into making minis lol. I hope everyone had a great weekend and a wonderful week to come. Hugs to all my friends.

Sunday, 7 August 2011


Hello I hope you all had a great weekend. I have made a few pictures. I am trying different things with paints and pictures. I am rather pleased with most of these. :).This is the kitchen of my cottage i think i am almost finished it :D. Also yay i am packing my case hehe. I am off on holiday tomorrow to Poland for a few days. I made this suitcase from cardboard and fabric that i had. I really like it though i might need a bigger one for traveling lol. Everyone have a great week I will be back Saturday see you all then. Hugs to all my lovely friends. xxx

Thursday, 4 August 2011

My win has arrived :)

I won the draw on Terefers blog. It arrived today and what luck i had to win such beauties. These baby suits are so tiny and perfect. Even the bag is wonderful. Also a beautiful card. Thank you Terefe I love these treasures.

I hope you are all having a great week and ( gosh already ) have a great weekend. Also Welcome to my new followers. You are very welcome here. :) If anyone has a blog that i havent got round to visiting yet let me know. Hugs to all.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


I have decided to do this pif swap. Lol it took me a while to decide but here i am. I didnt know it was still going except by chance i saw a comment on another blog. :) So rules are :D The first five people who leave a comment on this post, and decide to participate, will receive a handmade gift from me. :D
First, you will need to comment on this post. Then create a post on your blog explaining how the Pay it Forward 2011 swap works. 

You must be willing to send a gift to the first five participants on your own blog. There is no time limit for this. You can take your time to make something special for each person. 

This is about fun and a chance to get to know people in this wonderful miniature world. :)

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A few more things i have made a few dresses I am pleased with the white one. Use it as a wedding dress maybe. I even tried one with sleeves not bad :D . A little baby carrier with a pillow and pretty cover. And last but not least :) I got these beautiful minis from an exchange on the forum from Tamara ( Tama 88 ). The picture does not do them justice they are so lovely . There is even a tiny lipstick. Thank you very much Tamara. A big kiss for you. Gosh i am always surprised when i come on line and find more followers. A big welcome to you all. I hope August is a great month for you all. Hugs to all :) xxxxx

Poor Sabiha lost her blog and has to Start all over again!

Hi dear miniature friends!

Don't ask me how....but I lost my miniature blog???
I'm very upset about it, but shit happens I guess?
I will start all over again and I hope to inspire you
again with my blog and work.

My wish is that all my old follower friends will follow
me again and more new followers will join my blog!!!

I also wanted to ask you, to help me to get my followers
back with a post on your blog and the link to my new blog!
Good Luck Sabiha !!!!!