Thursday, 20 December 2018

Toy shop

Hello Everyone
I didn't get so much done as I had hoped. My grandson had a bad Asthma attack and ended up in hospital for a week so I was busy visiting or more importantly minding the other children while my daughter his Mom stayed with him. He is fine now and home TG.
My toy shop had to wait lol I now have lots to catch up on in RL
I just got this done :)

I made the boxes for these baby dolls a boy and girl with a little blanket and toy.

These two I bought at the Madrid fair a few years ago I love them now I have a place for them.

I have added a few more toys to the display.
I hope you like :))
I would like to take  this opportunity to Wish You all 
THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING HERE I have found so much friendship and caring from you all as you know it has been a hard year for me and your friendship has been a bright spot in my life 
                      WARM HUGS TO ALL MY FRIENDS

Friday, 23 November 2018

Hello Everyone :)
I am being kept busy at the moment Knitting for the grandchildren and trying to get it all done on time :)  I have done a little more to my toy shop not lots but something lol. I decorated the top of the spool and as it is getting near Christmas I had to put Santa on show.  The Santa is a Lego piece and the perfect size.

I will probably add a little more if I find the right item. 
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and Wishing all  American friends 
Happy Thanksgiving. 

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Here again :)

Hello everyone gosh it has been a while sorry about that RL has been difficult. We have had  the warmest summer here for a very long time and we are still getting some sunshine though today you can feel the cold it is not raining yet though :))
I am trying to get back into mini mode and I have started with a toy shop I did do this shop a few years ago but since then I have learned some ;) and I have lots of beautiful new toys given to me by friends and that I bought at the fair I went to in Madrid a few years ago. so I striped off the paper and re papered it I really like this paper I hope you do too.

I left the flooring on as I think it suits a toy shop (easy to keep clean)  ;)
I have made this display case. I used a spool I got from L idles with Christmas ribbon on it.

I still have work to do on this display but I thought you might like to see my idea.
I hope to be here more often from now on  and that I have my mogo back lol.
Big Warm Hugs to All My Friends.