Tuesday, 4 April 2017

New Mini :D

Hello Everyone :) First off I am sorry I have not commented on anyone's post lately but this time I have a very lovely reason :))) Here it is.

My gorgeous new Granddaughter she was in no hurry to be born lol and was 12 days late and decided to be born on her oldest brothers birthday he was delighted she is a week old today. Grandma of course had to be on hand for the rest of the grandchildren so I was either too busy or too tired to even think of my blog lol. But she is worth it she has brightened us all up. Her name is Emily and she was 7lb 13ounces born isn't she adorable :)
Warm Hugs to all my friends I will get back to blogging soon. 

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Fairy Garden

Hello everyone :) I have been busy  lately with RL but I have managed to "finish " my little fairy garden. Lots of pictures I hope you like :-) everyone is welcome to visit the garden and the fairy family usually leave a jug of lemonade out for visitors.

Fairy family's also have to wash clothes :-D

The little baby fairy came to visit the garden on his bike and is having a nice drink of lemonade :)

I will probably add a few more little things to the garden but it is more or less finished. Thanks to gifts from wonderful blog friends I now have my own Fairy Garden that makes me happy looking at it.
Here is a new picture of Pippa the pup I adopted a few months ago :)))) 

I hope spring is close for you all here it is very stormy at the moment.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs to all my Friends.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Hello everyone :) Gosh January is gone already and now we enter another month :D A few days ago I received another Christmas gift this one came all the way from the Ukraine  from the very talented Tatiana. It was a big surprise and really made my day isn't it so nice to receive Christmas gifts even in January :)))

Beautiful candles.

I love the pet bed it is so well made. I love baskets and admire anyone that can make them.

A funny cat to sit in it :)

Gorgeous pumpkins and wine jar.

Thank you so much Tatiana Your gifts are always precious as is your friendship.
I bought this wooden plant holder early last summer it was plain wood but I knew I wanted it for a fairy garden. I painted it in bright colours and it sat neglected till now.
Because as soon as I received Drora's tiny house I knew it had to go in it :)

 It fits in it just right I still have lots more to do with it but I have at last made a start.

I have a few ideas and I might make a few changes but isn't it a great spot for this beautiful house and a few other fairy items That I received from Drora and a few other friends.
I am looking forward to getting creative again.
Wishing everyone a wonderful February.
Warm Hugs to All my Friends