Sunday 21 July 2019

Hello Everyone :)
I hope you are all having a wonderful summer.
It was my Birthday last week and I received a wonderful package from my very dear friend Drora.
These are the awesome gifts this very talented generous kind friend sent me.
 Beautiful vase of flowers the vase has a lovely gloss on it.

Wonderful orchid. 

Tiny teapot house and gnome so detailed .

A lovely brass kettle.

Her very beautiful swan planter.
And very lucky me got one of her now famous nut shell scenes. It looks amazing in the picture but believe me it is 100 times more gorgeous in the hand.

A close up of both sides. sooo tiny and perfect. I feel very lucky to have received these treasures.

Wow Drora I don't know how you made these so detailed the foliage and tiny tiny mushrooms all I can say is WOW.  

Thank you so much Drora I love love your gifts. I treasure your friendship and your gifts both always bring me joy.

Saturday 22 June 2019

Hello Everyone :)
Lots and lots more to do to my toy shop but I have made a start.
 I made these shelve when I was just starting in miniatures and have decided to keep them at least for now :))
The toys are a mixture of bought and gifts.

I made all the little boxes for the dolls I got the idea from Drora :) thank you Drora.
I have many many more toys to fill this shop. I will be pushing my self to do even a little most days as I am getting annoyed with myself for the inactivity with my miniatures and on my blog. 
I do still look at your blogs and admire all your fantastic amazing work there is so much talent in the miniature world and I admire you all.
 Warm Hugs to all my Friends.

Thursday 28 March 2019

Hello everyone :)
I am sorry I am so late showing the rest of my Christmas gifts. It was the 1st anniversary of my Fathers passing and it hit me harder than I expected I am still finding it difficult to concentrate on anything for long so forgive me for not keeping up with all your wonderful posts.
 These are the beautiful gifts that I received from Fabiola.

Her cross stitch is so tiny and beautiful.

I love the little ballerina .

Thank you so much Faby I love all my tiny treasures and I treasure your friendship.

I also won Droras giveaway  it arrived in the new year. I was especially pleased to win this one and you can see why :))) She also added extra as a Christmas present.
I love her tiny houses.
Look at these beautiful little dolls and pram.
So many wonderful toys all perfect for my toy shop.

Toys for the boys :))

Thank you dear friend I love your gifts and feel very blessed to have you as a friend.
I am sorry the lighting was not the best the day I took the pictures.
I have not done very much to my project but the little I have done I will show you next time I hope it wont be as long till then :)
Thank you all and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY on Sunday I know you all don't celebrate it this weekend But have a wonderful day anyway ;D
 Warm Hugs to all my Friends.