Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Hello everyone :)
Someone spoiled me with their Christmas gifts sooo many amazing items and all the way from Germany lol yep you have guessed I am sure ;)  The so very generous kind thoughtful Birgit.
A wonderful calendar the year wouldn't be the same without Flubby and Rosie and my favorite sweets.  
Lovely little jars and beads.

Decorated Christmas trees.

I love these little houses and have them in mind for a future project. Lol if I ever get the toy shop finished.

A tiny angel so sweet.

Alvira was over the moon when she seen this.

My toy shop will be very well stocked with these wonders.

I love all the witchy stuff.

Look at all these amazing gifts  Hasn't she spoiled me.
Thank you so much Birgit I am so in awe of your talent and whenever I look at these I feel the love and kindness that has gone into them.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you all and Big Warm Hugs to all my Friends 

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Hello Everyone :)
I got lots of gifts for Christmas so I will show the first ones I received first :) These are from Nina in Germany. I was very happy when she asked me to do a swap with her. I love her stories and pictures about her beautiful Sylvalnian family's.
A beautiful card

Yum yum great Christmas breakfast :)

These are so cute 2 for my toy shop and one will go into another project.

I love this tiny advent calendar and will probably open a few doors next Christmas.  

A beautiful homemade bag so useful.

Look at all this yummy chocolate I really enjoyed these lol. The santa's turned out to be made of my favorite sweet marzipan  I shared the rest but they were ALL mine :))) 

So many wonderful gifts.
Thank you so much Nina I got a lot of happiness from your gifts. It was a pleasure doing a swap with you and sharing a lovely friendship.
We had some work done in the attic and now I am having to go through all my treasures ( rubbish) to decide what goes back and what goes out lol so at the moment I cant even get at my desk and houses to do any mini making so no updates on my toy shop  :( Soon I hope.
Warm Hugs to all my wonderful Friends and wishing you all a great February ( don't know what happened to January) xxxx

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Toy shop

Hello Everyone
I didn't get so much done as I had hoped. My grandson had a bad Asthma attack and ended up in hospital for a week so I was busy visiting or more importantly minding the other children while my daughter his Mom stayed with him. He is fine now and home TG.
My toy shop had to wait lol I now have lots to catch up on in RL
I just got this done :)

I made the boxes for these baby dolls a boy and girl with a little blanket and toy.

These two I bought at the Madrid fair a few years ago I love them now I have a place for them.

I have added a few more toys to the display.
I hope you like :))
I would like to take  this opportunity to Wish You all 
THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING HERE I have found so much friendship and caring from you all as you know it has been a hard year for me and your friendship has been a bright spot in my life 
                      WARM HUGS TO ALL MY FRIENDS