Monday, 15 May 2017

Hello Everyone just a short post to let you know that I am still here but my Son is in hospital at the moment he is recovering well now thankfully. I miss you all but I just don't have the time for my blog or my mini's right now. I do hope to get back to normal soon.
Warm Hugs to you All


Eloisa said...

Hola Maria, es bueno saber que tu hijo se encuentra bien, me alegro mucho.
Aunque esperamos tu vuelta, lo primero es la familia.
Ánimos y un fuerte abrazo.

Steinworks said...

oh so sorry to hear that hes in the hospital, take all the time you need to be with your baby. (he might be big but hes still your baby) glad hes on the mend


Marian said...

Lo primero cuidar a tu hijo y además puedes ir planificando, en tu cabeza, tus trabajos minis mientras el descansa.
Un fuerte abrazo y que todo se pase pronto y se recupere bien.

Contrastes-Rosa Mª said...

Te deseo lo mejor en la recuperación de tu hijo,besos:-)

Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

Espero que pronto esté totalmente recuperado.

The grandmommy said...

Sending healing wishes your son's way and comforting ones to you.

anisnofla said...

Qué vaya todo bien. Aquí esperamos tus trabajos.

Giac said...

Hello Maria,
I hope your sons recovery will be quick. Take care of yourself.
Big hug

Zulueta E said...

Un abrazo muy fuerte, María! Que todo vuelva muy pronto a la normalidad ♥

PILAR6373 said...

Un beso muy fuerte para ti y para tu hijo,espero que pronto esté restablecido!!

Marjorie Bailey said...

Hello, Maria - I'm sorry to learn that your son is in the hospital, but glad to know that he is recovering. I hope he can be at home again soon. Take care, and know that you have many friends who are thinking of you and your son.

BiWuBär said...

I'm very sorry to hear this... I hope your son will be fine again very, very soon - fingers crossed for a fast recovery. Best wishes to you and your family!


Nina said...

Dear Maria,

Please take good care of yourself and your son! I hope he is okay and getting better with every day.

The Periwinkles, Fudge and me will gladly visit your blog whenever you get the chance to post again.

Best wishes from Riverside,

Drora's minimundo said...

Sorry about your son. I hope he'll get better and be back home soon, fully recovered. The blogs will await your return and welcome you back with warm hugs. Take care!
Hugs, Drora

Piikko said...

Maria, thank you to let us know! <3
I am also still here. :)
HUGS! piikko