Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Hello everyone :) Gosh January is gone already and now we enter another month :D A few days ago I received another Christmas gift this one came all the way from the Ukraine  from the very talented Tatiana. It was a big surprise and really made my day isn't it so nice to receive Christmas gifts even in January :)))

Beautiful candles.

I love the pet bed it is so well made. I love baskets and admire anyone that can make them.

A funny cat to sit in it :)

Gorgeous pumpkins and wine jar.

Thank you so much Tatiana Your gifts are always precious as is your friendship.
I bought this wooden plant holder early last summer it was plain wood but I knew I wanted it for a fairy garden. I painted it in bright colours and it sat neglected till now.
Because as soon as I received Drora's tiny house I knew it had to go in it :)

 It fits in it just right I still have lots more to do with it but I have at last made a start.

I have a few ideas and I might make a few changes but isn't it a great spot for this beautiful house and a few other fairy items That I received from Drora and a few other friends.
I am looking forward to getting creative again.
Wishing everyone a wonderful February.
Warm Hugs to All my Friends 


Lady Jane said...

Love your items. Yes the little cottage goes perfect in the planter. Hugs, lJ

Zulueta E said...

Hola María! Cuántas cosas bonitas, felicidades! Tienes razón! Ese "macetero" es un jardín perfecto para las hadas:Cómo me gustan esas casitas de Drora! ♥

Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

Han sido unos regalos preciosos.

Marian said...

Esto es lo fantástico de las miniaturas que poco a poco todo va encajando y podemos hacer maravillosas escenas con el cariño que recibimos de nuestros amigos.
Un abrazo

Contrastes-Rosa Mª said...

Unos regalos preciosos siempre tendrás un recuerdo sabiendo con el cariño que te los han hecho.Besos:-)

PILAR6373 said...

Que maravillosos regalos!!!!

Ilona said...

Hi Maria! You received beautiful gifts from talented blog friends, two very kind ladies too, enjoy it all!
It's good to read that you will be back soon into making miniatures ;).
Warm hugs, ilona

Maria Blanca "AyamontinoMaria" said...

Una maravilla de regalos, Maria. Un beso

Susanna Zanchi said...

Wonderful gifts! Kiss

Fabiola said...

Beautiful gifts from lovely friends.

Marjorie Bailey said...

Hi, Maria - All your "After Christmas" gifts are lovely. The little basket is so sweet - a good home for the cat! I love the plant holder that you painted, and I agree that it's a perfect place for the tiny house. It looks just right there. I'm happy to hear that you're planning to get creative again! Great news!

Eloisa said...

Muchas felicidades María, es todo precioso.

miniaturista said...

Que regalos tan bonitos y cualquier fecha es buena para recibir regalos de las amigas.
Un abrazo

maribel said...

Felicidades por estos regalos tan estupendos.

Cinderella Moments said...

More sweet gifts! I love mini candles. I think they are so fun. The little cat is so cozy in the new basket. And the planter looks amazing. Such beautiful colors you picked! Perfect to keep the little house safe.

Daydreamer said...

Hi Maria! What a wonderful assortment of gifts! The basket with the kitty is lovely, and the candles look like they could be used by Elfvera! The little yard for Drora's house is very sweet! It makes me think of Spring! :)

Gonda said...

Thank you Maria for your comments on my blog!
I see your work here and it's great
I love the nice gifts you geth for Christmas,the came is wonderful

Tessa Liduina said...

You must be really happy with the presents you received. And yes...time flies; it's already february 2017...I wish you indeed a month (and soon spring and summer) full of miniature fun :-D.