Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Hello everyone :) We are getting some sunshine here at last lol so I am making the most of it.
I told you in my last post that Elfvera's grandfather came back with gifts for her. These were very special gifts he travelled all the way to  Germany to see a magic lady called Birgit and she led him to Dragon Rock where something very special was waiting for him it was 4 dragon eggs and as soon as he touched them they all hatched. Wow he said  I heard them call me from afar but I did not expect 4  but I can not separate these babies and  I know my granddaughter will be very happy to see these she gets lonely sometimes as I travel so much. Cats are great but these little fellows will be perfect. And let me tell you she was so happy that she flew around the house Whoooping and yelling with joy. The poor cats all hid and I was getting a headache so I had to get my magic butterfly net and catch her before she done any damage :D So let me show you these so cute new pets.
This one is very curios about the camera and liked having her picture taken.

I think this one was looking for food.

This one is a little shy.

And this little lady is very loving and likes to cuddle.

Don't they look like they all belong together. I believe that it was love at first sight for all 5 of them :)   (6 counting me) 

Now we all know that this lady is not only magical she is also one of the most thoughtful generous ladies in blogland and so she sent Elfvera these wonderful fairy gardens all for herself.

Look at this fantastic tiny haunted house I love it.

All these were gifts also. Birgit Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Everything is just perfect for my witchy house.

While Grandfather was visiting he spotted a truly amazing item a Dragon  Mirror he had seen one many many years before in a high Wizards house and has yearned for one ever since and here was his chance to buy his very own. These mirrors are very special and it has to agree to go with you but thankfully Grandfather passed the test and now he is the very proud owner of this amazing Dragon mirror. 

Isn't it fantastic :) don't get to close though as this dragon breathes fire if he is displeased :0
My house is coming along slowly so much glueing and painting lol. I will show you a few items I have made for it in my next post. You might have noticed that the baby dragons still have no names something that can't be rushed but if anyone has any ideas I would Love to hear them :))) 
Thank you again Birgit you have helped make this house extra special I have always had a big love for dragons and now I have four very special ones.
Thank you all for being here and for all the wonderful comments.
Big Hugs to all my Friends.


Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

Te han hecho unos regalos preciosos que quedarán muy bien en tu proyecto.

contar said...

me encantan los dragones son realmente magicos, usted le dara a todo un buen uso con toda seguridad
un abrazo

Daydreamer said...

I can tell you for Sure that Birgit makes Wonderful Magic! It is great to know these four little fire breathers will have such a Wonderful Magical home! I am glad to know they are together! And it is great to know Where they are living now since we saw their Creation on Birgit's blog! I am sure Elfvera will enjoy them, as long as she doesn't mind a few singed hems on her aprons! LOL!

Cinderella Moments said...

You took such adorable photos of those little dragons! All the gifts are so perfect. I can't wait to see them all in place. Enjoy the sunshine!

The grandmommy said...

These are the cutest little fire breathers ever LOL No fear here!

PILAR6373 said...

Unos regalos preciosos,disfruta de ellos!!!!!
A mi también me encantan los dragones y toda su mitología.

carmen said...

felicidades por tus regalos

Giac said...

Hello Maria,
What wonderful new additions to your family. They are just gorgeous. Birgit is such a gifted miniaturist! I can't wait to know their names. your project is coming along beautifully.
Big hug,

Kikka N said...

Hi Maria: Enjoy the sunshine!
How adorable Dragons! Birgit is such a generous Lady and gifted miniaturist! Elfvera is going to be very happy with these Dragons

Jane Smith said...

Yes soak in those rays, i am doing the same..a little red now though ;P

What wonderful magial goodies youve gotten from a fine lady! Those babies nee lots of cookie crumbs to make them happy, and I would keep a small spoon of water nearby just in case the fires get out of controll!

Everything is going to look so splendid together in your cottage!

BiWuBär said...

My head is so red now that I need to watch out for Fluby who might mix me up with a giant strawberry... *LOL* Thank you for your lovely words... *blush* It's my great pleasure to see something made by me making Elfvera happy and it's my biggest reward if you liked my items. Btw I can promise you that this magical dragon mirror is a pleasure for every experienced magician's household... this dragon head is wise and polite and helpful - unlike some Magical Mirror in a certain Witch Tower I know... ;O)


Marjorie Bailey said...

Hello, Maria. I've just been reading your very enjoyable Dragon Story. That was so much fun! The little dragons are beautiful; I'm sure that Elfvera will be happy to have them. I've never named a dragon, but I can't help thinking about names for these. It'll be very interesting to learn what names will finally be chosen.


Zulueta E said...

Hola María!
Si ese pequeño dragón rojo curioso fuera mío, lo llamaría Ladon :), de los cuatro es el que me ha robado el corazón :)
Feliciddades por los regalos, son perfectos para la casita de Elfvera!
Un beso! :)

Plushpussycat said...

What wonderful new friends and amazing gifts from Birgit! She definitely spoiled you rotten, as she is known to do. Lucky you! I'm looking forward to seeing the new things you've made too. Your witch house is coming along wonderfully! xo Jennifer

Simona M said...

Those little dragons are too cute and Birgit is a great crafter. All of the gifts will look perfect with your witchy theme. Looking forward to learn their names and to see more!

Simona M said...

Those little dragons are too cute and Birgit is a great crafter. All of the gifts will look perfect with your witchy theme. Looking forward to learn their names and to see more!

Simona M said...

Those little dragons are too cute and Birgit is a great crafter. All of the gifts will look perfect with your witchy theme. Looking forward to learn their names and to see more!

Eloisa said...

Felicidades María los regalitos son preciosos, y los dragones una monada. Todo quedará genial en tu proyecto.

Ilona said...

Oh my, Birgit has outdone herself, her little fire breathers are absolutely adorable and fantastic :D! All of her magical miniatures do have the special Birgit touch, everyone who knows Birgit, knows that she has a lot of magical imagination and a great humor.
I can't choose which dragon I like most, but personally I think the mirror with the dragon head is very special, original and beautiful, enjoy all your new miniatures, just like Elfvera does :)!
Wishing you a nice weekend. Hugs, Ilona

Fabiola said...

The small dragons are so cute. Everything is perfect for a magic house.

Hannah said...

Congratulations to the dragons!! They are so cute. I'm glad you were the one getting them =) I saw them at Birgits blog and wondered who the lucky owner was =)
And Birgit sent such lovely extra things too, they will all look perfect in your house!

*Mieke*Petitevictorianrose*and*PastTimeChildhood said...

Hi Maria, congratulations to your sweet magial pets, they look adorable !!
You took such ovely pictures off them :)
Enjoy the sunshine, over here it is raining all day.
have a great new week .

Hugs Mieke xxx

Sarah said...

Fantastic gifts. The little fairy gardens are divine. I have to say I love fantastical/steampunk miniatures the best, though you would never guess from my own blog :D

Names for about one in Irish with a fire theme, like Aodh.

Enjoy the sun, hope it stays this way for awhile :D

Sarah :)

Drora's minimundo said...

Wow! Birgit really spoiled you this time. I love the little baby dragons and all the other magical items Birgit created. Enjoy all and keep sharing your progress on this great project.
Hugs, Drora

Tatiana said...

Ничего себе!!! Какие сокровища! Замечательные милые драконы! Прекрасное зеркало! Я люблю мини сад и дом с привидениями!

mcddiss said...

wow, esos dragones son verdaderamente geniales , el espejo me encanta es una maravilla , estoy deseando ver el resto