Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Hello everyone : ) It has been a while since I posted longer than I meant too but RL got in the way. I have arthritis in my neck and lately it has been bothering me and I had to go see a physiotherapist. The bad news is that I have been told to spend less time doing my minis as bending over is not doing me a lot of good :( There is no way I can give it up but I will have to spend less time on them. So if my posts are a little less you will know why but I am not going away I love this blog and blogland to much to give it up :-D  I do have some pictures for you :-) My daughter got me a little roombox kit for Christmas and I really enjoyed making it. I also learned from it and it was fun.
It even comes with a glass dust cover.

I know that you all know and admire Birgits work and I always keep an eye on her Etsy shop :) and that's how I saw her new items and had to have them.

Can you blame me for falling in love with these item :) They are gorgeous.
But we all know what a generous lady our Birgit is and she also sent me some stunning gifts.

This little chap is for Elfvera who has wisely decided to wait awhile before she kisses him ;)

Extra mushrooms always come in handy.
But this gift stole my heart and believe me my eyes leaked when I seen this treasure.

I love love this Birgit  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful treasure and for your precious friendship. I already have something in mind for these wonders.
I hope you are all enjoying some nice spring weather here it is very mixed with spring and winter fighting most days lol.
Thank you all for being here Warm Hugs to all my Friends.


Agnieszka - NIUŃKA said...

Piękne! Bardzo mi się podoba.

Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

La escena es preciosa y las compras y regalos son estupendos. La rana me parece muy graciosa. Espero que te vayas recuperando y puedas trabajar sin problemas.

Wee Cute Treasures said...

I am so sorry to hear about your arthritis Maria, that is very disappointing given your hobby. But hopefully you will be able to do short bursts which you will enjoy.

Your little boxroom is sweet. I love all the little details. And of course I love all the treasures you got from Birgit. Mini hug, Carol

Daydreamer said...

What a Wonderful little kit that is ! It looks so beautiful and restful! I hope that "taking it easy" for a while will relax your neck problems so you can keep making minis... it is a balancing act sometimes!
Birgit's creations are Awesome... and yes she is so generous too! I love that little guy in the planter and the frog-prince too!

17-17 said...

This new room is adorable, I really like it. Also new minis from Birgit, cute!
Warm hugs!

Susanna Zanchi said...

Your bed room is wonderful! Adorable gift from Birgit...Kiss

carmen said...

buen trabajo y buenos regalos

Fabiola said...

I am so sorry to hear about your arthritis.
Your new roombox is just beautiful and Birgit's creations are amazing.

Victoria Cascales said...

Esa escena es preciosa. Y los regalos, una maravilla.
Te deseo una pronta recuperación para que puedas reanudar tu actividad habitual.
Un abrazo

The Old Maid said...

What a charming roombox! I do love it! And of course Brigit's works are real magic! Lucky you, Maria!

Zulueta E said...

Me encanta esa escena!!! Ponle la cubierta de vidrio, sería una pena que el polvo la llegue a estropear. Y los regalos, qué te voy a decir? Ya me gustaría recibirlos a mi, jaaaaa!
Cuida tu artritis, María, pero sigue asomándote por aquí, eh? Y no te preocupes, seguro que encuentras muchas cosas que se pueden hacer sin forzar tu cuello, ya verás :)
Un beso!

BiWuBär said...

Thank you for your lovely words about my stuff *blush* - and as I've already told you I think Elfvera is such a clever little witch. I mean I really like the idea of having a Prince Charming in store and right at hand when needed... *LOL* And what a wonderful roombox gift - it looks very nice and cozy. But as they say every rose has its thorn and so does this post - I'm very sad to hear about your "new" health problems... now also the neck. *sigh* Please take care of yourself - and keep your head high! ;O)


Eloisa said...

Una habitación preciosa María, me gusta mucho y los regalitos una monada y muy graciosos.
Espero que te recuperes del todo muy pronto.
Un abrazo

Marjorie Bailey said...

Hi, Maria. I'm sorry to hear that your arthritis is "acting up." I hope that it isn't too bad to interfere for long with your miniature making. Your new room box is lovely - the colors are so warm and relaxing, and that bed looks so comfortable that it makes me sleepy! Take good care of yourself and feel better soon!

Cinderella Moments said...

Hi Maria! I too had horrible neck pain a few years ago. I changed my working chair to an adjustable executive office chair. I needed to have my elbows higher up They are now about even with my working surface. I put the chair at it's highest possible position. This was a miracle! It ended my neck pain. You have to invest in one. It will change everything.
I love your roombox! The theme is so beautiful. I absolutely love the Eiffel Tower picture. The whole piece is glorious!
And your purchases are adorable!
big hugs♥,

katajamäki lea said...

Very cute roombox. I love the colors
Best recards: Lea

Jane Smith said...

Whaaaaat hunching over little bitty things squinting at micros makes for a back neck???? Ahh madam the mini makers curse, some days I limp away...

I do hope you feel better and do get some bitty time once in a while, just don't do it for we ..usually do ;P

Your gifts and scenes are always lovely, maybe take a rest in that little bedroom for now ;)

Drora's minimundo said...

Oh Maria, I'm so sorry to learn about your arthritis. I hope, with rest, you'll be able to have better days.

I love the lovely roombox and of course I love Birgit's gifts which get to
be more cute every time she creates new miniatures. They always cheer me up.

Take care my dear friend.

Hugs, Drora

Kat said...

I'm sorry about the arthritis; pain is no fun at all. Your roombox looks great! I ordered two similar kits on Ebay but they didn't come in and after 50 days the seller reimbursed me. I ordered a different kit, a little pet shop store front, and will be starting it soon. I'm just finishing up my first attempt at minis; a foam core bake shop. It's a very addicting hobby, lol. Love the little items you bought!

Pilar said...

Maria siento mucho lo de tu artritis,deseo que te recuperes y no te moleste demasiado para este lindo hobby quye tenemos.La escena es encantadora y los regalitos muy chulos.Besitos

Mellis Hobby said...

Hello Maria,
I love your roombox.
I´m sad to read about your health problems.
Take care for you.
Greetings and a big hug

Irene said...

Sorry to hear about your arthritis Maria but I hope it will still let you carry on with the minis one way or another.

The room box is lovely - what a nice gift to receive.

Nina said...

Maria, this roombox turned out so cute and it looks cosy and inviting as well. Would love to sit down on that bed and read a book. :)

I agree with you - Birgits creations are a treasure. Enjoy your new minis! :)