Thursday, 10 March 2016

Witches shop and Wizards Lab

Hello everyone :) we are having some nice spring weather here at the moment we have seen some SUN though it's still cold. Here are some pictures of the witch's shop and the wizards lab :-D

And this is the Wizards lab

I have added this little guy after all wizards need wise old owls on their side :)))

I also added these to the table.

this little fellow is hoping that the young dragon Leon doesn't   spot him. Do you think he is safe ? :-)

I hope you have enjoyed the return  tour of my trip to fantasy land lol. Next time I will show the last 2 rooms Elfvera's bedroom and the living room.
Have a wonderful weekend I hope you are all well and getting some nice spring weather.
Warm Hugs to all my Friends.


Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

Es genial el ambiente que has creado.

Zulueta E said...

Si yo fuera bruja, vendería mi escoba para comprar esa casa! :)

Victoria Cascales said...

No creo que Elfvera eche nada de menos. Tiene de todo!
Un beso

Daydreamer said...

You really have packed a Wonderful amount of Magical detail into these rooms, Maria!! There is so much to look at and so many fantastic treasures everywhere! Clearly you had a great time putting this house together! I look forward to seeing the last rooms!

17-17 said...

Awesome, beautiful shop and the wizards lab with fantastic details!

PILAR6373 said...

Es un taller laboratorio increíble!!! Tiene todo lo necesario para trabajar,hacer estupendas pociones,seguir inventando nuevas.....perfecto!!!!

Ilona said...

Wow, Maria, your witches shop and the wizards lab are filled with wonderful detailed work. I keep on to look around and every time I see new things, there's so much to see!! I've enjoyed of seeing how this project has grown until now and I love that last picture of the baby dragon and the mouse ;)! I think he'll survive....:)!
Have a nice weekend. Warm spring hug, Ilona

Susanna Zanchi said...

Un magico laboratorio bravissima Maria! happy week end!

Giac said...

Hello Maria,
It is just wonderful. I love all the fantastic accessories and the fact that your shop is so full. If I ever encounter a witch or wizard, I'm going to recommend they visit your shop. It is so well done and so much fun.
Big hug

Drora's minimundo said...

This shop is really amazing in every detail, especially the last photo where the fantastic floor can be seen and with the gorgeous baby dragon and little mouse. It was a pleasure visiting.
Thank you for sharing the details.
Hugs, Drora

Piikko said...

Oh, I enjoyed very much! Thank you for the tour Maria. The tour was so full of fun and also interesting because of so many details.
I wish you a lovely weekend! Enjoy the sun! Hugs, piikko

The Old Maid said...

Fantastic lab and with sun the photos look great!

Eloisa said...

Un trabajo impresionante María.
Faltan ojos para poder ver todos y cada uno de los bonitos detalles.

Marjorie Bailey said...

Hi, Maria - You outdid yourself again and created a feast for the eyes! I love the detail of the shop and the lab; every time I move my eyes I can see some new and wonderful thing. As always, though, among all the fantastically displayed items, I found a favorite: the shiny tub of skulls in the witch's shop is so cleverly eerie. Perfect.

katajamäki lea said...

Hello Maria
You have been diligent, looks great:)

Fabiola said...

The shop and the lab are amazing with many perfect details. The magic places.

BiWuBär said...

Thank you for all this eyecandy... it was fun to tour these two fantastic rooms. So much to see, so much to discover, so many brilliant and funny ideas. I'm really looking forward to the next tour... although I'm a bit sad that this might be the end. Which makes me think... what about a magical garden? A neighbor fairy home of Elfvera's Grandaunt? Pleeeeeease??? ;O)

Birgit (who doesn't expect the rat to be in danger as long as there are cookies around... *grin*)

Mellis Hobby said...

Hello Maria,
it´s a wonderful shop!! Great work.
Greetings and a big hug

carmen said...

que cantidad de detalles!!

Nina said...

Hello Maria,

Oh wow, there is so much to see inside the shop and the lab!!

I am recognizing some of Birgit's work! The little dragon, mirror and candle holders. :)

I like all the tiny little skulls everywhere, especially the one inside the jar. Did you make it?

It looks like there will be some serious potion making going on inside the lab!! :))

Wishing you a sunny next week,

Tatiana said...

Ваш магазин реально фантастический! Спасибо за великолепный показ! Я думаю, что все ваши новые жители дружат между собой!
Хорошей и солнечной недели!

cristall said...

Que completa la tienda,no le falta de nada.
Parece donde compra Harry Poter.
Bss apretaos!!!

Isabel said...

Que estupendo trabajo Maria, ese laboratorio tiene de todo, y todo lo necesario para que Elfvera no quiera salir nunca de el!

Jane Smith said...

Just fantastic work Maria!

I love how you've filled every magical nook and cranny with goods, It feels like a day trip to just browse about these wonderful spaces!

Youve certainly created a fantastical vision of magic and fantasy! I wonder where your creative mind will wander next ;)

miniaturista said...

Me gusta hacer esos viajes a la fantasia, nos dan respiros en la vida ye ilusiones.
Un abrazo

Nielcia said...

This is just amazing . I love your miniature works. Your minis are adorable and magical. You are amazing miniaturist!!! Love this blog!!!!
Visit my blog please

PAKY said...

Congratulations Maria, you did a great work, I have been for a while admiring all the tiny details of the scene, I found it incredible and cool.A big hug!

Linda said...

Amazing! You have a lovely blog. :)