Tuesday, 22 September 2015

More witchy items.

Hello everyone :) I have some more pictures to show you :D
Another full shelf.

More items for sale.

I hope you like my shop. Sometimes it is hard to think of new items but I am getting there :-D
A big Thank you to all the very generous people that share so many of their wonderful ideas and tutorials.
Warm Hugs to all my Friends.


Contrastes-Rosa Mª said...

Una tienda muy original, ánimo que seguro pronto la llenas.Besos:-)

Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

Poco a poco. Está quedando muy bien.

Kikka N said...

So very exciting and witchy items! Magic in the air..

Ilona said...

HI Maria! Wow, you've been busy: I love this cabinet filled with lots of different witchy items, nice work :D!
Wishing you a great week. Hugs, Ilona

Susanna Zanchi said...

Magic scene! Kiss

Tatiana said...

Прекрасные заполненные шкафы! Большая работа! Я люблю стеклянного дракона! :) :) :)
Хорошей недели!

Giac said...

Hello Maria,
It just keeps on getting better. The shelves are lovely and I especially love all the mask/ heads you have4. Well done!
Big hug,

Zulueta E said...

No me extraña que cada vez te resulte más difícil idear nuevas cositas que exponer en tu tienda, María, tiene de todo!!! Las brujas han de estar de fiesta! :)
Un beso!

Fabiola said...

I like the new items in this magic shop.

Drora's minimundo said...

Oh Maria, Your magic shop gets more exciting and interesting with each post.
I am sure, Balaatova, as soon as she can fly again, will be one of your most
loyal clients.
A big mini hug, Drora

The Old Maid said...

THAT is looking fantastic!I love your ideas of magic things! The full shelves look great!

Eloisa said...

Tienes muchísimas cosas en tu tienda, seguro que ya pronto la terminas y estará genial.

Eloisa said...

Tienes muchísimas cosas en tu tienda, seguro que ya pronto la terminas y estará genial.

Wyrna Christensen said...

Very exciting with your witches theme. You have many fine details.

Marjorie Bailey said...

Hi Maria!
Your new filled shelf is fabulous - all your shelves make me want to be there so that I can pick each thing up and examine it closely! Those red shoes are wonderful, and I especially like the two dolls on the 4th shelf in the smaller shelf unit. All the items are so interesting; hope you'll have even more things soon.

Daydreamer said...

Wow! What a lot of tiny witchy items you have assembled and made for your shop! I keep seeing another little item I hadn't noticed before! It will be great fun for your Witches to come "Shopping"!

BiWuBär said...

Now I'm hearing Freddie Mercury in my head... "It's a kind of magic..." *LOL* Your new shelf is fabulous and it was once more fun to look at your newest additions. Lucky witches and wizards of Ireland being able to buy in your wonderful shop!


miniaturista said...

Tienes un buen surtido.
Un abrazo

17-17 said...

Hi Maria! your magic items are pretty, thank you for sharring - this will be fantastic shop!

Jane Smith said...

The shop is looking fantastic! I dont think ive seen that little glass dragon before,he is pretty awesome.

Weavin that magic lady! Great work ;)

Plushpussycat said...

Wow! What wonderful witchy items, Maria! Everything is so fun and cute! Keep having fun with this project--all that fun is wearing off on me! :-) xo Jennifer

Lovejoy Bears said...

It's all so fabulous Maria!! I think you're amazing at coming up with new and original ideas!! If I was a witch I would love to come to your shop :) Hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

Piikko said...

Hi Maria!
It is time of full moon over here and tonight we'll have purple moon.
How witchy!
What do you think.. should I say some spells during the lunar eclipse?
I ask you because I think you must know these kind of things.
I think you have a tiny witch living behind your ear.
Maria, your witchy shop is magical!
-Have a great week!
Hugs, piikko

Cinderella Moments said...

So mystical and magical! Will you be all done by Halloween?

All4 Barbie said...

Hello from Spain: great job. Fabulous ideas. Very inspiring. Magic items are nice. Keep in touch

Maria Blanca "AyamontinoMaria" said...

Enseguida tendras tu tienda llena de preciosas cosas mágicas y a mi me encantara verlas...Un beso