Saturday, 11 July 2015

Birthday gifts.

Hello everyone :) Yesterday was my Birthday and I had a wonderful day with family my sister and I went for a donkey walk yes you read right  A Donkey Walk instead of walking a dog like most sane people we took a donkey each for a walk lol it was great fun though a lot harder work than a dog :DD My family then took me for a lovely meal lol I had to rest most of today.
 A few days ago I received some wonderful gifts from a very talented generous friend. Everyone know that she is one of the most thoughtful kindest lady in blogland. Drora sent me these wonderful birthday gift.
Wonderful fruit and basket of tasty bread.

Two beautiful wall plates for the twins room :)

 A plate of Yummy biscuits.

A fantastic flower pot with my favourite flowers.

One of her wonderful mirrors made with her famous seashells. 

And this gorgeous mosaic picture I am so pleased to have one of Drora's  fantastic mosaic pieces.

Thank you so much Drora as always your gifts and your friendship are my treasures.
I also want to Thank you all for the birthday wishes on Facebook. I rarely go on Facebook I don't really care for it and  never seem to have the time for it but I did see your well wishes and am very grateful to you all.
I have received some more wonderful gifts but they can wait for the next post :D
I hope you are all having a great summer. Summer here doesn't seem to remember what season its supposed to be from one minute to the next lol.
Warm Hugs to all my Friends


Monica said...

Happy Birthday albeit somewhat late! I hope you enjoy your new gifts.
Hug :0)

Plushpussycat said...

Happy belated birthday, Maria! Drora's gifts are absolutely stunning--each one of them! You were spoiled rotten and so deserve it! I'm looking forward to seeing more gifts soon! xo Jennifer

NarinaNäpertää said...

Happy belated birthday (^^)
Lovely gifts from Drora.
Can't wait to see what other treasures you've got :)
Hugs, Irina

Drora's minimundo said...

Hope you are rested after a wonderful long day, especially the donkey walk (what a
lovely idea!).
I am really pleased you like my gifts and look forward to see the other gifts.
Enjoy all.
Hugs, Drora

miniaturista said...

Muchas felicidades, los regalos de Dora estupendos, pero sobre todo su amistad.
El paseo con el burro me ha parecido original y fantástico.
Un abrazo

Susanna Zanchi said...

Buon compleanno stupendi regali Maria!

Melli said...

Beautiful gifts! Happy Birthday! Hugs, Melli

Zulueta E said...

Casi coincidimos, yo cumplo hoy!!!! Jaaaa!!!
Un abrazo muy fuerte!

Mirel Korhonen said...

Happy birthday! Lovely gifts!

BiWuBär said...

Happy belated Birthday to you - my very best wishes!!! Sounds like you've had a wonderful day - yes, donkeys are lovely! In our neighbour village there's an old man with a donkey and he goes with him on a stroll as you do with a dog. You received the most wonderful gifts from our darling Drora - everything so well chosen and of course so well made from this special lady. Enjoy! ;O)


Eloisa said...

Muchas felicidades Maria, los regalitos preciosos.
Un beso.

Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Maria! I'm happy to see those gorgeous gifts that Drora offered you...she is so kind and generous! Have a beautiful week! Hugs

Sanne said...

Happy birthday! Such lovely gifts, I'm sure you're over the moon! Hugs, Sanne

Giac said...

Hello Maria,
Happy birthday! I am glad you had a happy day and I wish you all the best!
Big hug

Marjorie Bailey said...

Hello, Maria, and belated Happy Birthday wishes. A donkey walk! What fun. It sounds as though you had a special day - and you definitely received some special gifts. I hope you have another nice day today!

PAKY said...

Happy Birthday Maria, enjoy these wonderful gifts, you deserve it! Hugs and my best wishes.

Jane Smith said...

A very happy birthday to you lady! Oh the gifts are wonderful and the walk sounds like it was a neat adventure!

Best birthday week to you!

Tatiana said...

Дорогая Maria! С Днем рождения!
Самые лучшие пожелания!
Я счастлива, что мои подарки прибыли вовремя!
Вы получили великолепные подарки от замечательного друга!
Я тоже очень счастлива, что получила подарки от Drora!

Victoria Cascales said...

Aunque sea tarde, tambien yo quiero enviarte mis felicitaciones. ¡¡Felicidades! Que cumplas muchos mas y seas muy feliz.
Un abrazo

Fabiola said...

Beautiful gifts from Drora, a lovely lady.

Piikko said...

Donkey walk! Surely it was fun! :)
Great to hear that you had a lovely day and you received beautiful gifts too.
HUGE birthday hug to you Maria! <3
:) :) :)

Daydreamer said...

Happy Birthday (a bit late) Maria! It sounds like you had the best kind of birthday with gifts and family and fun!

All4 Barbie said...

Hello from Spain: Happy Birthday!!! The gifts are fabulous. Lovely presents. Keep in touch

Simona M said...

I hope you had a nice birthday Maria!!! You were surely spoiled by Drora. Big hug!!

Simona M said...

I hope you had a nice birthday Maria!!! You were surely spoiled by Drora. Big hug!!

Simona M said...

I hope you had a nice birthday Maria!!! You were surely spoiled by Drora. Big hug!!

Cinderella Moments said...

Happy birthday! All your gifts are gorgeous! I hope all your birthday wishes come true! 💛 big hugs,

Cinderella Moments said...

Those question Mars were suppose to be a heart. But I'm on my iPhone so it got confused! Lol!! Lots of hugs and love! Caroline