Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Master bedroom

Hello everyone :)  I am sorry I have been slow with my visits to your blogs but I have been looking after my grandchildren for a few days and now I am in recovery lol.
As promised I will now show you the master bedroom. This room is one of my favourite rooms in the house.
I see some of the ceiling paper has come unstuck I will have to try and fix it :(
Photographs show up so much lol.

Again lots of gifts from friends are in this room. I hope you have enjoyed the tour :D and that you are not bored with so many pictures. I only have two more rooms to show in this house. 
I have started a new project and this one is totally different to anything I have done before. I am also trying new things with this and it is something I have been wanting to do for ages but I knew that if I started earlier I would probably never have finished this house :D I am so glad that I have finished !! this house I am feeling rather pleased with myself hehe.
Have a wonderful rest of the week and a fantastic weekend whatever you are doing and wherever you are :))) 
Warm Hugs to all my Friends.


Anonymous said...

El dormitorio te está quedando muy bonito. Es muy amplio y le puedes colocar muchos muebles y miniaturas. Me encanta. Un abrazo. Arantza.

Eloisa said...

Que bonito está el dormitorio, es cálido y acogedor. Un gran trabajo.

miniaturista said...

Seguro que has cuidado a tus nietos y te han hecho muy feliz esos días.
Que bien que has terminado y puedes comenzar un nuevo proyecto, el techo es una pena que se haya estropeado, pero tiene arreglo, es como en nuestras casas que siempore hay que ir arreglando y renovando.
Feliz Semana.
Un abrazo

cristall said...

Hello Maria!!!
Estás haciendo un gran trabajo,no me extraña que sea una de tus estancia favoritas,no le falta un detalle.Bss apretaos!!!

The Old Maid said...

It looks so cosy and also very much "alive" with all those teeny things around!

PAKY said...

Hi Maria! Your bedroom looks very confortable, and it has a lot of beautiful details! Hugs.

PAKY said...

Hi Maria! Your bedroom looks very confortable, and it has a lot of beautiful details! Hugs.

Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

Un dormitorio muy confortable lleno de de bonitos detalles.

BiWuBär said...

What a wonderful room - so full of lovely details. There's so much to discover and it looks as if the inhabitants left this room only 10 minutes ago. I'm really looking forward to seeing more and according to me there can never be enough pictures! ;O)


Isabel said...

Muy bonito Maria, tantos detalles lindos que le has puesto, lo hace muy acogedor y confortable, para nada se hace aburrido mirar tus fotos.

Lady Jane said...

Love this happy room. Checked out your bathroom and kitchen. Love what you have done.

Sionchi said...

Hola María, hace mucho que no entraba en los blog, hoy me he dedicado a recrearme en el tuyo. Me encanta todo lo nuevo que tienes. Rspero poder entrar más a menudo para ver todas tus creaciones,Un beso

17-17 said...

Hi Maria,
your bedroom is adorable, all details are beautiful, it's very cosy room.

Kikka N said...

Hi Maria! Your bedroom is adorable and very "living". With Lovely items and colorful scenes it is fun to look and admire!

Ilona said...

Hi Maria! I loved to peek in your master bedroom, there is so much to see. It just looks like someone has left the room for a minute, it's so life-like ;O!
Hugs, Ilona

Susanna Zanchi said...

Hello Maria! Your bedroom is adorable and wonderful! Kiss

Eliana said...

O quarto é muito lindo, Maria! Que trabalho delicado e cheio de detalhes! Parabéns!

Giac said...

Hello Maria,
What a wonderful room. It is so inviting and restful. I love the wallpaper and the lace border at the top is perfect. The bedcover is one of my favorite details. I am so excited to see your new project!
Big hug,

Zulueta E said...

Viendo esa habitación, tengo la sensación de que alguien vive ahí y que puede entrar en cualquier momento, me encanta eso. Y me gusta mucho también ver que hay cosas dentro de los cajones :); yo también lleno los cajones de los muebles de mi casita, incluso los que quedan cerrados :) La alfombra es divina! Un beso!

Fabiola said...

Your berdroom is cozy and very elegfant. I like the many details.

Plushpussycat said...

Your master bedroom looks so cozy and comfortable. That bed looks really luxurious. There's nothing like the feeling of completing a project! I'm thrilled for you and looking forward to seeing more of this one plus your new project--fun! xo Jennifer

Tatiana said...

Прекрасная спальня! Она смотрится очень красиво! Много приятных мини! Радуется сердце, когда смотришь на такую уютную спальню!

Yolanda Morán said...

Esta muy bonito, y la colcha de ganchillo es preciosa.
Un abrazo.

Jane Smith said...

Oh Maria, you were playing with wiggly minis..the kind that make you exausted ;P

Your bedroom is designed and decorated so wonderful! I love the little vanity!

When you are all done decorating this house..what will you move on too?? I hope your planning ;)

Drora's minimundo said...

Wow Maria
You accomplished so much and the results are beautiful. I could look and look again and each time discover something
new. This house will be a show piece.
Hugs, Drora

Piikko said...

Hi Maria! I wish you a very happy Valentines Day! ♥♥:)
-Your bedroom looks as wonderful as your all other rooms. :)

Hannah said...

I'm glad you feel pleased with your self with the house, you should =)
It is beautiful. A very cute wallpaper in this room, and so cosy and beautiful!
Good luck with your new project.

Victoria Cascales said...

Pues si, he disfrutado mucho, mucho visitandote.
Me ha gustado todo muchisimo.
Un abrazo

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: fabulous room. The furnishings are beautiful. Great work. Keep in touch

Carmen Landy said...

¡Realmente es una habitación preciosa! Me parece fascinante cada uno de sus detalles. Un abrazo, Carmen

Cinderella Moments said...

Look at that bed! Ready to be jumped in and snuggle under all those blankies. It's such a warm inviting space. Just like the rest of the house.

Mellis Hobby said...

Hello Maria,
it´s a wonderful room with so many lovely details!! Your dit a great job!
Greetings and a big hug

Simona M said...

Another fantastic room full of lovely things that you never get tired of. I love how you staged everything. Hugs!!