Sunday, 28 September 2014

Hello everyone :)  I got some more gifts from blog friends a little while ago I didn't show you one of them because the friend was on holiday and had not shown her wonderful new item yet. But now she has and I want to show you how lucky I was because I received one of Ilona's adorable swaddled babies.
Meet Simon :)))
Isn't he gorgeous. 
She also sent me a lovely card some wooden shapes a sewing book a tiny scissors and tiny roses.

Thank you so very much Ilona I love your gifts and am very happy to be the proud owner of one of your wonderful makes. I am sure that you all know her wonderful blog were she shares so much of her talent but in case you don't here is the link 
I also received these gorgeous rugs from another very talented blog friend I am sure you will recognize her wonderful work.
Yes its Caroline of Cinderella Moments.The beautiful card is also full of roses :) Look at the wonderful hand painted roses on these gorgeous rugs.

She makes the most wonderful cottages and the items to go in them. Thank you Caroline I love these rugs and am delighted to have such wonderful pieces in my house.
Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.
I am very lucky to have such fantastic blog friends
Wishing you all a wonderful  week.
Hugs to all my Friends.


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I follow Illona´s blog and she is a lovely person. Her creations are stunning. The baby is lovely and very cute. The carpets are very nice. Great gifts. Keep in touch

The grandmommy said...

Ilona is a sweetheart and her baby is adorable!

MelyGiunta said...

Great gifts! The child has a sweet face, and what about the carpet? Beautiful, I'm very happy for you!

Plushpussycat said...

Wonderful gifts! Ilona's swaddled baby is adorable, and Caroline's rugs are absolutely gorgeous! I just love the colors and pattern! Congratulations and enjoy these great gifts from two special people! xo Jennifer

Monica said...

Beautiful gifts!

BiWuBär said...

Wow, those two ladies really spoiled you - congrats on receiving these awesome treasures! But now I have to tiptoe away... we don't want to wake up the baby... ;O)


The Old Maid said...

Fantastic gifts! Enjoy them all, Maria. :)

Wee Cute Treasures said...

Love your new rugs. So pretty. Carol :) x

Contrastes-Rosa Mª said...

Felicidades por tener en tus manos ese lindo bebe, Llona es una verdadera artista , felicidades también por las alfombras los dos regalos serán un recuerdo fantástico. Feliz semana:-)

Ilona said...

Hi Maria! Congrats on your wonderful gifts of Caroline, enjoy it! These rugs are so typical for Caroline, her wonderful paintings are gorgeous :D!
I am so glad that Simon feels very comfortable at your place ;)! It was fun to make him for you, enjoy! Did you already change his nappy...;O?
Sorry for the sewing book, but I couldn't find the right patterns for making a book with pictures of crochet patterns ;) LOL!
Big hug, Ilona

*Mieke*Petitevictorianrose*and*PastTimeChildhood said...

Wow Maria, you received wonderful gifts from two very talented and sweet ladies :)
I love the little adorable baby from Ilona and the gorgeous rugs from Caroline......enjoy your beautiful treasures !!

Hugs Mieke xxx

Jane Smith said...

Fantastic gifts Maria! The baby is adorable and the rugs are jsut gorgous!
Happy crafting to you!

Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

Hola María!!! Los regalos que te han hecho son preciosos.

Mi mundo de miniatura said...

Maria son unos regalos entrañables, las alfombras son una delicia!! disfrútalos. Un abrazo

Eloisa (Heloise) said...

Muchísimas felicidades Maria, es todo muy bonito. Disfrútalo mucho.

Anonymous said...

Felicidades María, son unos regalos preciosos, el bebé es una monada!!!
Muchos besos guapa

Lisa T said...

Hi Maria,
I love the gifts that you received, especially Simon. Ilona is just talented.
Have a wonderful week,
Lisa :-)

Lindsey Domer said...

You are one lucky lady! Love both of their work. How much fun is it to get packages with mini things in them? :)

Cinderella Moments said...

Hi Maria! I love the swaddle baby! Ilona makes them so adorable. Something about that cute little face. I love them so much. I'm glad you received the rugs. I am still totally in love with your teeny crochet work! :) I adore you so much Maria!

Susanna Zanchi said...

Congratulatios Maria! Wonderful gifts kiss!

maribel said...

Que cucada!!!!

Tatiana said...

Привет Мария!
Вы получили замечательные подарки! Илона и Каролина, талантливые художники! Наслаждайтесь подарками!

Giac said...

Hello Maria,
What wonderful miniatures you received. Simon is especially adorable. They will all look wonderful in your beautiful collection.
Big hug,

PrettyMade said...

Hello Maria, long time no see! :)

Your blog is as lovely as always, and the things you got are amazing! :)


carmen said...

hermosos regalos, te felicito

Hannah said...

Great gifts! Love Carolines paintwork and Ilonas beautiful sweet baby!

Drora's minimundo said...

Congratulations for these gorgeous gifts from two very talented ladies!
Enjoy all.
Hugs, Drora

Fabiola said...

The child is so cute and the carpets are wonderful.

Victoria Cascales said...

El bebé es adorable y las alfombras preciosas.
Te felicito
Un abrazo

PAKY said...

Congratulations! Enjoy those beautiful gifts Maria, you deserve it!! Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Maria for your kind comment on my blog!