Tuesday, 8 April 2014

3rd blog birthday giveaway.

Hello everyone : )  I have not been very well lately I have had a very bad infection that has kept me in bed for over a week I am now on the mend. I am sorry that I have missed some of your blog posts I have tried to catch up but find that I still get tired quickly so please forgive my absence.  My health seems to be at a low ebb at the moment and I seem to be getting this and that. I guess I haven't really been feeling well for at least a month. Because of that I missed my 3rd blog birthday but never mind better late than never as they say :-D  I have not being doing a lot of items lately but while in bed the one thing I have managed to do is some knitting so I am having a 3rd birthday giveaway of some knitting to celebrate :) The usual rules apply.
1 be a follower of my blog.
2 leave a comment that you would like to be included.
The closing date is the 29th of April. I will have two prizes the 1st winner can choose which prize they would like. Here are both prizes.

I will also add a little surprise to each of the prizes.
I hope you like these prizes.
Thank you all for being here I have missed you all but hopefully I will be back posting soon.
Hugs to all my friends and a big welcome to my new followers.


The Old Maid said...

Both sets are lovely! Congrats on your bloganniversary Maria and please count me in.:)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh!!!!que monadas, que vestiditos, el rosa me encanta!!!!!.
Muchos besos amiga.

Unknown said...

Oh Maria, I do hope you are on the mend, take the time you need to recover and do things that make you happy ;)

Your generosity by giving out beautiful hand crafted wonders always astonishes me.

Hugs and health to you dear lady!

Sam said...

Hi Maria, sorry to hear that you have been unwell. Here's to getting better quickly and wishing you lots of strength.
Your knitting is beautiful! It is so intricate, and I would love to own some of your work.
Happy blog birthday!

The grandmommy said...

awwww The outfits are sooo cute!

When you are not feeling well take this warm (((hug))) and wrap it around you! :-) Feel better soon!

NarinaNäpertää said...

I'd love to enter your lovely draw - hope you'll count me in.
Sure hope you'll get rid of all diseases and feel a lot better.
Take care :)
MiniHugs, Irina

Francesca said...

Happy 3rd Blog Birthday Maria!
Ang congratulations to your works.
Please count me in your giveaway, I've just shared the link on my blog's sidebar.


Kikka N said...

Hi Maria!
I am soory to hear you have been ill! I do hope you are on the mend!
You have made beautiful hand crafted items for your giveaway. I'd love to take part, please count me in! I'll put the link into my blog.
Warm Hugs

Marisa said...

Happy 3rd birthday, sorry to hear you are still a bit under the weather hopefully things will be right soon. your give away is very cute and I would love to be included if I may

Hugs and prayers to you for better health

Marisa :)

BiWuBär said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're not feeling well... my very best wishes for a very quick recovery! And happy late blog-birthday! Congrats to 3 years of outstanding blogging! And what a lovely giveaway you're offering - please count me in.


Yolanda Morán said...

Felicidades por el tercer cumpleaños, me encanta tu sorteo y me gustaría participar, subo el enlace a mi blog.
Un abrazo.

Piikko said...

Hi!!! Congratulations to your Birthday blog! :)Three years!!! How the time flies when having fun!:)
I love to enter your give away! Both gifts are beautiful. The sunny yellow kit makes me feel very happy. :)
Now, dear friend..have a good rest and get well soon! HUGS, piikko

Plushpussycat said...

Dear Maria, It is always so wonderful to see you on your blog for a visit. I'm glad you're feeling better. Please keep resting so you can be good as new very soon! Your miniature knitting is gorgeous, as usual! Congratulations on 3+ years of blogging! We started our blogs at nearly the same time. Thank you for this fantastic opportunity. You are such a sweet giver. I'll post this opportunity on my blog now! xo Jennifer

Ilona said...

Oh Maria, I do hope you are on the mend, my best wishes for a quick recovery, dear friend!
Congratulations on your 3rd blog anniversary!
I love your miniature knittings, especially the pink and mint set, it is gorgeous.
Take good care of yourself, here is a warm hug for you of Schepje and me,

Unknown said...

Hi Maria! I'm sorry to hear you have not been feeling well for so long, especially now that you have a new nephew to cherish! The weather doesn't help, as it changes constantly from OK to very cold, wet and very windy!! I hope it will get warm soon so that you can feel better too! It must not have been easy to make those cute little items, they are so small and very very lovely!! Congratulations on your 3rd year blogging Maria, that's a great achievement and it must be a great feeling to know that people like what you do. I hope you feel better soon Maria, a month of sickness would be hard on anyone. Hugs!

Contrastes-Rosa Mª said...

Siento que el motivo de tu ausencia sea por la salud, cuídate , te deseo una total recuperación.

Unos conjuntos preciosos para celebrar su tercer año, me encantará participar, besos y mejórate :-)

Jane Chérie said...

I wish you a happy 3rd blog anniversary! I hope you'll get much better soon! It's really such a bother to be sick! I will put a link of your giveaway on my blog!

Cinderella Moments said...

Happy blog anniversary! Your prizes are so cute! I love that tiny pink dress!!
I think you will feel better once the sun is back out and the weather is warm. It's been a long winter. And Spring seems to be the time when your body is exhausted from an entire winter of keeping infections at bay. Summer is the best cure of illnesses!

carmen said...

cuenta conmigo, por favor, subo el enlace a la barra lateral de mi blog

ISABELLE said...

Ce sont de merveilleux cadeaux! et quelle chance de savoir tricoter!!

afairytalecometruewyrna said...

It is sad to hear, that you have been so sick, I hope you start to feel better.
I have had some problems with being allowed to enter your blog. Now I succeeded.
I would love to join in your giveaway, so please count me in.

Fabiola said...

I'm glad you're feeling better.
Happy 3rd blog anniversary!
Please, count me in your giveaway; I put the link on my blog.

Mi mundo de miniatura said...

Hola Maria, mi fiel seguidora!!! no hay una entrada en mi blog que no aparezcan tus dulces palabras. GRACIAS. Siento que hayas estado tan enferma, te aprecio de veras, y espero que mejores dia a dia. Cumplir tres años en tu blog es una gran alegría, yo pronto tambien celebraré un sorteo. Por favor cuenta conmigo para tu estupendo sorteo, y cuidate. Un abrazo.

Unknown said...

Hello Mary, I'm sorry you have been unwell but I understand that you're shooting. Congratulations on your third birthday and very happy to participate in your giveaway.
Hugs Manu

mcddiss said...

siento mucho que tu salud no este bien, aunque me alegro de saber que ya estas mejor
me gustaria participar en tu sorteo, lo anuncio en mi blog



Drora's minimundo said...

Oh dear! I hope my virus did not travel all the way to Ireland. I hope by now you feel much better.
Please include me for your lovely
giveaway. Your link will be on my blog of course.
Get well quickly.
Hugs, Drora

Melli said...

Hi, I hope your are ok now. Congratulations on your 3rd blog birthday. Please count me in your giveaway, I put your link on my blog. Hugs, Melli

Ruth said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well! I would love to win these sweet pieces and I'll put a link up on my blog!

Hannah said...

Great prices, you are very talented! Please count me in. I'm sorry you don't feel well, hope you are much better now!

Tatiana said...

Привет Мария!
Я надеюсь, что вам уже лучше!
Поздравляю с днем рождения блога! Вы сделали прекрасную работу! Я люблю ваши изделия!
Запишите пожалуйста меня!

Marisa said...

Felicidades por tu tercer cumpleaños en el blog.
Te deseó una rápida recuperación
Me encantaría participar y poder tener algo hecho por ti en mi casita.
Un abrazo

Angeles Sanchez said...

Muchas felicidades,me gustaría participar.
Un abrazo Ángeles
subo el enlace a mi blog

majelo said...

Felicidades por tu cumple blog... me encanta la ropita de punto, me gustaría mucho poder participar en tu sorteo.

Saludos. Mª Jesús

PAKY said...

Oh Maria, I hope you recover as soon as possible... Take care of your health! Happy birthday blog, I'll put your lovely giveaway on my blog ... A big hug.

malu2 said...

Que bonitos Maria, me encanta el rosa! Te anuncio en mi blog!
Besos de las Malu´s.

Eva - tatalamaru said...

Hola Maria!
No sabía que estuvieses enferma, lo siento sinceramente y deseo que te recuperes lo más rápido posible, te echamos de menos.
Has hecho unos conjuntos muy bonitos, así que me apunto a tu sorteo y te felicito por esos tres años junto a nosotros . Espero que sean muchos más. Cuídate! Besos y Feliz día de Pascua

Daydreamer said...

I'm so sorry to hear you have been unwell! I hope you will feel better soon! I hope you had a Happy Easter!
Your little knittted gifts are so sweet! If I'm not too late I would love to be in the giveaway!
Feel better soon!

Sarah K. said...

Happy 3rd blog birthday!

What lovely little prizes. I especially love the yellow, it reminds me of sunflowers.

Please enter me in your drawing and thank you for having it!

Giac said...

Hello Maria,
I am so glad you are doing better (just read your new post). I hope it will pass completely very soon. Happy birthday to your blog. Please count me in for the draw! your blog always puts a big smile on my face and it is a joy to follow you.
Big hug,

Cris Bottaro said...

Olá Maria, como é bom voltar e saber que está sorteando! Parabéns pelo aniversario do blog! Espero que já estejas recuperada! Adoraria participar de teu sorteio, conte comigo. Anuncio em meu blog, boa semana e beijos em teu coração.

Cris Bottaro said...

Olá Maria, como é bom voltar e saber que está sorteando! Parabéns pelo aniversario do blog! Espero que já estejas recuperada! Adoraria participar de teu sorteio, conte comigo. Anuncio em meu blog, boa semana e beijos em teu coração.