Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I would like to say a big hello and welcome to all my new followers. I hope you enjoy your visit :) If I have not followed you in return please leave a comment so that I can find you :)  I have at last started to get back into miniature making lol  it has taken me a while I just could not seem to get started but I gave myself a good talking too ( I do that a lot hehe) and so I started by making shelves for my rather neglected toy shop. I had to make them because its in the attic part of the house and it slopes down completely. I am rather pleased with it and it gives me lots of room for toys. Here is some pictures. I hope you like :)

Here with some toys on it though I haven't decided how to lay the toys out yet.

I have lots more work to do on it yet but I have at last made a start :D
I have also made a few toys for it.
Some pull along toys and 2 little dolls made from beads and pipe cleaners. these are my first dolls. I need to experiment with these :) 

Some stacking toys.

A closer look at the pull along's  the rhino is a bead and the other is a little wooden horse that I put a thread tail and mane on. .

I hope you like :)
Thank you all for your visits to my blog and thank you for all the wonderful comments that you leave.
Have a great rest of week. 
Hugs to all my Friends


Pepita said...

Que bonita quedará, ya tienes unos cuantos juguetes, es muy bonito el rinoceronte.
Que tengas buena semana.


Jane Smith said...

These are so cute!

Good to take a mini break, you told me that missy ;)

now get cracken with them minis ;P

cristall said...

Tú tienda de juguetes promete,estoy deseando verla acabada.Bss apretaos!!

Kim said...

The shelves look wonderful! I love the toys you have made also- especially the pull along ones :) Very cute!! ♥

Contrastes-Rosa Mª said...

Te ha quedado genial , los arrastres me encanta, se ve que has disfrutado haciendo este proyecto, felicidades:)

Audra said...

Looking good! Check out my Glenwood's attic - I made some shelves in there like yours!

I have been looking for a good bead shop in my area that has the charms. I found a website that has silver ones that can easily be painted

Helen said...

Hello Maria!
I love your little toys, they are really cute. Your shelves look great too it makes the room look so interesting!
I must say how lovely the photo is you have under your blog title, what a very beautiful place! x

Tatiana said...

Привет Мария!
Как Вы хорошо придумали куклы из бисера! Мне нравятся Ваши игрушки. Полки получились очень удобные!

MinisAntonia said...

genial, te va a quedar estupenda!!!!

Mins said...

You're shelves look perfect for the attic and the toys are so cute, job well done I think!! Taking a break from minis good as it helps clear your head from all the creative 'overload' but you always have that niggling feeling pulling you back to starting as soon as you can... I think it's called love?
Hugs, Mins xxx

Sonja said...

Hi Maria,

Wow a playroom! I am very nosy about your new project.
I like the shelf and the little toys.
At present I am very busy with my swaps..
a big hug to you

Craftland minis und anderes said...

The toy shop will be very funny and detailed. I'm looking forward.
Hugs from Craftland

Plushpussycat said...

Oh Maria! Your shelves are gorgeous, and your toy shop is going to so fun! I love the little toys you have too! It is always so fun when you put up a new post, dear friend. I've been meaning to email you. I'll do it right after I leave this comment. Take care! xo Jennifer

Cinderella Moments said...

So cute! Those little pull toys are so cute. I like the way you tucked the shelves in.

Rosethé said...

déjà de jolis joujoux sur les étagères !

Anonymous said...

Que bonita María!!! y que juguetes más lindos!!! estoy deseando verla terminada, aunque no tengas prisas y asi disfrutarás mucho más de lo que haces, que suerte estar entretenida e ilusionada.
Te mando muchos besitos

Eloisa (Heloise) said...

Oh Maria, cuantos juguetes tienes ya, prácticamente esta casi hecha tu tienda. Estoy deseando ver el resto, seguro que quedará preciosa.
Echaré de menos tus glicinias jajajjajja.
Un beso.

The Old Maid said...

Comparing to me you're doing a lot in miniature, Maria!:) No worries about the breaks, we need it sometimes! I like your collection of toys!:)

Wyrna Christensen said...

It is a good way to take advantage of the sloping walls on. Exciting with all your toys, I look forward to seeing more.
When I saw your new front page today, I thought that it is also one of my ideas about Ireland, very green and open spaces. Then it hit me I have been in Ireland, I have been to Dublin. My oldest daughter lived there after high school. We visited her, of course. A very exciting and lively city that one day I would like to visit again. I love city breaks.

anna said...

that will be a toy paradise!!! the shelves are great..and i am sure , many ideas will be coming along!!! I also like the picture in the blog-header! is taht your part of the country??? Many greetings, Anne

Vicky Lovejoy said...

I'm really excited about this wonderful project Maria, I know it's going to be so lovely!! I really like the shelves you've made and all the toys you've collected are so cute!! It's such a fun project :) Hugs sweet friend ♥ Vicky ♥

debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

the shelves are going to look really good when filled with the lovely toys you are making

mcddiss said...

veo que la jugueteria comienza a llenarse , buen trabajo



BiWuBär said...

I'm so glad you listened to yourself... ;O) That shelf is a clever solution to cope with the walls - and it will be perfect to show all your toy treasures. What you've done so far looks gorgeous, I especially like the lion, great idea! Hope you'll show us more soon - and not to forget: Your new header looks beautiful!


*Mieke*Petitevictorianrose*and*PastTimeChildhood said...

Hi Maria,I love your little toys, they are soooo sweet,especially the pull along ones :)
The shelves are perfect for all the little toys, you did a great job !

Hugs Mieke xxx

sognatriceabordo said...

The shelves look great :)

mafalda200.minis said...

Hi Maria,
It looks gorgeus... and your toys are very sweet. Congratulations!!!!

Drora's minimundo said...

Wow Maria! I love your toys already.
The shelves are great! What a nice project, I'll love following your progress. Have fun!
Hugs, Drora

Cote said...

Te está quedando muy bonita!!! Que juguetes más chulis!!

Giac said...

Hello Maria,
What a beautiful toy shop!
The shelves look great and are such a great use of the space! And those toys. Your collection should be shown in a museum! Everything is lovely and I think your hand made toys are great! You always do such an amazing job.
Big hug,

Susanna Zanchi said...

Hello Maria!quanti bei giochi da arredare la stanza dei bimbi!kiss!

Jollie said...

Wonderful shop and I love the toys you have made! :)

Hugs Jollie

Fabiola said...

Your shop toys looks fun and very detailed.. I like the shelves. You've made many fantastic toys.
I'm curious to see the progress.
Bye Faby

Ilona said...

Hi Maria, everyone needs a break now and then, no worry :D! The toys are wonderful, great job. Love the shelves, how you've put them in the toyshop.
Hugs, Ilona

Ascension said...

Que precioso proyecto, seguro que te queda genial!!
Esos arrastres son fantasticos.
besitos ascension

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: your creation is beautiful. I love watching all your little Toys. Very cute. Keep in touch

maribel said...

Te va a quedar genial, como todas las escenas que haces.

Lilsdolls said...

Great Idea with that kind of shelves. Looks good! You have made very cute toys.

julia said...

Que genial idea María, una tienda de juguetes, ya el comienzo tiene muy buena pinta, estaré muy pendiente de su evolución.
Feliz fin de semana y millones de besos.

Emanuela Valenza said...

Ciao, grazie per avermi aggiunta! E curiosando qua e là per il tuo blog...sei bravissima!!

Piikko said...

Maria, your pull along's are the cutest ever! The shelves are looking very good and are also practical for the toys. Great work again! Your toy shop will be very popular.
Maria,my dear friend, I also give a good talking to myself! :) Mostly when I should tidy up at home. ;)

Mary said...

Una idea genial para hacer los juguetes. Seguro que tu juguetería va a ser muy tierna. Iremos siguiendola paso a paso.Un beso.

MelyMel said...

Quanti giocattoli, e quanto sono belli!! Anche la nuova foto del tuo blog è stupenda,complimenti!
Un bacio

Madame Mystery said...

Your toy shop is coming along nicely! Can't wait to see it finished!

Have a good week,


Irene said...

The shelves are a great solution and I love your little selection of toys to date. This exercise has probably got you on to thinking "now, what other toys could I make?" and before you know it, you'll have loads!

Maria Dolores Lopez Godoy said...

Congratulations, your blog is very interesting and your work is beautiful. Kisses from Spain.

carmen said...

esto promete...

mijbil said...

Of all miniature things, toys are probably my favourite (maybe because they are already so tiny in real life, which makes their tiny version even cuter!). Hope to see more pics soon, your shop looks great so far! :)

CARMEN (Hadanet) said...

Que buena idea Maria, te va a quedar genial y ya tienes muchos juguetes para llenarla, seguire tu avances.

Eliana said...

I really like the shelves with toys! It is a great project for the use of the sloping roof.
These small toys are beautiful and fun. ;)
A big hug.

PILAR6373 said...

Creo que te quedará una juguetería preciosa!!! Me gusta la distribución y los tonos elegidos,los juguetes son encantadores!!!