Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Hello everyone :)  Christmas is well and truly here lol. On Saturday the 1st my Mother was 83 years young. My Mother is a wonderful person I will tell you just a little bit about her. She has so much energy and so full of life she puts me to shame haha. She loves to sing and still get up to sing when asked :) She goes every week to an "old folks home" to entertain the people there and sings for them. If anyone asks her to sing a particular (old) song and she doesn't know it she will find it and practice it to sing the next week. The funny thing is that my Mother is older than most of these folks lol I hope she is singing for many more years :)))
I have a few more pictures of my room box still lots to do but I thought you might like to see how I have got on.
I made the bunting and the wall hangings.

The fireplace is a Christmas ornament i have a few years.

I made a skirt for the tree and some more decorations on it.

The little red and green ornaments hanging on the fireplace were made from a tutorial on Monikas blog I didn't have any moss so I used pom-poms but I think they look pretty :)))

I also made this little snow scene in the bottle. I made the tiny snowman from fimo he did have a hat but it fell off :D and the tree is a tiny piece of pipe cleaner. The hardest part was trying to stick the little stars to the inside of the bottle lol. I hope you like my room so far I am having a lot of fun with it and plan on putting lots more into it including the bottle.
Wishing everyone a wonderful week and for all those of you that are not feeling the best I wish you a speedy recovery. Big Hugs to you All.
A big welcome to all my new followers I hope you enjoy your visit.
Hugs to All my Friends.


*Mieke*Petitevictorianrose*and*PastTimeChildhood said...

Hi Maria, congratulations on your mothers birthday, what a lovely story about your mother,I think you have a lot from her, and I truly hope she keeps on singing for many many years :)
Your christmas roombox is beautiful, I love the fireplac, it looks sooo cozy !

Hugs Mieke xxx

Plushpussycat said...

Hi Maria! Wow! Your Christmas roombox is coming along so nicely! I love your tiny bunting and the miniature snow globe in a bottle--they are absolutely fantastic! Everything looks so sweet and adorable. Thank you for your well wishes. I've had a cold that has been dragging on and on, but I hope I've turned the corner after much rest this weekend. I love seeing your posts! xo Jennifer

anna said...

hi dear! that looks so nice and cosy already! that snowman in the bottle...what a great idea..i can imagine how difficult that is!! so nice to learn about your mother! Do pass on all best wishes and may she have many more happy and joyfull years! :)

Wyrna Christensen said...

You already have so many fine details in your Christmas box. Impressive with the little Santa Claus in the glass.
The way your mother carries her age, is probably what we all dream about. I also want to be fresh and hearty, I will not sing for anyone, it would be a shame for people, but less can probably also do it.
Hugs to you both.

Piikko said...

I can see you sticking stars to the bottle. :-) Maria, you are the star! It have been so windy here that I don't wonder why your snowman's hat flew away. Though..the wind brought us 'some' degreeses....
Warm hugs!

Madame Mystery said...

Hi Maria

I can surely see the "Christmas Spirit" alive and well in your room box. Coming along nicely!
Best Wishes,

Vicki aka "Madame Mystery"

Kim said...

how cute everything looks! I love the little ornaments hanging from the mantle- and the tiny bottle is adorable! Happy Birthday wishes to your Mom- how wonderful that she is still singing--and for the "old folks" too!

cristall said...

Ohh!!! que bonito,ya llego la Navidad a tu casita,esta preciosa,llena de luz y color.Bss apretaos!!!

Ruth Ramaekers said...

Hi Maria,
Your mum sounds wonderful, my Papa used to describe himself as X amount of years young. Tell her to keep on singing, being vivacious, and keeping active that's what keeps her young and healthy! I love the picture at the end of the album of pictures of my Papa's 90th birthday. It was such a huge party it had to be held in the church hall! At the end of the night my Aunt snapped a picture of my Papa sweeping the floor, cleaning up after his own party!
I love your Christmas room box, I can tell you have put lots of loving care into it. Keep up the good work!
Big Hugs from Canada,

BiWuBär said...

Happy late birthday - looks like she's one of those special people who were born young and staying young at heart... hope she'll be singing many, many more songs. Your Christmas room got some stunning improvements and I really adore that snowman in the jar. Isn't there a song that runs "Mush a ring dum a doo dum a da,
Whack for my daddy'o
Whack for my daddy'o, there's
a snowman in the jar, o"... eh... or something like that... *grin*


Anonymous said...

Que preciosa, me encantan las botitas colgando de la chimenea!!!!!

The Old Maid said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom, Maria!

The roombox is already looking very charming!:)

Craftland minis und anderes said...

Your roombox is growing up. Congratulation.
Many hugs and best wishes for your mothers birthday.
Hugs from Craftland

Rosamargarita said...

Tu madres es una mujer excepcional! Te felicito por ella
La escena es estupenda, llevas muy buen trabajo Maria.

Mariana said...

Hi, Maria! Happy birthday to your mother! She is really a wonderful person, I love to read a little bit of her story. :)
Your roombox are amazing, I love the snowman in the bottle... so cute! And I love your lovely Christmas tree!
Have a great week!

Sans! said...

Your mama is my heroine, Maria :):).

And that adorable room of yours is coming up really fine :):)

Susanna Zanchi said...

Hello Maria i lavori vanno avanti...sara' bellissima e spettacolare!kiss!

Ilona said...

Congratylations to your Mom's birthday, Maria, I am a bit late. Your Christmas roombox looks fantastic so far, I enjoyed the look you gave us inside. That tiny snowman: gorgeous work, Maria :D!!
Hugs, Ilona

Fabiola said...

Hppy birthday to your forever young mother!
Your Christmas roombox looks wonderful. I like the fireplace and the little snow scene in the bottle.
Bye Faby

Eva - tatalamaru said...

Felicitaciones para tu madre. la chimenea queda monísima con tanto adorno, me gusta. Un beso a las dos

Mary said...

Te va a quedar una escena navideña preciosa. Y preciosa es también tu madre, con 83 años y tantas ganas de vivir. Muchas felicidades para ella y también para ti por tenerla. Un beso.

Irene said...

Nice work with your roombox and birthday greetings to your mum! Good for her!

adela said...

Preciosos los adornos, estoy deseando verlo acabado. Besitos

mcddiss said...

esa habitacion esta quedando muy bien y muy navideña , felicidades por esa madre con tanta energia y generosidad



Eloisa (Heloise) said...

Muchas felicitaciones para tu madre, es fantástica, y felicidades tambien a tí por esa escena navideña. Besos.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: this work is very nice. Christmas has arrived at your house. This house is beautiful, full of light and color. . Keep in touch

Drora's minimundo said...

Congratulations to your mother. She is a wonderful and full of life.
Your Christmas room already looks
fantastic. The fireplace and the
picture above it are great.
I'll love to see it finished.
Hugs, Drora

Vicky Lovejoy said...

Your mother sounds so wonderful Maria!! Amazing at 83!!! WOW!!
Your Christmas roombox is looking fantastic, I love the little snow scene in the jar!!
Hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

Eliana said...

Tão linda cena Natalina, Maria! Um ótimo trabalho. ;)

Pippibär said...

I hope your mother had a wonderful birthday and still can celebrate 100 healthy birthdays more! It seems she is a wonderful women!
I really love your christmas szene so far and can´´t wait to see more!
I don´´t write many comments, because my English is really bad (I hope you understand anyway what I write at the moment *lol*), but I read everything you write and I´m stunning to all those little things you made!

Ascension said...

Muchas felicidades para tu mama.
Que preciosa escena Navideña.
besitos ascension

sognatriceabordo said...

Lucky you to have a mom like that at that age! My granny is 86 and she has Alzheimer...

Lovely pics, by the way.
See you!

Begoña said...

¡qué maravilla que tu madre todavía pase los días cantando!!, eso es porque es feliz, ¡¡ojalá lo siga haciendo muchos años más!!!, tu escena te está quedando preciosa, realmente bonita

Beatriz Fernández said...

Salud y larga vida a tu querida madre que es tan maravillosa!!
La escena tiene muy buena pinta esperemos a ver mas!!

Pepita said...

Felicidades por esta madre mayor de edad pero joven de espiritu, que la puedas seguir disfrutando durante mucho tiempo.
La escena se presenta muy bonita.


PILAR6373 said...

Tienes una gran madre,toda una heroína!!!
La escena se ve preciosa,la navidad ya ha llegado a tu casa y se ve perfecta!!!!

Kikka said...

Hello Maria! It is wonderful that your Mother is so healthy and fresh and young in mind! :)
My mother just had her 85th birthday, we had quite a big celebration for her...but she doesn`t remember it at all because she has the memory sickness.

Your Christmas ornaments and decorations are very beautiful!

Sonja said...

I am very nosy! Your x-mas room box looks great. I like the white x-mas tree. It looks so modern!

Ксаня said...

большую работы вы сделали!!! снеговик в банке очень впечатлил!!!!

Giac said...

Hello Maria!
your Christmas box is really coming along beautifully! All the items and special touches are wonderul!
Can you please give your mom a great big hug from me and wish her all the best for MANY years to come.
Big hug to you,