Thursday, 23 June 2016

Sad news

Hello Everyone :) It's been a while but my wonderful dog went to doggy heaven she was my constant companion for almost 14 years and even though I knew it was her time it upset me a lot. She was so much a part of the family and was so great with the grandchildren. She was a rescue dog and when I saw her in the rescue center it was love at first sight I believe for both of us. She gave us so much love and loyalty over the years. We all miss her so much we will never forget you my sweet friend.

Then my computer decided to die on me grrr My son tried to fix it but I needed a new part and had to wait to have it delivered the worse part is that I lost a Lot of my pictures :( so no pictures this post sorry.  I am also sorry that I could not read or comment on so many posts It would be too hard to catch up on all the posts so though I will try and read all I wont be able to comment on all.
I hope to get back to "normal " soon.
I hope you are all well and having some nice sunshine.
 Big Warm Hugs to all my Friends